Yeti bag review – CNN Underscored

Yeti bag review – CNN Underscored
Yeti bag review – CNN Underscored

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Yeti is a brand that is known outside for its remarkable insulation technology. It offers durable, bear-resistant coolers and water bottles. We’ve been fans of the brand since we voted their Rambler water bottle the best bottle of 2021.

When we heard Yeti had a new line of bags, we couldn’t wait to try them out. We got our hands on a collection that includes two travel bags, two suitcases, three backpacks and storage cubes. We spent over a month with all the luggage to figure out which ones are worth your money. After being packed, weighed and worn many times, we can safely say that these durable bags are top quality and ready for almost any adventure.


Crossroads Yeti Collection

Yeti’s Crossroads collection (from $199.99; focuses on sustainability and organization. All bags are made of thick, durable materials and can take a beating. This is mainly due to the nylon of the brand TuffSkin with which all bags are equipped. It is extremely durable and water resistant, so it can be used on any terrain.

We checked the bags as we packed and unpacked them, took them on errands and up and down the stairs. We also dropped the cases on the stairs and rubbed the nylon with charcoal to see if it was easy to clean. After all this, the bags came out of our tests unscathed. And while our tests weren’t as intense as outdoor tests, we found that these bags could handle much more than the average bag.

While there are many differences between the different bags, there are a few features that you will get no matter which bag you choose. Extra pockets and zippers are expensive, so you can easily access all your stuff. In addition, each bag comes with modular compression straps that can be placed inside or outside the bag. There’s a lot to like about these bags, but the biggest problem we encountered after testing is that the nylon material is so thick, it’s sometimes hard to get the zippers on quickly. There were many times when I had to pull as hard as I could to get through the turn. They’ve gotten a little lighter since we tested them, so maybe they just need a break-in period, but we still wouldn’t call the zippers smooth.

Overall, the bags are expensive, but they are professionally designed with ease of use and durability in mind, so if you need a rugged, heavy-duty bag, the investment is worth it. Plus, the entire collection is covered by a three-year warranty, so you can easily return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Below, we’ll introduce all the new bags and explain their differences so you can decide which one to take on your next adventure.


Yetta Crossroads Backpack 27 Liter

Available in 22, 27 and 35 litre sizes, the Crossroads backpacks are perhaps the most affordable and useful items in the new Yeti range. TuffSkin nylon covers the exterior of all backpacks and has extra lining on the bottom and back for extra support and durability. They also all feature modular compression straps that can be attached to the front of the bag or attached to the shoulder straps to serve as a chest strap. The straps themselves are comfortable enough, and if your shoulders get tired, the backpacks have handles on three sides for easy carrying.

The 22-liter bag ($199.99; is the smallest in the collection and comes in three colors: dark green, dark green, and pink-purple. The design is simple and compact, ideal for running errands or commuting to work or school. The main compartment has a small opening at the top and a zipper on each side, so you can quickly access everything, even if it’s at the bottom of the bag. Plus, a small zippered pocket on the top lets you quickly store small items, like keys or a wallet. The inside has a padded pocket for a laptop and a space that seems perfect for a water bottle, but overall it doesn’t fit much. If you’re looking for a bag that will get you around town quickly and easily, the 22 litre Crossroads backpack is the ideal solution.


Yetta Crossroads Backpack 35 Liter

If you need a little more room to store your stuff, choose our favorite from the entire Crossroads collection, the 27-liter backpack ($229.99; With multiple zippers, pockets and storage options, this bag is perfect for travel, daily errands and hikes and would truly be the perfect backpack for any student. It has two large compartments, one with a padded pocket for thin laptops and the like, and a large main compartment for books, water bottles, food or whatever else you want to put in there. The main compartment also has two small pockets so you can organize your stuff even better, and the zipper has openings on both sides so you can open it from the top like a regular backpack or from the bottom if you need quick access to something deep. Two exterior pockets on the top and front of the bag complete this highly versatile and durable backpack that offers great storage and organization options.

If the 27-liter backpack was our favorite, the 35-liter backpack ($249.99; is ideal for frequent travelers looking for a new travel companion. The main compartment looks like a suitcase, because once you open it, there is another partition that divides the case into a smaller section for your computer and thin items and a large section that is essentially a mini suitcase that you can put on your back. The backpack also has zippers on the side that allow you to quickly and easily access a deeper area without having to unpack the entire backpack. For those who want to replace their hand luggage with a sturdy and efficient backpack, the 35-liter Crossroads bag is the perfect choice.


