UK Championship 2020: Neil Robertson beats Judd Trump to win title

UK Championship 2020: Neil Robertson beats Judd Trump to win title
UK Championship 2020: Neil Robertson beats Judd Trump to win title

Neil Robertson successfully completed the Judd Trump 10-9 and won his third British Championship in an epic and unforgettable late night finale.

We expected an exciting game with high pauses and perfect control of the pool ball, but it was a tactical fight.

They divided three centuries into four frames, so that after the first session there were 4-4 frames, and there was no more than one frame between them throughout the session.

Robertson made a decision by winning it after more than an hour of fighting.

The Australian collected a trophy and a prize of £200,000 at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes for his first British championship without spectators.

Fans watching at home expected a free fashion show of two players in uniform this season, but neither came close to the top of their game and retired early Monday morning until 00:55 GMT.

Robertson told Sports: It was amazing. There were a lot of good things, and if you use the quote from Mark Williams, there was a time when it was almost so bad that it was so good because we both tried so hard.

We don’t want the frame to be that long. We like to receive film material with long breaks during a visit.

Maybe because I lost the last two finals, I tried too hard and disappointed Judd a bit. But we’re both gladiators, even without an audience; we’re both trying to win.

Robertson takes revenge

Robertson, the most successful snooker player abroad, was defeated in two finals this year, including the championship, but defeated Trump as he defeated him at the English Open in October.

This game reached to the last frame, and also this marathon of competition lasted until the end, because after an inexplicable mistake by the English in the corner, he defeated the last pink color of the 19th century.

Roberts missed the previous two draws, but he took the one that mattered the most and thus contributed to his triumphs in 2013 and 2015.

The number three of the world tournament brought his career to 19 victories in the standings, which earned him sixth place in the absolute standings with his rival Trump.

Robertson showed his skills by defeating triple world champion Mark Selby in the quarterfinals and showed another master class in the semifinals against Zhou Yuelong.

Throughout the finals Robertson was excited and he was back on his feet. From time to time Robertson dragged himself along with a selection of random shots, but in the final phase he was incredibly well under control.

He won three centuries to reach 13 in this tournament, a new record in the British Championship – exceeding the record of 12 set by Stephen Hendry in 1994 and Ronnie O’Sullivan in 2003.

added Mr. Robertson: When Judd was 9-8 years old, he took an incredible break, and as the gun gets better, the game is over – and I’ve done one of the best clean-ups of my career.

It was full of highlights, incredible mistakes and excitement. Even without the fuss, I’m sure everyone at home enjoyed it.

Bottle cap, how did the winning seriesend?

Bristol’s trump card has been in its own class since the start of last season, with a record six titles in the last quarter and two of this year’s four final titles.

The world champion of 2019 has always been a skilled potter, armed with first-class tactical play and an exceptional temperament, but it is not typical that he was short-lived in the final.

Trump said: It was an epic fight. It’s hard to accept, and I actually bottled it. I was under a lot of pressure and I ended up ruining it.

Normally I would never have missed it, but the whole length of the frame got on my nerves, as did the pressure, and I tried too hard.

It would be good for a good view, but for me it’s terrible.

The winner has his 14-game winning streak, which continues until the Champions semifinal on the 7th. November has lasted, has ended and must wait until he can win 20 or more top scorer titles as the sixth player in history.

For most of the tournament, including the finals, Trump was far from being the best destroyer and on this occasion could not find a way to cross the winline.

On Monday evening at the Scottish Open he should be back at work, although he can ask to start his campaign the next day.

Scars from leaves skipped at the head – Analysis

Six-time world champion Steve Davis in second place:

The wanderer will more easily forget the pink he missed because there is no audience. It was a surrealistic game for the whole day in the surrealistic times we live in.

That was one last granite frame. How this snooker can create these great moments over and over again.

John Parrott, 1991 World Champion:

It should be a very difficult final, because they are first class players.

It was epic, very painful for Judd with the pink that he missed at the very end in the corner, but a very good victory for Neil Robertson.

Seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry:

This is gonna hurt Judd Trump for a long time. Title passages leave scars.

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