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WINGS MILLS, that’s crazy. — In a week so difficult that Lamar Jackson believed in the paranormal, the Baltimore Ravens won a victory that many in the NFL wouldn’t remember, but those in the locker room were definitely going to win.

Baltimore’s 24-10 victory in Indianapolis on Sunday is not considered a game of statements. Instead of giving a big explanation to the rest of the competition, it was more about proving the Ravens what they are made of.

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The word that Voronov’s coach, John Harbo, used after a game in his team – borrowed from general manager Eric DeCost – was constancy.

Soon I’ll see him here, Harbau was joking.

There wasn’t much laughter in this game. In fact, it’s hard to remember when Baltimore has seen so much misery in a week.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Lamar Jackson overcame a slow start to Sunday’s game and closed the game against Dan Marino with the most wins (25) in the first 30 starts of the regular season during the Super Bowl era. AP Photo/AW Pole

Last Sunday, the Ravens lost an emotional game against bow-rivals Stilstanders and the All-Pro’s left to tackle Ronnie Stanley due to an ankle injury that ended the season. On Monday, Baltimore met his best defender, corner kicker Marlon Humphrey, who had tested COVID 19 positive and needed a 10-day quarantine. On Tuesday, the Ravens added six high-risk players to their roster, meaning half a dozen defenders will be out of practice all week.

Baltimore (6-2) responded by beating Ring (5-3) – his first victory over the team with a record number of victories this season – and came back from the break for the first time since 2016.

I just want to say that the devil worked for us this week, Jackson said, and we barely made it.

If the week was tough enough, Calais Campbell’s defence brought his left calf into the third game and never came back. Jaxom had no idea where the shot hit him from time to time, because Matt Scoura had a cut in his thumb in the middle and was bleeding. Everything you need this week
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While the defense stopped Philip Rivers and scored a 65-yard return from Chuck Clarke, Jackson had one of the worst starts. For the first time in a regular championship, Baltimore has been closed since Jackson took the starting line-up.

Despite all the difficulties, the vibrations in the changing room were positive.

We understand that we have a lot of people here who like to fight and that’s how this team was built, [and] that’s how this attack was built, said Orlando Brown Jr. who replaced Stanley in the left corner. We have a lot of men with a mentality that they will eventually have, and if they fall, they will wave.

Jackson found his rhythm in a more active attack and made all 10 passes in the second half. Cornerman Markus Peters made the interception in the third quarter, which was initially considered incomplete until Harbow made a bold move by throwing the challenge flag.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Chuck Clarke’s recovery for a touchdown, the jump began with the Ravens against Indianapolis AP Photo/AJ Mast

But above all, the crows rolled up their sleeves and went to work. In Jackson’s 9-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, the NFL MVP scored an unbeaten goal as Mark Andrews blocked George Odum’s safety 10 yards behind the field and into the end zone. In the final game Baltimore underdog Matthew Judon chased Zack Pascal’s wide receiver for 15 meters to stop him five meters closer to the end of the zone.

It’s easy to forget it was a record day for Baltimore. In most of the victories (25), Jackson lost to Dan Marino in the first 30 years of the regular season, which started during the Super Bowl. The Ravens have scored 20 points in 31 consecutive games, surpassing the 2012-14 mark set by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, the longest in NFL history.

For the Ravens, this victory was more about rudeness than glory.

I think they understood the weight of victory, Harbow said. I think they realized how difficult this victory was and they know they love it. You’ll be proud of it.

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