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TAMPA, Fla. — Tampa Bay Buccaneer defender Rob Gronkowski has a unique (and pretty funny) analogy to the touchdown he gave with his shoulders on Sunday. It was a typical match between him and quarterback Tom Brady in their 11 seasons together – a match they won in each of their last two games.

Like my mother always said: It should be maple syrup because the butter doesn’t run that way, Gronkowski said Wednesday when asked about the bedding.

What in God’s name does his mother mean, you wonder?

@RobGronkowski was asked if Tom Brady was going to erase the back shoulder.

So he started talking about his mother, butter and maple syrup @JennaLaineESPN pic.twitter.com/iuKVfm2XmM.

– NFL for ESPN (@ESPNNFL) 28. October 2020

You don’t have much time to react, to inject yourself with syrup… You have to play this game, Mr. Gronkowski said. And an oil stick is a cube, you have to put it in the microwave, melt it – it takes too much time. You gotta play this game now, baby, so I can be like maple syrup. That’s why she kept saying it, because I can do it fast. I sneeze everywhere!

Gronkowski has been drizzling for the past two weeks because he felt more comfortable with Bruce Arian’s attack and climbed under his feet without the preseason. With his two touchdowns in the last two weeks, he finished second in the league among the short-distance teams. His ten strokes in this area are associated with Jimmy Graham’s second place in the narrow league. His 140 receiving yards have also taken second place in the league in the last two weeks, just behind George Kittle.

Meanwhile, according to ESPN/NFL’s new generation of statistics (data not available before 2017), Brady is 19 out of 27 with 384 yards and scored five touchdowns on falling tracks over the past four seasons, including playoffs, according to Gronkowski (data not available before 2017). The only duo that can connect with more attenuation is Matt Ryan and Julio Jones (20 degrees), and no duo has joined for a higher degree of completeness (at least 10 attempts). 'drizzly' -like-syrup-if.jpg

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We have not practiced much this year, simply because there are many other things we have tried, Gronkowski said. But this band simply came into being in all the years we’ve worked together. I just made my run, he placed the perfect ball so only I could get up and play, and that’s what happened. It was fun to go back to those circumstances, go further and catch a touchdown.

Brady’s 15 passes in the red touchdown zone have the best QB band in the league with Russell Wilson. For Brady, the percentage of touchdowns in the red zone of the books is 78.6%, the fourth best result in the league. The chess share in the red zone is 15.8% – the eighth place in the league – compared to 25% last year for the Bucs, who were in twentieth place.

When asked what it’s like to play with a quarterback who is known to place the ball in such a narrow space in the red zone, Gronkowski answered: That’s very good. That’s a lot of trust. You go outside and you can just play soccer. You don’t have to think about anything, and no matter where the ball is thrown, you trust Tom to be there, and you’re just going to play. It was my whole career with him. The man works hard, puts the ball where it belongs, no matter what the season. It’s just great to have a quarterback like that.

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