Benefits of a New Front Door

Front Door

A front door gives the home life.

After all, the door is the first thing people see and custom windows and doors make a vast improvement to appearance and home value. The door can tie the home’s color palette or style together, and the door can help your home stand out or blend in.

Is your front door looking a little drab? Perhaps you’ve painted and repainted the same old door, and it’s finally falling apart. While it can be hard to part with a familiar front door, replacing your door has a lot of advantages. Look at a new door as an opportunity to transform your entryway or to replace the existing setup with a more energy-efficient door system.

This guide lists three benefits of replacing your front door.

1. Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

A new front door can redefine the style of your house. From traditional paneled doors to sleek, modern doors, your personal style and the style of your home can be reflected in your front door. You can choose from a variety of door styles, and you can even add features like privacy or clear glass panels, bright colors, or decorative hardware.

Whichever style you choose, make sure your new front door complements your home. Remember, the door is the first impression of your home that visitors get. Colors, decorative glass styles, and the amount of glass all have a huge impact on how your door looks. At JFK Window & Door Co., we utilize Provia’s home design app to show you what your new door will look like on your house.

Of course, the material you choose influences the overall look of the door and the home. For example, a rustic fiberglass door complements a brick house and completes the traditional look, whereas a sleek glass door would look better on a modern home.

Whether you plan on selling your home in the near future or you just want to make your home a little more beautiful, a new door is the way to go.

2. Upgrade to a Durable Material

Entry door replacements offer around a 74 percent return on investment, depending on the material of the door. While this high ROI could be because the door adds to the home’s curb appeal, it’s also influenced by the door’s material. A common concern for homeowners buying a new door is longevity and durability, so certain materials offer a higher ROI than others.

Some of the most durable materials are:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass

Each of these materials comes with advantages and disadvantages. For example, wood is traditional and popular, but it requires a lot of maintenance. In contrast, steel is the least expensive but isn’t as durable against extreme weather. Of these options, fiberglass is perhaps the most durable, but it’s also more expensive. The biggest advantage of fiberglass? You’ll get the beauty of wood graining without the maintenance that goes along with a wood door.

As you choose a material for your entryway, you’ll have to weigh the advantages each brings. However, when you choose a durable door, you won’t be disappointed — it will last for a long time, letting you enjoy it for years to come, and will be a good investment.

3. Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Another benefit of a new door is the savings on your monthly utility bills. One way that newer doors improve the energy efficiency of your home is through their design — newer doors have more insulation.

In addition to a design that maximizes insulation, newer doors tend to have better sealing features, like weatherstripping. Cooled or heated air can exit your home through gaps between the door and floor or even between the window and window frame. Weatherstripping prevents these leaks to keep your home energy efficient.

By having a professional install your door, you can ensure that the weatherstripping and other sealing features are installed correctly and can keep your house as energy efficient as possible.

If you’re considering replacing your front door, let JFK Window & Door Co. help you with the details to find an entry door system you’ll love for years to come. We have a variety of beautiful, energy-efficient doors for you to choose from. Once you pick the perfect door, our team will install it at your home. Stop by our showroom today to browse our selection.


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