Throwing to Travis Etienne, trusting USC, testing BYU and more to watch in Week 10

The 10th. The first week of the university football season is the first official weekend in which information reaches us faster than we can accept. We inhaled six MAC games at the same time on Wednesday night. On Friday evening we witness the toughest test of the season for the invincible BU asleep. And on Saturday, we have the top four teams wrestling (Clemson-Notre Dame), the SEC second place neutral court wrestling (Florida-Georgia) and, oh yeah, the first five games of the season in the Pac-12.

Let’s go through the most interesting questions and stories from the weekend about fire hoses.

Travis Etienne, final inspection.

If you play against Clemson, chances are that your defense is the second best in the game. But that may not be true if the tigers visit Notre Dame on Saturday night. Clemenson has struggled with major gambling problems and has given Syracuse and Boston College over 20 points in the last two weeks. He dropped back to 10th place in the SP+ defensive ranking – oh shame, horror – while Notre Dame only reached eighth place once a year with more than 13 points.

As Trevor Lawrence is still not in action due to his diagnosis of the coronavirus, Notre Dame will instead stop the Tiger Attack led by DJ Whiagalaleigh. Cam Newton’s rookie and first class clone made a huge comeback against British Columbia last week and has made 70 percent of his failed passes this season.

However, Notre Dame is much better protected than British Columbia. The Irish leave you with a negative game – they are second fastest (jogging stops on the line or behind), sixth fastest in the pressure pass and sixteenth fastest in the bag speed. They put you in third and long term situations and they leave the field: The opponents have a success rate of 11% for the third and 7+, the fourth is the lowest in the country.

While star linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoa was leading as expected (six balls to lose, seven runs), his dance partner flashed in front of him, senior Adetokunbo Ogundezi.

Play the Adetokunbo Ogundeji rush:
2019 : 199 Gusts of wind, 9.5% pressure, 4.5 bags
2020 : 105 Gusts of wind, 17.1% pressure, 3 bags

While only 16% of the FBS moves were made by players outside the backfield, according to Sports Info Solutions 25% of the moves against Notre Dame correspond to this indication. In general, the Irish are very good at hitting the ball and only give away 6.1 yards per pass, which is well below the national average of 8.2 yards per pass.

There’s no Travis Etienne in any of the other teams.

Go to Travis Etienne in 2020. The most valuable currency in football is the safe explosion. This can make it the most valuable corps of specialists at CFB.

– 4. Bill Connally (@ESPN_BillC) 5. Bill Connally (@ESPN_BillC) November 2020.

Big offensive players sometimes make you think smart defensive coaches are stupid. They make you scream things like: How can you not know that the ball is going to that GUMU if they knew with any certainty. Clemson’s star, who runs in the opposite direction, had a great year of racing – he scored 606 yards (5.9 for the carry) with nine touchdowns. But he was a cheater in a passing game.

Virginia and Miami have smart and effective coaches and a reliable defense; they knew Etienne was very dangerous off the field and probably made that clear to their players as much as possible. And he still scored 13 goals for 187 yards and 10 First Falls. 116 yards came after first contact.

After replacing Lawrence last week and a serious comeback, Uiagaley has found Etienne several times, who can win quickly and easily. Elders caught seven assists for 140 yards, one touchdown and five First Falls.

Of course, more people play in British Columbia, Virginia and Miami than in Notre Dame, which can lead to both a lower level of success and a higher level of great game. The Irish like to form a cloud that covers a quarter of the territory and a swarm on the short side. He can lift Etienne, but you still have to finish him when you reach him. That’s easier said than done.

This game offers great opportunities for the Notre Dame. According to ESPN’s Seth Walder, the Irish victory will give them the same chance as Clemson to qualify for university football. Clemson tends to respond to losses or near misses like last week in B.C. by kicking on metal for the rest of the season, but with Lawrence still absent, it is unclear what kind of performance the Tigers will see last week. We know they’re probably going to rely on Etienne, and that usually pays off.

Kyle Pitts and Cadarius Tony, NightmareFinal

It was easy to forget Florida. Dan Mullen’s Gators lost 41-38 to Texas A&M and then had to resign for two weeks due to a discovery of the coronavirus. Last Saturday they played the most complete game of the season against Missouri. Their offense threw again – 514 yards (7.2 per game), 41 points – but their defense also came forward and held Mizza by 17 points and 248 yards (3.9 per game). Of course these figures look slightly different when the Jalen Knox Tigers hold a 73-yard open bomb in the second quarter, but there are still errors in the final report. It was Florida’s best defensive performance of the season.

Combined with Georgia’s 14-3 victory over Kentucky, a bear with an almost insignificant design, Florida’s performance allowed the Alligators to overtake Dougs in my SP+ ranking. The Alligators and Dougz were almost all dead, with Georgia taking 46th place in the JV+ offensive.

