Notre Dame’s epic win, the Big Ten’s confounding season and the CFP’s thrilling race for No. 4

Before the game, there was a story about Clemson superstar quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who was put aside by a virus and league protocols.

During the game, it was the quarterback of newcomer Clemson, DJ. Uiagalei, who, for the second year in a row, united the Tigers with a two-digit deficit and, as the game progressed, threw more meters to the Notre Dame defense than any other player in the history of the program.

At the end of the game, the quarterback who earned all the attention was an unnoticed veteran, a man who suffered a defeat two years ago in a play-off game of the same Clemson team, the QB who won so much but was never big. On Saturday, Ian Book made a name for itself in Irish legend by winning a legendary double 47-40 times, concluding a 36-game regular season victory.

Before the game, Coach [Tommy] Reese told me this would be a game you’d remember for the rest of your life, the book says. I’ve been telling myself that all day, before every episode.

After all, this is what the figures look like: 310 yards of overtaking, a touchdown – pedestrian, if you just look at the box.

In the field, the book was a wizard.

Clemson’s illustrious defensive front was always disappointed towards the book. He scored six runs for 67 yards, including a 12-yard second and a 13-yard double-OT that scored a winning goal.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Kieren Williams (23) and Notre Dame are likely to climb the standings after their failed victory on Saturday. Matt CASHOR-USA Today Sports

Notre Dame’s attack was vicious throughout the season because it could not give life to the indifferent attack of a man grazing on the field – an attack that was not threatened by the big game. Then the 53-yard line ends the Avery Davis book with one minute to go, and the Irishman becomes the biggest game of his career, seven minutes late.

For two decades, the Irish tolerated clever people and jokes, a team whose size ended with the Green Age, with the facade still waiting to be shown to the public by the real elite. But on Saturday, the Book of Notre Dame will be led to victory over the team with the highest score in the country, not by a stunt or a trick, but by one hard blow after another.

Comrade Brooke’s defender Kieren Williams ran 140 yards and scored three runs. With these numbers we can’t judge his contribution, catch the lightning, block the field and furiously defeat Clemson’s defense from one set to the next.

Notre Dame’s defence allowed Star Tail Travis to move away from Etienne from 28 metres and dominate the line of battle when Jeremiah Ovusu-Coramoa gave Etienne the helm from 23 metres for a touchdown.

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Before the game, the Irish seemed designed to lose the story, even if they won the game. Lawrence was at the edge of the field, a star waiting to score. But how could Lawrence do more than a newcomer to the Ouiagalei throwing 439 yards and two points? The final score has nothing to do with the absence of Lawrence, but only with the physical form of Notre Dame, the overall play of the book and the brilliance of Williams.

However, Williams said before the start of the game that Kelly had worked out an escape plan for his team in case the fans inevitably walked out of the stands and onto the field. It was a sign of strangeness in 2020, when preparations were made to avoid contact with the crowd with limited force, a means of protecting oneself against coronaviruses during feasts. But the footnote is that Kelly always planned this vacation.

No, Notre Dame hasn’t earned fourth place this year. Now she deserves better.

Who is number 4?

Clemson lost, but there’s always a good reason why the Tigers dug in well in the play-offs. In the end, they came out with a spare Buy More and a strike defense and still went out for a double-OT with the fantastic Notre Dame team.

But the result also means that Clemenson is one of the growing number of teams that asks for a second chance after missing the first.

Maybe Texas has A&M. Aggis’ number 4 seat dominated South Carolina 48-3 and has now won four times in a row. Kellen Mond plays the best football of his career and Jimbo Fischer has finally found a racing game to complement his Buy More. It’s a problem: A&M has already lost to Alabama, so do we really need a rematch in low season?

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The number 7 Texas A & M defense keeps South Carolina at 150 yards and makes two turns, allowing an attack with more options.

Maybe number four is Florida. The Alligators took over Georgia with 474 yards and four TD Kyle Trask TDs at the world’s most public outdoor cocktail party on Saturday. After 14-0, Florida returned to the dominant second quarter where they scored as many first assists (12) as Georgia and almost as many points (24) as Georgia (25). However, there is one problem: Florida’s already lost to Texas A&M.