29 Yeti Crossroads luggage

If you want to travel the world and need a sturdy bag, the new Yeti luggage will be your reliable companion. While the bags aren’t completely waterproof (check out the Panga Duffels brand bags that you can completely submerge in water), TuffSkin nylon is a durable material, perfect for a soft exterior. There are two options: a 22-inch carry-on and a larger 29-inch carry-on that checks in easily. In addition, both sizes have modular compression straps that can be used both indoors and outdoors, and carrying is extremely easy thanks to the handles on both sides of the bags. The backpack has a set of two wheels instead of four caster wheels, making it harder to maneuver than some of the other racks we tested, but they don’t protrude above the caster wheels and are made of thick material, so the design choice is probably because Yeti wanted his wheels to be as strong as possible.

The 22-inch case ($349.99; is available in green, navy blue and black. It’s a lightweight suitcase that’s easy to carry, with plenty of room inside, perfect for any trip, whether it’s a quick visit to the family or a mountaineering excursion to Patagonia. It has a large main compartment that opens lengthwise and a divider with multiple pockets, so you can store all your belongings and necessities separately and organized. Like the backpacks, the backpack has a zippered compartment at the top for quick access to heavy items and a compartment at the front of the backpack with organizational pockets so you can easily store your laptop, travel itinerary and any maps or magazines. We packed the bag, rolled it out, carried it and even threw it down a flight of stairs. It’s light enough to move around, and the extra straps really make a big difference if you have to carry it to the fourth floor of your apartment. Although this bag is a bit heavier than your standard carry-on (about 2.5 kg) and it doesn’t fit as many items, all your belongings are safely stored in it.


Crossroads Yeti 22 inch luggage

Then there’s the large 29-inch suitcase ($449.99;, which comes in the same colors as its smaller sister and has a huge main compartment that can hold everything you need for long adventures. The bag opens horizontally, just like a traditional hard case, and inside you’ll find plenty of storage space with 70/30 dividers to keep your belongings organized. As with all bags in the Crossroads collection, extra pockets are essential. On case 29 you will find a storage compartment at the top and a large front pocket with internal organization.

What we liked most about this suitcase were all the extra handles, and the tall, narrow design made it much easier to walk up stairs than with a regular suitcase. This large bag is similar to its little brother in that it loses a little in maneuverability due to the two wheels, and it weighs about the same as the hard-shell recorder at home, but it has a little less capacity. In return, you get probably the most durable soft bag on the market. So if you don’t want to fill your bag with so much stuff that it exceeds the 50 pound weight limit at the airport, and if you need a bag that will last for years, this is the bag for you.


Yeti Crossroads 40 liter mash-up

Duffels are an ideal bag for road trips, weekends away and short trips. The new Yeti Crossroads is available in two sizes, so you can take any trip with a rugged duffel bag by your side. Both sizes are available in three colors – green, navy blue and black – and come with adjustable compression straps and spacers. Plus, they’re made with foam so they keep their shape and don’t collapse, even when perfectly packed.

The two things are very similar; the only real difference is the amount of stuff that fits inside. The smaller 40-liter bag ($199.99; is ideal for a weekend getaway or a trek, while the larger 60-liter bag ($249.99; has a capacity that falls somewhere between two suitcases, giving you enough room for probably five to seven days’ worth of gear.

But what we like best by far are the dividers inside. The items we have used in the past have been disorganized or poorly organized, so they are an easy way to share your possessions. However, if you don’t need the dividers, you can fold them down and take full advantage of the bag’s generous space. Plus, a mesh pocket on the inside and outside (one on the 40L, two on the 60L) keeps all your stuff in place.


Yeti Crossroads 60 liter desk

The doors also offer plenty of carrying options, including side handles, a shoulder strap, and additional handles on all sides. The structured sides make it easy to store and fun to wear, but because the shape is held in place, the bags tend to stick out a bit on the side when you carry them over your shoulder.

Whether it’s a quick trip to the gym or a week-long hike in a national park, Yeti’s Crossroads bags are a fantastically durable and reliable option for storing all your gear.

Yeit’s new Crossroads collection has something for every type of adventure. For frequent travelers, a 22-inch suitcase or a 35-liter backpack is recommended. If you’re a weekend warrior, the 27-liter backpack and the 40-liter duffel will be your new guests. And for the more adventurous among you, there’s even more 60-liter gear and a 29-inch case that fits on almost any surface.

If you’re looking for durable, organized, and intuitive bags, look no further than the Yeti Crossroads collection.

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