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(CBS Boston) – Fantasy owners have managed to escape without serious injury since week eight, a nice change from the last weeks in which many fantasy participants have died.

We haven’t seen too many injured players, but we have seen some groundbreaking performances that could result in extra playing time for some players. As we know, most fantasy successes are chances, and many players deserve more chances in their big games last Sunday.

The calendar has officially been moved to November, which means there are only a few weeks left before the low season of Fantasy. Every year, in the second half of the season, it seems that a few players in the league win. Don’t miss your chance to meet a player who can change the game this week.

It’s the first wire break in week nine.


Buy more Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders – Carr didn’t have much to do during the eighth week of Las Vegas when he defeated the Browns. Only 22 points were scored in the game between the two teams, with the Raiders dominating the possession and winning 16-6. Carr made only 24 pass attempts and made 15 for 112 yards and the score. However, the Raiders will be on the 9th. The match against the Chargers and the impressive newcomer Justin Herbert will probably have to count on a much stronger attack. During his career against the Chargers, Carr has achieved an average of more than 240 passing lines per match. Now that the game has become a potential penalty shootout between the two Western AFC sides, Carr is a reliable streaming option in week 9.

Kirk’s cousins, the Minnesota Vikings… I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. I know it’s almost impossible to trust Kirk’s cousins for fantastic reasons. In the spectacular 8. Week of Minnesota won the Packers, the cousins tried only 14 passes, of which 11 for 160 meters and a touchdown. These figures are far from impressive, but given the success of Dalvin Cook’s shot last Sunday, it could have been much worse. This season, the cousins have silently accumulated four multi-touchdowns, and in the 9s game. The round against Detroit Lyons could easily finish at five. Phillip Rivers just lost 262 yards and three touchdowns to the Lions, and it’s no surprise the cousins set up a similar production in week nine. This week the cousins are another option for a good flow.


RB Zack Moss, Buffalo Beals – Zack Moss had 14 shots in the season against the Patriots this week.

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8, and the boy did his best. The newcomer running backwards carried the ball 14 times for 81 yards (5.8 yards per carry) and two touchdowns in a 24-21 victory for Buffalo, which was the second straight week he finished with an average of 5.8 yards or more per carry (he carried the ball seven times for 47 yards in week 7). Devin Singletari isn’t going anywhere, because he’s got 14 bags over 86 yards. It seems that the counterattackers prefer the foam near the target line, which means that it should at least continue to deliver the FLEX value when advancing. A Singletari offense would have paved the way for Moss to become a clown for the accounts, resulting in a mandatory weekly start.

RB Damien Harris, New England Patriots – Harris has only played four games for the New England Patriots this season. How did he deal with those four games? Harris scored 100 yards in two of his four games, including a performance on Sunday where he walked 102 yards on 16 carries (6.4 yards per carry) and a touchdown. Despite the excellent production, the number of broadcasts was even higher. Harris’ 16 carries 10 strokes more than any other inverted crane (Rex Burkhead, 6 strokes), showing that he clearly prefers New England. The Patriots lost four games in a row, but the nine-game. The round against the Jets should break the series. Harris has an average of 5.7 meters per transport in 49 chase attempts this season and is almost a must in week 9 when Pats goes to MetLife Stadium on Monday night for a showdown against the windless rays.

RB Gus Edwards, Baltimore Ravens – This recommendation also applies to newcomer J.K. Dobbins, as both left fullbacks in week 8 in the absence of Mark Ingram. Edwards led the team, made 16 high-speed attempts, scored 87 yards (5.4 yards per carry) and a touchdown against the Steelworkers’ stubborn defense in a scramble. Edwards showed all his stats in just 32 percent of Baltimore’s offensive shots, with Dobbins actually on the field in 66 percent of the shots. Dobbins probably isn’t in your league, but there’s a chance Edwards is still at the drop of a hat. If Ingram goes to nine. When the second week of the Colts competition returns, it will be difficult to trust one of the spins, as Baltimore seems happy to appoint a three-member committee. But if Ingram stays away, both Dobbins and Edwards will make a strong FLEX contest. If you could choose between the two, I’d pick a rookie in the second round. But if Dobbins is already gone, take Edwards with him when he’s back on top by week nine.

Broadband receivers

WR Cory Davis, Tennessee Titan – Believe it or not, Davis has been one of the most consistent fantasy creators this season. Thanks to his work at KOVID, Davis has only been able to play five games this season and in the DVR divisions he has scored fantastic double-digit points in all five leagues. The veteran receiver has scored a touchdown in three different games and has just celebrated his second 100 meters this year. More importantly, Davis scored 10 goals in two consecutive games in the team rankings and scored touchdowns in both games. Even when A.J. Brown was active, Ryan Tannehill focused more on Davis (20 goals for Davis, 15 for Brown in the last two weeks). Davis’ first production doesn’t look like an accident anymore.

WR Darnell Mooney, the Chicago Bears-Mooney have shown flashes this season, but week 8 seemed to be his real welcome in the NFL. On Sunday a rookie in the fifth round chose the goal of the saints six times and finished the race with five digits in the season – 69 meters and a touchdown. Mooney have scored at least five goals in three consecutive games, although he has scored 11. Regardless of how the Bears have played quarterbacks this season, many of Chicago’s set-players have become stunned dreamers. Mooney is the next person to join this group. The game of nine. The round against the Titans seems a great opportunity for Muni to continue his recent success.

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WR Kendrick Bourne, San Francisco 49er – It’s hard to imagine a team in the league with more than 49er injured. The reigning NFC champion struggles with injuries on both sides of the ball. In the eighth round 49-year-old Dibo Samuel was already on the field and is expected to miss a few games. Then they lost the All-Star final to George Kittle, and although we don’t know the extent of the injury yet, it’s hard to believe he’ll be on the field for the SF game against the Packers on Thursday night. Without Samuel and Kittle, Bourne was attacked by 49 people. Brandon Ayuk scored 11 goals, which is not surprising given the way the rookie catcher has played in recent weeks, but Bourne was right behind him with 10 goals. He’s done eight 81-yard receptions, and he could look the same in week nine. Follow the injury report for the next few days, but Bourne aims for another big role in the game on Thursday.

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TE Logan Thomas, Washington D.C. soccer team – 8. week out of Washington, D.C., because the noise around Logan Thomas seems to have subsided. In the two weeks leading up to the farewell week, Thomas made a total of seven passes for 102 metres and two touchdowns. Thomas made love at the beginning of the season, before the game of the terrible quarterback destroyed his fantastic value. Kyle Allen has brought some stability to the position of the Washington quarterback by scoring two touchdowns in each of his last two games. In the ninth round Thomas meets the Giants, one of the teams against which he recently scored a touchdown. Thomas finished this race with three digits at 42 meters and more and looks good for the second half of week 9.

TE Eric Abron, Pittsburgh Steelers – It took him a few weeks to get used to another attack, but in the last few weeks Abron seemed to be returning to his usual self. The Steelers, with their tight side, completed their victory over the Ravens on Sunday with four 48-yard passes and a touchdown. Ebron now has at least three shots and 43 yards in five of the last six games and scores touchdowns in two of those games. There’s a very attractive game in Pittsburgh this week, as they go to Dallas to take on the roles of the cowboys. While they restricted Dallas Goedert last week, Logan Thomas caught four passes in 60 yards and TD in 7 weeks. Abron’s in the jet mix for week 9.

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