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No one really knows what Dan Campbell’s role will be as the Detroit Lions new head coach, but there are a few things that are pretty clear. One of those is that he has a ton of energy and has a wide range of interests. That’s shown by the fact that he has said “I’ve played a little bit of everything,” when discussing the different roles he’ll play in the Lions’ new offense.

The Detroit Lions began the 2018 NFL season on Monday night, with the team not having much success in the first preseason game. The Lions fell to the Tennessee Titans 20-13 in Nashville, Tennessee, as quarterback Dan Campbell dominated the first half, yet his offense gave up too many points in the second half. The Lions had 7 first downs in the second half, with Campbell completing 9 of his 13 attempts for 92 yards. The Lions would go on to lose the preseason game in a blowout, as Tennessee scored 22 points and held the Lions to just 18 points in the second half. Campbell would finish the night, completing 17 of his 29 attempts for 242 yards.

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DETROIT (WXYZ) — The “kneecap” speech became an instant classic among football enthusiasts.

If you follow the NFL even casually, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell’s off-the-cuff, hilarious press conferences.

Campbell has yet to lead the Lions onto the field for an official game, but he has given a lot of excellent nuggets to the media throughout training camp.


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When he revealed his goal for the squad being tough enough to “bite a kneecap off” during his first news conference in January, he made global headlines. Campbell joked about approaching Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp about having a pet lion around the team’s practice facility on a podcast in May, saying he would be armless if bringing a Super Bowl to Detroit meant sacrificing a limb. After being appointed grand marshal of the Detroit Grand Prix in June, he started a press conference during OTAs wearing a racing helmet.

Campbell has shown to be one of the most charismatic coaches in the game, much as he did as the interim coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2015. Here are 11 memorable moments from his first training camp with the Lions.

“My initial thought was, ‘Man, I didn’t sleep at all.’” On his first camp as Lions head coach (July 28): But that’s OK since I have lots of energy even if I don’t get any sleep. That is something I tell myself and wish to tell myself. It’s a lot simpler in camp than it is once the season starts.”

“I want to see these guys compete,” he said of what he wants to see from players on the first day of pads practice (Aug. 3). I’d want to see them get to the point where it’s nearly a full-fledged brawl, but that’s not going to happen. It’s like it’s so hot, and it’s so intense, and people are trying so hard to win that we improve. That, I believe, is the only way to really improve. There’s a thin line between, “We went too far, and folks are being injured,” and “We went too far, and guys are getting hurt.” We’ve lost control.’ However, if you don’t push it nearly to that point, you won’t get to where you need to be in this league to be competitive at the top level, in my view. That is exactly what I am searching for. I’m looking for men to put in some effort, especially up front. I’m looking for men that are willing to put in the effort. I want to see you fight to close the gap in your gap.”

Dan Campbell, the head coach of the Detroit Lions, has become one of the most famous NFL quotations. Steven King/Icon Sportswire photo

(Aug. 3): Reminiscences of a fight from his playing days: “Since we’re on our first day of pads, I was thinking about it last night and informed the squad about it, so I’ll never forget it. I was a newbie at the time. The New York Giants are my favorite team. Howard Cross had been in the military for ten or eleven years. He was a tight end for the football team. He was a big guy who played for a long period. However, you just roll out there in pads at the moment. I mean, there was no applause when it came time to go. He asks, ‘Hey Dan, are you ready?’ I’m a newbie. ‘Yeah, I’m ready,’ I said. He leaves. ‘OK, so make sure you have my back when this stuff goes down.’ ‘What are you talking about?’ I asked. When is this going to end?’ ‘What’s going on?’ I inquired. ‘Have my back,’ he says simply. ‘Make certain you have my back.’ It was like the first quarter, team run, and on the first play, one of our D-linemen just punches the crap out of our center and it’s all over. It’s a full-fledged brawl. I’m looking around and see Howard, and I think to myself, “Somebody is on his back.” I’m on my way over there. You’re simply wanting to be engaged, but you don’t want to get caught up in the midst of it all and fight. It’s come a long way since then. But it was as though every day, on the first day of camp, we were told, ‘Here we go.’ That isn’t the answer I’m searching for. That was the story’s main point. That’s not the kind of thing I’m looking for in [my Lions] players.”

