The Toronto Raptors could play their home games in New Jersey next NBA season

COWID-19 has had an enormous influence on the sports world. Within a few months, many sports have reached an impasse. And many of them returned to the game with different results and difficulties.

The biggest problem in North American sport is the border between the United States and Canada. There are several competitions with teams from both countries. And in general, it is relatively easy for these teams to move from one country to another. But the travel restrictions of KOVID-19 made everything much more complicated.

The Toronto Raptors may be temporarily moved to New Jersey

The Toronto NBA Raptors can quickly find themselves in a tricky situation.

At some point the league plans to start a new season, although the exact date is not known. He finished his last season in a bubble in Orlando, Florida. But next season, there will probably be some travel.

But there is hardly any travel between the United States and Canada at the moment. The Canadians’ favorite basketball team may therefore need to open a case in the United States. At least for a short time, although they hope to play in Canada. CBS reports that the team met with officials from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Currently the center of Prudential is the NHL team of New Jersey and the men’s basketball team of Seton Hall University.

There are several reasons why the Raptors prefer New Jersey. Like geography. Newark is relatively close to all his rivals in Raptor Division. In fact, it’s closer than Toronto.

But he’s not the only potential American host of the team. According to Yahoo, they could share a seat with another NBA team.

But there are other cities that don’t currently have an NBA team. It’s Buffalo, New York; Louisville, Kentucky; Kansas City, Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; and Tampa, Florida.

The Raptors will not be the first major sports team to temporarily settle in America. The best baseball players in the Toronto division should move to Buffalo.

The Toronto Major League Football Club did something similar in East Hartford, Connecticut. On the other hand, several American NHL teams were forced into the Canadian bubble. There should have been two bubbles in the United States and two in Canada. But a spike in confirmed cases of American COVID-19 has moved all the way north of the border.

New Jersey has a great history in the NBA

As the NBA fans probably know, New Jersey is a well-known place for this competition. Technically, it started with the American Basketball Federation team, the Americans from New Jersey. The team quickly moved to New York and changed its nickname to Network. She won two ABA championships there and eventually became a member of the NBA.

Later, the Nets went back to New Jersey.

If they had been there, they would have won the Eastern Conference championship. But since then, the trays have returned to New York and settled in Brooklyn.

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