Hints for Voters During Four Days of Voting •

Election of the ULO district secretary on 3 November for the general presidential election

Returning votes by post

Make sure the identification envelope is signed before returning the ballot paper. Mail-in ballot papers (MECs) stamped no later than election day and received within seventeen days after the elections are counted. If you hand in your ballot paper by post on election day, you will receive a stamp on an envelope at the post office on the day of the roundtable. However, e-mail ballot papers delivered in person at one of the 23 polling stations in the district, at the 19 CBM polling stations throughout the district or at the district registration offices of San Luis Obispo or Atasquadero must be authenticated before 8 p.m. on election day.

VBM voting tickets are available from all VBM service centres in the province. If you want to vote in polling stations instead of by post, bring your ballot paper, but if you lose your ballot paper, the new legislation allows CBM voters to vote in ordinary polling stations if it is established that their ballot paper has not been returned. Voters who have voted for the MBC will in any case have the opportunity to vote in the MBC service centres.

Voter service centres are open for four election days.

From Saturday 31st. Until Monday, October 2. November, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on election day, 3. In November, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., 23 Voter Service Centres were open. Many seats that used to be used as polling stations are not used in these elections. Please note that voters may contact any Voter Service Centre located throughout the district rather than in the designated voting areas.

The list of Venter Service Centres and CAB Resetboxes can be found here.

And here, interactive.

Please note that the address of the Paso Robles culinary building was entered with an error in the VBM voice instruction. However, since mid-September, corrections have been made to all the following destinations and lists in the Voter Service Centre.

This is the right address:

Paso Robles’ building for culinary art

1900 Golden Hill Road

Paso Robles

At the wrong address (Masonic Lodge), a CBM Polling Assistant is responsible for bringing CBM ballots or directing voters to the nearest Voter Service Centre.

If you need help finding a Voter Service Center, call the Election Committee at (805)781-5228. During the working hours of the four voting days extra telephone lines are opened.

Conditional Voter Registration and Party Switch

The latter law extended the registration of voters at a polling station on polling day to those who missed the registration deadline. Such voters shall be called to a prior ballot determining their right to be elected at the time of the vote. In addition, a recently adopted law on emergency measures allows voters to fill in a form to change their residential address, with which they can cast their vote in the next round of elections.

Voting machines available and Spanish language

The new accessible voting boxes, purchased during primary school in March, are designed to help voters with disabilities vote independently and confidentially. However, any communicator can use the machines if he or she wishes. In addition, these machines were also equipped with a Spanish ballot for voters who wanted to vote in Spanish. Request to use these machines on the voting table in the Voter Service Centre.

Get ready (make a note of this when you vote for the trial vote).

It is advisable to mark a sample ballot paper and bring it to the polling stations within four days of the vote to facilitate your vote on the official vote at the entrance to the polling booth. For a copy of the sample ballots, click here.

1. To determine the type of your ballot, look at the number of your ballot type (i.e. BT1, BT2, etc.) in the upper left corner of your VBM ballot.

2. You can then print out a sample ballot paper for the final election and mark it on the DBC and take it with you to the Voter Service Centre.

3. If you need help determining the type of ballot, please contact the Electoral Commission at 805-781-5228.

Leave the T-shirts, buttons and hats at home.

It is forbidden to campaign within 30 meters of a polling station, including carrying an object with a slogan, as long as the polling stations are open on polling day.

Anyone wearing such election slogans is requested to remove or cover them at the polling station.

Please assist our staff by respecting the impartiality of the polling station.

Avoid occupations on election day

If you go to the Voting Station in person, travel the first three days before election day to keep a physical distance and avoid occupations.

If you have a choice of different moods, avoid the busiest times of the day: before work (7 to 9 a.m.); during lunch (11 to 2 p.m.) and after work (5 to 8 p.m.).

stay safe

Protect your health and the health of other voters and polling station staff by taking the following precautions:

Security checklist for the voting location

  • Cover your face while you’re in the mood.
  • Stand with both hands away from other people.
  • Use hand disinfectant before entering and after leaving the polling station.
  • Carry the pen with you to avoid touching high contact surfaces.

Anyone with additional questions can contact the Registry of the Court, the Elections Office at (805)781-5228 or [email protected].

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