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Still, Georgia has the best defense in the country, so Florida will know how good their attack is. As Nick Saban of Alabama explained to Chris Lowe of ESPN a few weeks ago, if you had good protection, others wouldn’t have hit you. You’ll always be in the game. So far this is mostly true, but in Bama’s No. 1 attack (for the SP+ attack), Georgia’s first place defense was 564 yards and 41 points.

The attack on Florida is the fourth. Does this clear the bar? SP+ predicts the Alligators will score 26 points over the Dawgs – the only teams that have bet the same amount on Georgia in the last two seasons are LSU last year and Bama this year. One offense, both of them. Let’s see if alligators can get close to this layer of air.

Florida’s offensive success is based on two things:

1. No negative game. Alligators are on the 15th position for the number of allowed items and on the 9th position for the number of allowed bags. This year’s competition was just great: He’s in 29th place in the quick wins, but with a small number of big games – usually the opposite of last year’s all-or-nothing national game. Opponents Dameon Pierce, Nakuan Wright and Malik Davis do not take many meters for contact, but they break the first hold, fall forward and create a controlled second or third hold.

In the red zone, play was a little problematic in the race – the Gators are only 68th for the number of touchdowns from goal to goal and 83rd for the number of shots fired on the first and second, but it serves its primary goal. Besides, he must be so good at passing through.

2. Probably the most unique, the most terrifying success story in the country. Kyle Pitts’ tight game and wide Kadarius Toney combined 44, 652 yards and 13 touchdowns into just four conference games, but for some reason that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Quarterback Kyle Trask does not have a multitude of finished prototypes of external receivers. Trevon Grimes is in fact the only real distributor with more than seven branches. But in Pitts and Tony, who classifies Florida as an athlete and not a WR, Trask has two constant nightmares about the games.

Tony usually lies in cracks and forces the defense to decide if they choose the best angle and create potential problems elsewhere or cover him with a nickel back and risk burning him. Seventeen of his 22 holds were within seven metres of the crowd’s line, and four of those holds burst at least 16 metres away; he doesn’t jump or shake as much as he shakes, and it’s almost impossible to shake him and pull him down. In addition, the threat of a quick pass to Tony contributed to the complete elimination of the attack on the opposition. Opponents only blink in 17% of cases (16th place in the FBS), while Trask only resigns four times a year. It will be fascinating to see how Georgia and their 20 best flashes will attack this passing game.

Long pass for Tony, by the way: 5 for 8 for 115 meters, four touchdowns and an interception. Don’t wait too long for the fast passages, or you’ll burn deeply.

Meanwhile, at Pitts you just have a guy who can stand up to anyone, who walks on any job and who has a chance to succeed.

Moving to Kyle Pitts in Florida this year.

Put it somewhere, throw it somewhere. I think it’s great.

(Red = comp, blue = INC, yellow = TD)

– 3. Bill Connally (@ESPN_BillC) 4. Bill Connally (@ESPN_BillC) November 2020.

This is a boom period for narrow ends – 16 – with an average of at least 50 landings per race. The Pitts are the first on touchdowns (seven), the first on drops (0.0%), the third on first drops or touchdowns (86%), the fifth on catch yards (16.1) and the sixth on post-catch yards (6.1). He is everything an old schoolman should have, and he is also one of the biggest and most profound threats to the country. If anyone can slow him down, it’s Georgia. But that’s no guarantee Georgia can slow him down.

Why is it really okay to trust USC this time? ! (No, really! This time it’s different! Honestly!).

I did a few radio spots in the PAC-12 country before the conference started in 2020, and we inevitably get to the same topic in each segment: Why should we trust USC this time?

We’re talking about the USC, of course. Trojans took first place in the PA 2012 pre-season survey, eighth place in 2015 and fifteenth place in the PA pre-season survey. 2018 ranking, both without evaluation. They rise randomly – to 10-2 and 6 in 2011, to 10-3 and 3 in 2016 – and have been lying on the coast for years since that peak. Every time we talk about it like we’re lovers, we feel trapped. Of course, I can’t say it will be any different this time.

However, it should be noted that it is this team that is currently in 20th place in the AP survey, not in 5th place or anything like that. But I can say that the motivation that the Trojans are the favorites of the conference is different from the usual. It is usually based on high recruitment rates and potential; this time it is based on proven production and experience.

The two most tested units in the Pac-12 are the USC Offensive and the Oregon Defense. Their other units – an attack in Oregon led by the new quarterback and coordinated by Joe Murhead – and an experienced USC defense, now coordinated by Todd Orlando, will determine if the two teams can negotiate and threaten to overthrow the CFP dock. But last year the CSU was ninth in the SP+ offensive, this season it starts as eighth. Quarterback Kedon Slovis turned out to be the perfect piece of clay for offensive coordinator Graham Harrell. Although he’s playing this year without Michael Pittman Jr.’s receiver, he still has Tyler Wons and Amon-Ra St. James. The game on the wire has to remain effective, even incredibly explosive (as in Florida), and the only question is what the Trojans are up to after losing both holders last year.