“I know it’s hard, but they’ve been able to endure,” he says of Lions supporters (July 31). They’ve been able to maintain their beliefs. There is optimism for a new year and a new season. I believe they are tenacious. That, I believe, is what distinguishes them. I know it hasn’t always been the way you thought it would be as a fan base, but you know what? I believe they are always hoping. It’s on its way. This is the moment, because when it arrives, it will be unlike any other community. That is what I believe. I believe there are very few people in our nation for whom a victory is really exceptional. When I went down there [as an assistant coach], I believed New Orleans was one of them. There aren’t many of them, but this is one of those locations where you can win, so it’s special now.”

During Family Fest at Ford Field on August 7, he sent out the following message to Lions fans: “Look, here’s my message to all of you fans… I want you to imagine that we’re all in our backyard right now, because Ford Field is our backyard. OK? Isn’t it true that we have a fire pit in the backyard? We’ve got our beer, hot dogs, and wine, so let’s get started. The marshmallows were ready to go when the youngsters arrived. All right, let me tell you something: we’re going to bring the firewood and start the fire. And you know it gets late at night dude, and you really want to watch the show and see how hot you can get this thing to burn. You’ll douse it in gasoline if you don’t. And it is exactly what we need of you.”


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Concerning security “I have a nice Tracy Walker tale for you,” says Tracy Walker on the defense (July 31). ‘Hey Coach, I’m getting a pick,’ he says as we walk out the door yesterday. I’m going to grab a pick today and deliver it to you.’ ‘OK, you promise?’ I asked. ‘I promise,’ he says. It’s on its way.’ He didn’t receive one, to be sure. As a result, I imposed a fine on him. ‘I’m fining you $50, but I’m going to pay the fine,’ I stated in the team meeting last night. As a result, I paid the fine, but he still owes me two [picks].”

Alim McNeill, nose tackle, at training camp (Aug. 3): “‘Twinkle Toes?’” says the narrator. Right now, I’d be wary about gushing since I’d want to see him in pads. He’s a huge guy for a big man, I’m telling you. He’s big and strong, and he’s got great feet.”

“No, you don’t need it today,” he said when asked whether he wanted more coffee before a practice (Aug. 3). You don’t need the additional coffee. With the pads on, no way. So, just a regular cup of coffee today. When we conduct a team run, the next cup of coffee will be out there. As a result, this will be thrilling. I’m looking forward to it. Normally, I order two Venti coffees. I order two Ventis of the Pike [Place Roast] from Starbucks, each with two [espresso] shots. So, Black Eye in both [orders from the hidden menu]. That’s what I’m bringing in. That’s how I begin each day.”

“A little bit,” he says when asked whether he is superstitious (Aug. 9). Have you noticed? Yes, I do. I’m a ringer. Yes, I am. [On wood] I’m a knocker. I’m referring to anything along those lines — yes, a smidgeon. I’m going to knock if it’s anything that might be considered unlucky in my views. It makes no difference what it is. It’s just the two of us.”

“Well, it might come up,” he says when asked whether he wears a piece of apparel for good luck (Aug. 9). That’s something that might come up. Maybe the same underwear, but if you’re winning, you don’t have to wash it. But isn’t it worth it for a win?”

“There are no turds here,” he said when asked whether there are any grit players on the squad (Aug. 10).

Lions coach Dan Campbell is making quite an impression on his players with his unique coaching style. But the players’ response is that Campbell is making a positive impact on them and the team. Here are our top 10 quotes from the first week of training camp.. Read more about detroit lions head coach and let us know what you think.

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