3 Ways to Help Your House Feel Less Cluttered

3 Ways to Help Your House Feel Less Cluttered

A clean home is a happy home! When you have a clean home, you are more inclined to want to spend all of your time there. Many people struggle to keep their homes clean because they feel that they do not have the time in the day that is needed to stay on top of it. Although this can be a challenge, we are going to talk about 3 simple ways that you can help your house feel less cluttered.

Hire an Interior Designer

Many people believe that interior designers are a waste of money. However, this is far from the truth. The way that an interior designer lays out your house can make a big difference in whether or not the house feels cluttered. When the space of the room is not being used optimally, it is easy to feel as though it is cluttered, no matter how often you clean it. An Idaho Falls interior designer can help you. The interior designer will rid your space of any unnecessary clutter and will help you set up your home in a way so that you will not have to feel like your house is always a mess.

Clear Your Tables

One of the things that will greatly affect how messy your home feels, is if there are tables that are not cleared off. When a table is messy, and there are objects that are strewn across it, it makes the house or room feel so much messier than it actually may be. A good rule of thumb to follow would be to make sure to put the things away after you have used them. This is a good habit to make, because it means that your tables will never be messy, as you have created the habit of decluttering after you use anything. Applying this tip and habit will leave you shocked at how easy it is to keep your house feeling and looking clean.

Close all Doors and Cupboards

One common mistake that people make is leaving their cupboards and doors open. This can easily make you feel to be very unorganized and can even be a safety hazard in some instances. The feeling of walking into a room that has all of the drawers, cupboards and doors open is sure to leave you with a feeling that the room is messy. However, that is not always the reality, it just seems that way, due to the chaotic state that the room was left in. Once you get what you need from the cupboard, closing the door will help your house feel cleaner, and more organized.


Although it may seem like an impossible task to get your house to look and feel as clean as you would like it to be, it is not. There are so many little steps that can be taken each and every day so that you can live in a clean environment. Most of these steps are habits that are formed that take hardly any effort on your part at all. Next time you are feeling like you live in a really messy house, just remember these tips to help your house become and feel cleaner.

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