When we talk about the USC this year, we’re not talking about what the Trojans can do, but what they’ve already proven they can do. If the combination of Orlando and the great experience gained in both depths can easily lead the defense to the top 40, then the attack should be able to carry the weight, at worst a solid divisional title. By USC standards, it’s not an exaggerated hype, and I think Trojans can handle it.

(Please note that this message will be self-destructive and completely removed from the Internet if or when Arizona beats the Trojans on Saturday).

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The energy around the Pac-12 is felt as players and coaches prepare for the start of the season.

Extended protection test BYU.

I’ve spent most of the last two months talking to BYU and found that while the Puma’s have a terribly weak programme – it certainly wasn’t their fault because their first busy P5 programme was cancelled in August – they dominate that programme at the same level as most top teams. They’ve earned their place in the top 10 APs.

Moreover, they only have three matches left to make an indelible impression. After his performance in the state of Boise on the evening of Friday the 12th. In November they will welcome a newcomer from the north of Alabama and on the 12th. December from San Diego. While the SDSU has been excellent so far, the SP+ BYU gives an 83% chance of getting a 2-0 in these matches.

It only gives them a 59% chance of surviving a Friday in Boise. Broncos Brian Harsin is in 26th place in the SP+ after a bitter defeat in Utah and the Air Force. He currently has the highest success rate in the BSF (68%), a success rate (65%), a door-to-door rest rate (100%) and an average driving score (4.2). A small copy against the weak competition? Of course you did. But it will not be the first time that the BSU plays excellent offensive football.

It is unclear what the BSU defence has to offer – the Broncos were burned to the ground in 415 hours last week, but the Air Force option is different from what the BSU will throw at the BSU for better or worse. But even if BYU star quarterback Zack Wilson continues to thrive, BYU’s defense, which was good but not as armored as the offense, will be put to the test.

The BYU focuses primarily on playing in the end zones against passing opponents, and while this helps to limit the big game, it can also mean high passing speed and ball control for each of the BSU’s quarterbacks: Starter Hank Bachmayer (20 for 28 for 268 yards against Utah) or Jack Seer (17 for 20 for 280 yards against the Air Force). The state of Bakhmayer’s injury is unclear, but Sears, the USC transfer, is a damn good cover.

Week 10 Reading lists

There are ten games – at least one from each slot machine – that you should keep in mind if you want to get the most out of the weekend, both in terms of information and entertainment.

Still east.

Friday night
number 11 Miami to NC State (7:30 p.m., ESPN). If Notre Dame loses Saturday, Miami is back in the running for second place in the CCR. But first Caines has to get past the annoying NC State team, which can defend the third crash pretty well.

Number 9 BYU in nr. 21 State of Boise (21:45, FS1). A game that will decide whether we continue to offer a hype with a dark PCP horse to two mid-size majors (BYU and Cincy) or just one.

Early Saturday
Arizona, 20 USC (noon, Fox). To be honest, I’m not sure that the advantages of starting at 9am local time, such as a school meeting across the country or something like that, outweigh the disadvantages, but at least I don’t have to wait all day to get my questions answered at USC.

Michigan, 23, number 13, Indiana (noon, FS1). In the first two games of the season, Michigan relied entirely on the experience of the top students, a little too much at first, then even more. What will happen to the highest-ranked Indiana team in 33 years?

25 Freedom in Virginia Tech (afternoon, ACC Network). These teams make two of the most interesting and powerful offenses in the country, and Liberty is in the top 50 SP+ for the first time. It could be a meeting on the way.

Saturday Day
No. 8 Florida to 5 Georgia, 3:30 p.m., CBS. The winner will be a PCP favorite… …if he can beat Bama in December. Piece of cake, huh?

Oklahoma 14, Kansas 4:00, Fox. The Pokes had the bad luck to lose to Texas, but they must immediately replay the other team that suffered their first loss in the conference on Saturday.

Saturday night
#1 Clemenson at Notre Dame #4 (19:30, NBC). I have confidence in Clemson and I think the Tigers will find a way to win, but I don’t want to underestimate the physical strength of this Notre Dame team or the quality of defense at this time.

Stanford in the 12th. District of Oregon, 7:30 p.m., ABC. When we meet a Pac-12 challenger early in the day, we find out about the other one late. What is the new attack on Moorhead in the west (and how many bags will Kyvon Thibodo have this year)?

End of Saturday
New Mexico to Hawaii (midnight, Spectrumsport). This is your first chance this season to welcome Robert Kekahula and the Hawaiian television crew at midnight. It is also a chance to see the pleasant and rapid attack of the Hawaiian islands.

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