And if this circular logic doesn’t cause a headache, then what does? It is very likely that Clemenson will meet Notre Dame again in the CCA championship game, which of course could host a third game in the off-season.

Or maybe it’s time to do something for someone else. BYU burned down Boise State on Friday when the Panthers scored 40 points for the seventh time in eight games. Cincinnati dominated Houston, and given the train crashes in the Big Ten and Big 12, there is little reason to believe that the American doesn’t deserve a play-off berth in 2020. Or how about Liberty, who beat their second team of the year on Saturday? Or maybe Coastal Carolina is worth considering. The chancellors have once again easily defeated South Alabama. And don’t forget Marshall. The herd is also invincible.

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Desmond Knight led Cincinnati to another victory with three touchdowns and another goal in the air against Houston of over 100 meters.

Once again, the Pac-12 may finally have found its way to the play-offs – two months after the rest of the country started doing so.

Last but not least, on Saturday the play-off committee was startled again, which in terms of numbers is an almost impossible task. The participants will not only compare ordinary apples and oranges, but maybe also apples, oranges, elephants, the Buick Skylark from 1972 and a chainsaw that Oregon uses to celebrate after a takeaway.

In other words, it’s the first weekend of November and the season is just starting.

Your health and jeans on weekdays 10

Saturday’s action had a lot of ups and downs. We offer our warm doubles on both sides of the register.

Mock the kicker frosting

We’re not always the most logical species, we’re human. There are countless steps we constantly take, despite the lack of evidence that they are worthwhile: knocking on wood for happiness, preparing patriots, returning to your fantasy team, letting Robert De Niro play in comedies. But maybe nothing is as swollen as the icing on a kicker, as Virginia’s head coach, Tek Justin Fuente, discovered on Saturday.

It looks like the Hokies blocked Libertys Alex Barbir’s goal attempt (59 yards) and turned it into a winning touchdown with less than 10 seconds left in the game. It’s a problem: It turns out Fuente called a time-out to finish the kicker. Instead, Liberty decided to play the game at fourth and sixth base, scored 8 yards and then sent Barbir home from 51 yards. The fire won by 38-35.

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Virginia Tech blocked Liberty’s goal attempt and brought it back for a touchdown, but the goal line fell when the Hokies called a time-out. Then Freedom scores the winning goal with a one-second lead on the left side.

After the match Fuente defended the challenge by saying that in this situation he always calls a time out for scoring, but that the official couldn’t whistle directly. He then suggested that he needed more local staff. But the most important thing remains: If a team wants to send a varsity kicker to a 59-yard field, just let him go. No one will remember what you did once they broke through. But Fuente’s decision will be remembered in Blacksburg for many years to come.

To Jim Harbo.

Remember that most years, Michigan fans will have to wait for the inevitable but still instinctive defeat of Ohio before they want to fire their coach. This time, after an embarrassing loss to the state of Michigan, Harbo overcame the situation with an even more brutal crackdown on Indiana, where the Wolverines fell only 13 meters, two-headed and never came close to 14 meters in the second period.

Thank you for Maryland’s official Twitter account.

While the university version of football in 2020 brought nothing less, it brought a hilarious new level of minor insults to official social networks, and the Terps delivered a double dose on Saturday after destroying Penn State in Not a Happy Valley.


– 7. Maryland Terrapins (@umterps) November 2020.


– 6. Maryland Football (@TerpsFootball) November 2020.

This is the most brutal takeover in all of Maryland since Omar and brother Mouzone joined Stringer Bell at the end of the third season of The Wire. Oh, and spoiler alert.

The ten big ones overthrown

It’s a big surprise for the Big Ten in 2020 – a conference that has no season in August, was re-launched in October and now brings together leaders from Indiana and the Northwest region.

Wait, what?

