Olympic gymnastics live updates — Suni Lee, MyKayla Skinner and Jade Carey compete in event finals

Suni Lee, MyKayla Skinner and Jade Carey competed in the all-around, beam, and floor finals of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, Brazil, over the last week. Lee competed for the first time since the 2012 Olympics, when she won a silver medal. Skinner won the silver medal in the 2012 Olympics (but won gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics) and Carey was on the 2008 Olympic team.

As one of the competitions in the gymnastics portion of the 2016 Olympics, the women’s team final featured four young women, each with very different experiences and styles of competition. Two of them, Suni Lee and MyKayla Skinner, were veteran gymnasts, and had competed at the most recent Olympics and all contributed to the USA’s gold medal victory. MyKayla Skinner came from the top spot in the event finals and held on to it during the rest of the hour, finishing with a score of 15.831.

The final day of the gymnastics competition at the 2016 Olympic Games saw a collection of incredible performances from the United States, and two-time gold medalist Gabby Douglas, as the favorites for gold, ended up falling out of the competition.

Suni Lee, the recently minted Olympic all-around champion, will compete on uneven bars for the gold medal on Sunday. The Americans have a chance, but the Tokyo Olympics final should be a fiercely fought affair.

With Simone Biles’ elimination from both the vault and bars finals on Saturday, the vault competition is now wide open, with Americans MyKayla Skinner and Jade Carey battling it out for the top spot. Yul Moldauer of the United States will participate on the floor and Alec Yoder on the pommel horse in the men’s competition.

It all kicks off at 4 a.m. ET, and we’ve got all the details down below, along with live updates.

What events are there, how do they operate, and what is the schedule?

Individual event finals begin on Sunday, and there will be a mix of men’s and women’s competitions. On each event, the best eight gymnasts from qualifying progressed, with a maximum of two per nation. The preliminary scores, on the other hand, have been removed. On Sunday, the player with the highest score wins.

Here’s the schedule — you’ll probably need some caffeine for this one:

Men’s floor at 4 a.m. ET Women’s vault at 4:45 a.m. ET Men’s pommel horse at 5:45 a.m. ET Women’s uneven bars at 6:27 a.m. ET

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Who will come out on top in each event?

Men’s floor: Israeli gymnast Artem Dolgopyat qualified first with a 15.200 score, while third-place finisher Ryu Sunghyun of South Korea scored a 15.066, which, along with the highest difficulty level (6.9), may give him the advantage if everyone hits. Yul Moldauer of the United States qualified sixth, but with the lowest difficulty score in the field, he’ll have to work hard to get on the podium.

Women’s vault: With reigning Olympic vault champion and two-time world vault champion Simone Biles withdrawing, the women’s vault competition may be tense. MyKayla Skinner of the United States will replace Biles, as she and fellow American Jade Carey matched for the greatest difficulty totals in qualifying. Both might win gold, but Skinner’s execution scores in the preliminary round were lower than Carey’s. In qualifying, Rebeca Andrade, the all-around silver medalist, scored between Carey and Skinner, and she should be regarded a favorite as well.

Men’s pommel horse: Alec Yoder, a pommel horse specialist, qualified fourth in this event, giving the Americans their best chance for an Olympic medal. However, the top three qualifiers (Chinese Taipei’s Lee Chih-kai, Ireland’s Rhys McClenaghan, and Japan’s Kohei Kameyama) all tied for first place with a 15.266, while Yoder earned a 15.200. Anyone’s gold might be found here.

Women’s uneven bars: Suni Lee finished second in the preliminary round and has a strong chance to win gold today, particularly because she didn’t execute her full difficulty that day. Unfortunately for her, she was drawn first, which is a disadvantage in terms of scoring. Keep an eye on her to see whether she is able to connect all of her early release movements. If she does, she has the group’s highest difficulty score.

Belgium’s Nina Derwael was the top qualifier, is a two-time world champion on bars and is probably Lee’s biggest threat in the event, but top to bottom, this entire lineup is stacked. Biles had qualified in the final spot; she will be replaced by France’s Melanie de Jesus dos Santos. — Amy Van Deusen

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Looks like I’ll be able to put on another tournament for Leo. I’m looking forward to competing in the vault finals. @Simone Biles is doing this for us. It’s time to leave, darling!

July 31, 2021 — MyKayla Skinner (Harmer) (@mykaylaskinner)

Could you tell me a little bit more about the Americans?

Yes, we certainly can. Suni Lee is a name you’ve undoubtedly heard of, but if you haven’t, check out this article about her amazing all-around victory on Thursday. Bonus: There’s a video of her and her father performing backflips that you must watch. Have our word for it and go take a look.

Both Jade Carey and MyKayla Skinner qualified for the Olympics as solo athletes, and both have had wild rides thus far. When the qualifying rounds, Skinner assumed her Olympic career was finished, while Carey grabbed Biles’ place in the all-around after Biles withdrew.

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