The Flash Recap: Everything You Missed in “Fear Me”

The seventh season of The Flash is in full swing, and so far it’s been a season full of surprises. Not only did Eva McCulloch/Monarch Mirror (Efrat Dor) ultimately win through compassion rather than power, but Team Flash also had to deal with some big goodbyes and surprise cheers. In just four episodes, the team lost Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh), met and divorced the original Harrison Wells (also Tom Cavanagh), and in the final minutes of last week’s episode, introduced Central City Strong Killer Frost (Daniel Panabaker), who somehow parted ways with Caitlin Snow (also Daniel Panabaker). This week, as Frost and Caitlin try to make sense of their situation, the team faces a brand new and terrifying threat.

As we saw in the Fear Me previews and synopsis, new villain Psycho (Ennis Esmer) wreaks havoc in Central City by channeling and amplifying everyone’s fears. Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) faces his own problems when Kristen Kramer (guest star Carmen Moore) from the Governor’s Commission on Community Logistics arrives to visit KPCD.

Want to know the important details of this week’s episode of The Flash, Fear? We’re here to help you. Here are the main plot points of Fear Me. Warning: full spoilers for the episode after this point. Only read if you want to know.

Big surprises

As Barry reviews the footage from his fight last week, Caitlin and Cisco introduce him to Frost, who, as we saw at the end of last episode, is now a separate person from Caitlin. Barry and Iris are dumbfounded. It turns out that when Frost was destroyed by Eva’s mirror weapon, he triggered the creation of his own body. As they talk to each other, it is brought to their attention that the same energy signatures of last week’s mysterious adversary – now called Fuerza – are present in the lab, and suddenly a physical manifestation of the Velocity Force – Nora, who looks like Barry’s mother – collapses in intense, searing pain.

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Bad Dreams on.

The first indication that something is wrong is when Cecile wakes up in a nightmare while working at home. Joe gets her out of there. At the CCPD, Iris and Joe discuss and discover that more and more reports indicate that this Freddy Krueger is a bad guy. When Flash responds to a police call, he discovers that two officers are suffering from the same nightmarish hallucination and comes face to face with the villain – Psycho – himself. The psychiatrist sends Barry into a hallucination where he encounters Reverse Flash and is later stabbed by Savitar. The injury manifests itself in real life, but Barry heals with his quick skills.

The team decides to use the psychotic dampers they used on Grodd in their next encounter with Psycho, but they are useless. Flash, Frost and Sisko are involved in their greatest fears. Barry believes that everyone he loves is going to die, and that it’s his fault.

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Live apart

Caitlin wants to merge with Frost, but Frost doesn’t want to. She even sabotaged the Firestorm Matrix so they couldn’t do it. Caitlin realizes something is wrong with Frost and goes to talk to him. Frost says her nightmare was that Kate would betray her for her crimes. The couple realizes that losing each other is their greatest common fear, and for the first time they decide to face that fear by living as individuals. Kate and Frost decided to become roommates.

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Telephone alarm clock

As they mentally attack the entire city with their growing nightmare powers, Barry gets the idea that they can use Cecile’s powers to project a single emotion over a huge area. To do this, they must use the thinker’s chair. Cecile is scared of it, but accepts it. As the psychiatrist’s attack spreads, the people of Central City are haunted by nightmares. Flash runs to him, but is once again stuck in a nightmare – and for Barry, it gets worse each time. He almost lost when Cisco told him to fight because it wasn’t real. He does, Cecile feels his courage and encourages him. The energy of courage liberates people and defeats the psychopath.

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Holes and ends and some serious omens

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Lieutenant Governor Kristen Kramer of the Community Logistics Committee. Iris doesn’t trust him and does a full background check. Later, Kristen confesses to Jo that she’s really out to get Killer Frost – though it’s clear she doesn’t trust all metahumans.

In STAR, Barry is still suffering the effects of Fuerza’s attacks and Mental, he puts himself in a cryogenic chamber to heal. After he does this, Nora wakes up. Although the human form is still new to her, being a true Speed Force, she tells the team that Psycho has also attacked her and that she and Barry are very weak before she drops the bomb: She thinks Fuerza and Psycho are some kind of primitive force like her.




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