LeBron James Looked Disappointed And Didn’t Go Back To Defense After Dennis Schroder Missed A Crucial Layup

LeBron James has been known to be a defender of sorts since his days at Akron, but he recently looked as if he wanted to just run back on defense after Dennis Schroder of the Atlanta Hawks missed a crucial layup. The play occurred with just under 7 minutes remaining in the third quarter, and the normally aggressive King James was standing and staring at the Hawks’ bench, instead of joining the team in the fight.

If you could watch every game NBA star LeBron James plays, you would see him making a habit of scrambling back to the defense in crucial situations. However, before the start of the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks, it looked like LeBron James’ disposition had changed.

word-image-6733 The Los Angeles Lakers lost 100-92 to the Phoenix Suns on Sunday and return to Arizona with a 2-2 lead in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. Not only did they lose the game, but they saw Anthony Davis leave the field with an injury. It’s not yet clear if AD will be ready for Game 5 next Tuesday, but they know they will have to make a big effort to take an important 3-2 lead on the road. What seemed like a good chance to extend the lead to 3-1, turned into a terrible game for the Lakers. They were never able to come back, despite LeBron James’ best efforts to keep the team in the game. The fans knew the game was over when King gave up after Dennis Schroder missed a shot that would have cut the difference for his team to 5 points. After that game Bron looked disappointed and didn’t even bother coming back on defense. Immediately, Jay Crowder confirmed that the Suns would win Game 4 with a shot from the corner. Naturally, NBA fans responded. The Reddit community mocked James for his behavior after this game, and used many names to troll the player and his reaction to Dennis’ slide. Schroeder caused LeBron’s depression… LeBron clearly paused to calculate in his head how much money he would save if he passed Schroder. DePress What separates James from Jordan is things like that. Jordan chases him down and goes for the interception. He knows he won’t get any more hugs on the field when AD is done (and he won’t get a ring either). LeThargic That’s what Rondo meant. His body language affects all the young people who admire him. Yes, it must be demoralizing for someone who grew up seeing LeBron give up so much as an NBA superstar in a playoff game. Conversely, it must be very exciting for opposing players to see that you can take on an NBA legend. Like when he takes an own goal and turns to his teammates to blame them. It’s not even the body language, he stole her chance to come back. I don’t usually pay attention to this, but damn, it’s a 7 point game, probably one of the most pathetic actions on the field I’ve seen, but not dangerous. He also pushed Eaton Push to push – TheHammurapi This is not possible. It’s a dirty game. This incident affected him mentally. That bastard Ayton I’ll be honest, this push wouldn’t have bothered me at all if I hadn’t heard the last two days about Booker and Crowder killing Schroeder with a push in the last match. It felt like LeBron gave up when AD didn’t show up in the second half of the game. 7 points in 1:30 is so doable. He should be fried for this. Executives don’t just leave. Baked If Davis doesn’t play in the next game, the Lakers have a lot to work on and recover from. He probably won’t play in Game 5, and Frank Vogel needs to figure out the best solution for that situation. They should concentrate on their work and not pay attention to the outside world. Still, Game 4 did not go the best way for Los Angeles, and they will need to show something different in their next game. **Video: u/CyborgWarrior

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