Yes, Hoosiers 3-0 for the first time since 1988 in a conference game and Northwestern 3-0 to start the Big Ten season for the first time since 2000. For the first time in the 124-year history of the league, the two teams play together 3-0.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Add to that the confusion of Penn State on Saturday, and we live in a universe where the northwest, Indiana, Purdue and Maryland are combined at 10 to 1, while the blue lines of Michigan, Penn, Iowa and Nebraska are combined at 2 to 9.

Add to that the fact that Rutgers scored 27 points against Ohio (more than in the last four games together) and it really is the strangest season in the history of Big Ten.

Thank you for confirming your graduation rate.

Hats off to Hock Doege, from West Virginia QB, who scored 200% of the shots in this game against Texas. Doug’s pass was hit on the line, intercepting a deflection and then falling for the first attempt – until the criminal flag for the illegal forward pass appeared.

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WVU’s Jarret Doege gets his first pass from a Texas defender, but he catches a defensive shot and tries to throw forward, but gets a penalty.

Of course we hope that The Rock and her scouts have watched XFL, a competition where this game would be completely legal. Doege should definitely be the first choice for the Battle of St. John’s. Louis Hawks next year.

He laughs at anyone who thinks that passing has taken over university football.

Of course we live in a fit culture these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of the board games out there.

Let’s start with Javonte Williams of North Carolina scoring 151 yards and three touchdowns for just 12 touchdowns with a dominant victory over the Duke on Saturday in the Tar Heels. He also signed up for a TD to show he can keep up with all the cool kids and their air raid crimes.

Look at Cincinnati’s Desmond Knight, who played for the sixth seeded Bearcats far from the elite – he ran only 162 yards with the TD and decided to beat Houston on Saturday – but who’s to throw the ball if you run like him? Knight had 103 yards and three touchdowns at the age of 12 brings the victory and now has 323 yards and eight points in his last three games.

One last tip about the hat of Mohamed Ibrahim from Minnesota, who has been absolutely untamed for the past two weeks. After mating 207 yards last week and beating Maryland by four points, he defeated Illinois on Saturday with 224 yards on the ground and won with another four points. Ibrahim is the first round of consecutive 200-yard four-dimensional games since Capri Bibbs of Colorado in 2013.

Saturday Fun facts

A quick look at some of the wild numbers we saw during Saturday’s games, starting with a couple of Big 12 opponents.

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Oklahoma scored six quick touchdowns and two TD passes, while Kansas 62-9 quickly took full control.

  • Oklahoma destroyed Kansas 62:9, the second game in a row soon with 60 points or more. It is the first team to do so against FBS opponents since Georgia Tech 2018 (against Green and Louisville Bowling), the first team to do so against conference opponents since Memphis 2017 (against SMU and ECU) and the first team to do so in Power 5 conference games since Ohio 2016 (Nebraska and Maryland).
  • Speaking of scoring, that was Mike Gandhi’s reputation. This year the state of Oklahoma wins the defense, and if it sounds completely strange. From the time Gandhi was hired in 2005 until last season, the Cowboys were only 14-35 when they scored less than 28 points in the game, but after their 20-18 victory on Saturday at Kansas State in this kind of games this year – 4-0.
  • Even if Vanderbilt is doing well, things always end badly. With 274 meters the Commodors passed the state of Mississippi, but with five laps to go it didn’t matter. Wendy still lost 24 to 17 years. It’s rare, isn’t it? From 2015 until the 23rd year. In October of this year, the top teams in the league so far were 394-1 (only one loss for Georgia Tek vs. Tennessee in the 2017 opening game), but that has now happened twice in the last three weeks. Penn State also lost to Indiana in the first game despite a 277-metre lead.

Heisman 5

With Mac Jones gone and Trevor Lawrence out of town this weekend, we need to take a deep breath and start over. How do you measure a match if one star missed two games, the other one didn’t finish its first game until the end of October and a third one isn’t playing against Power 5 this season?

1. Florida Buy more Kyle Trask

The loss to Texas A&M seems to be a big blemish on Trask’s record, but he threw for 312 yards and four TD’s in that game, so it wasn’t really his fault. His performance against Georgia on Saturday was supernatural, and five straight games with four TD’s guarantee him first place here.

