Chicago White Sox’s offseason has good start, but they shouldn’t stop now

Chicago… You should compliment the Chicago White Sox. In times of uncertainty, they did not rest on their laurels in 2020. After making the playoffs for the first time since 2008, they continued the hot plate hype this week with a few moves, swapping places with regular Lance Lynn and bringing back a former outfield team member like Adam Eaton.

Eton, in particular, considers it a glorious move, as it was sold to Washington in 2016 and took Lucas Giulito’s bait in the process. Now the White Sox have him back. Eton and Lynn both fill the gaps, but the Sox admit that they prefer flexibility to the superior talent on the market.

If all we have to spend on one position, it is clear that other needs will not be met, said Executive Director Rick Khan in a video conference on Thursday.

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In other words: With the budget the White Sox set for themselves, the team was unable to sign the best free agents, such as Trevor Bauer or Michael Brantley, and at the same time meet other needs, such as those closer to home. Lynn in the last year of her contract, while Eton signed a one-year contract. Together, they’ll only make $16 million.


There’s nothing wrong with that word, because there’s no bad business for a year. But will the White Sox really embark on this adventure if they don’t attract the best talent on the market? It all depends on the need. Lynn is the fantastic starting number three, if not better. Chicago gave up a young pitcher, Dane Dunning, to get Lynn out of Texas, which is exactly the kind of deal an organization has to make if it wants to win. The White Sox don’t need Lynn to be farmers, let alone Jolito.

This is a big advantage for them, said one of the Dutch leaders. Lynn brings them exactly what they need.

Ethan could be a different story.

Last season, the White Sox were only 21-25 points ahead of the right-handed pitcher and when the left-handed pitcher started to face them, he had an incredible 14-0 lead. Although in uniform they had their only play-off victory against Oakland A, when Jesus Luzardo started on the left, they lost the next two games – you guessed it – when the field came to the right.

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A major upgrade on the left side of the well – probably Chicago’s biggest off-season demand – was needed after Nomar Mazara failed to meet the challenge on the right side in 2020 and won the contract. Enter left-handed Eton, who was not represented in many of the top 50 free agents.

Ethan was our target for several reasons, Khann said. We wanted to improve our production on the right playing field. And we didn’t want to jeopardize the defense. Adam meets both needs.

Last season, the White Sox ranked 24th relative to the right, so Eaton’s .360 OBP career should be useful – although it’s down to .285 in the abridged 2020 season. However, he made a major contribution to the Nationals when they won the World Series 2019 and can help the Sox in some of the areas mentioned by Khann.

We believe that a healthy and productive Adam Eaton is the right field for us every day, GM said.

Ethan is fine – but only if a free agent like Kyle Schwarber or Jock Pederson goes with him. According to ESPN’s statistical and informational studies, the left-handed White Sox will go home with only 37 bats in 2020. It’s the 26th. A play in baseball. Hannah was asked if the team needed more strength on the left after signing a contract with Eton, whose career has a 0.416 ripple – almost necessary for the opponent.

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Not necessarily, Hahn replied. We have a number of internal options. Andrew Vaughn is the one we’re hoping to hack. We want to make sure Andrew gets his chance someday.

Vaughn was third in the Draft of 2019, but he didn’t play above the A-Class, and of course he couldn’t play last season because the Minor League was closed due to the pandemic. More importantly, Vaughn flies bats with his right hand. How can the White Sox get better boards on this side after an undefeated left-handed game this season? In fact, they’re definitely going to come down a bit against the left, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to improve their win rate against the right. Not without help.

Eaton’s signature is all the stranger because the White Sox has been associated with Pederson several times in recent years. According to sources familiar with the situation, Mr Pederson’s trade negotiations were nearing completion. But now that the White Sox could only get it for the money, they decided not to. Ironically, it looks like the obstacle was money.

We have the flexibility to offset this off-season and future seasons with this signature, Khann said with respect to Eaton. Yeah, maybe we can go to the top of the free agent market. Had that been the case, we wouldn’t have done other things that would have been important to complete the winning bid.

No team has ever participated in the World Series with a record defeat against the right wingers. The Sox came close enough in 2020, but the hope of continuing without any improvement on the left seems feasible. The game is won at the highest level on the left side of the baseball field and using the rubber of the playing field. Hahn agreed in principle: You can never have enough.

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The White Sox may not be at the end of their steamroller, but Khann was satisfied with their potential product against the right-wing parties. Maybe his own right-handers will come forward against the pitchers throwing that way.

It’s not something we’re going to run away from when we have the chance, but I wouldn’t say that we feel that there’s a lack of equipment right now and that we need to eliminate it, Khan said.

So what else is on the White Sox list? Closer to number one after Alex Colome robbed a free desk. According to sources in the league, the team is interested in the former A-stopper Liam Hendrix, and they need money to bet on him. Your loved ones often negotiate in the middle of the season when other teams drop out.

Hahn said you can see we’ve got the one closest to the deadline.

Which brings us back to left-handed killers. Pederson is always available. Brantley and Schwarber too. And the White Sox have an opening for a designated hitter. When they stop at Eton, they’re just as good at attacking as they are now in formation. If there’s anything else, the Sox may be on their way to a very good low season.

Stay with us,see if hahn says he’s finished with his call.

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