2. Alabama Buy More McJones.

We can’t stress enough how good Jones has been this year. On the deep ball it was amazing (63% came in with eight TD’s for shots over 20 meters). Under pressure it was amazing (on average almost 10 meters per fall). In the third descent it was incredible (almost 12 meters per pass).

3. Clemson BC Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence was incredible, but Saturday was the biggest step for him to crush his Heisman CV, and he was far from it thanks to his Kowid 19 case and the ACC test manuals. Will he get a second chance to win the CCA championship title in Notre Dame? It would be a shame if the coronavirus is the reason why it doesn’t work.

4. UBC Zack Wilson

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Zack Wilson wins BUU 51-17 with three touchdowns against Boyce State.

Wilson was as good as the others on that list, but it’s hard to see how he would compare his grades if he played against the CCA or SEC. But there’s no spades in the Boys State, and Wilson still averages 13.3 yards per pass. There are many precedents for a Buy More outside of Power 5 to come to New York, but the chance that one of them wins is almost zero.

5. Ohio CB Justin Fields.

We wish Fields was bigger. His figures certainly still justify it. But the performance against Penn State seems a little less remarkable given the 3-0 start of the Nittani Lions, and the fact that Fields will finish fewer games than anyone else on the list should count for something.

Gift game of the week

Less than five minutes before the match Memphis crossed South Florida 33-20 and was about to lose for the second time in a row. Instead, Memphis designed a 72-yard touchdown in 7 games, followed by a 1:03 touchdown in 8 games to reach Calvin Austin III, who was celebrated as a British nobleman, with a cup of tea.

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Calvin Austin III catches his second touchdown of the Brady White QB and gives the Tigers a 1:03 lead.

In the last two races, White ran 11 out of 13, scoring 135 yards and two touchdowns on the way to victory 34:33.

It will be an old hat for the tigers, who were killed on the 17th. October against UCF also returned from 14 defeats in the fourth quarter. They were the first team in the same season to make up for a 13-point multiple deficit in Buffalo’s fourth quarter in 2008.

High stakes and bad wins

  • Maryland finished as a loser to Penn State with 27.5 points, but Terps won with 35:19. It’s impressive, isn’t it? According to ESPN Stats & Information, this is the third biggest Big Ten game in 40 years, after Northwest Minnesota (-32) defeated Wisconsin (-30.5) in 1982 and Illinois against Wisconsin (-30.5) last year. More impressive? This is the second consecutive week that Terps has won, even though he has lost at least 18 points. This has never happened since the separation of the FBS/FCS in 1978.
  • Kansas lost 38.5 points on Saturday, but that doesn’t matter. Oklahoma took cover and won 62:9. It’s normal for a class. Kansas is currently 0-7 against the series in 2020, although it has been a dog with at least 17 points in each of the last six races. (The Jayhawks preferred 4.5 hawks in the Knife House, but they were blown in from South Carolina). But if you haven’t bet enough against the Jayhawks this year, we might be interested. Kansas’ terrible defense led him to win six of the seven games and slip into another one.

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  • If you had fewer chances in the SMU vs Temple game, you felt good to be out in the last quarter. It closed at 63.5, but the SMU worked at the end of 20-16 15 minutes, which turned out to be a light blanket. Not so fast. SMU clearly felt uncomfortable with such a thin edge and showed a brilliant 27 points in the last frame, to which Temple added his touchdown. In short: 36 points for three quarters, 34 points for a quarter or more.
  • Speaking of scores: Georgia and Florida came to rest. The final score was 54.5, but with the final touchdown of the Alligators before the break it was 38-21, which only made the players more comfortable than Dan Mullen’s second half.
  • The late strike, the recovery of the inside shots and the TD that followed – all in the last three minutes of the action, returning from 13 to defeat the state of Arizona – brought great relief to all those who took the Trojan silver line (-420). However, if you have Virginia Tech in -750, you can probably take a break in the game.

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