Roberta Joan “Jody” Fullerton 1927-2021 •

 Roberta Joan “Jody” Fullerton 1927-2021 •
 Roberta Joan “Jody” Fullerton 1927-2021 •

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Jody Fullerton was living comfortably in her Paso Robles apartment when a fall led to medical complications that ended in 2nd. January 2021 resulted in his death. She has been in excellent physical condition and good spirits for several years.

Roberta Joan Jody Fullerton (née Weiler) was born on 16. April 1927, born in the small farming town of Wanata, Indiana. While her mother worked in the big city of Chicago, her grandparents raised Jody, her older brother and younger sister. Growing up in a small town in the Midwest during the Depression left a lasting impression on Jody. She lived her life with frugality and a strong tendency to cheat, which was generally well received by her family. Jody was a bit of a tomboy in his youth and loved to play sports with his brother and friends. In the summer she swam in the local creek, and during her school years she attended a local school from grade one to twelve. She graduated in 1945 with a class of 12 students.

After high school with no job prospects in Vanathe, Jody answered the call of some friends in her hometown. In 1948, Jody boarded a train and traveled to Los Angeles, where she soon found a job as a freight elevator operator in the downtown area. In the evenings, she attended classes at Los Angeles College and studied art. As fate would have it, her future husband (and deadpan) Jack Fullerton works in the same building as the insurance salesman. After a mutual friend met them on the beach, they soon got engaged and married in 1950.

The newlyweds may be buying a new home in Burbank, California soon. In late 1951 their first child, Jessica, was born, followed by Susan in 1953, John in 1955 and Ridgely in 1957. As her family grows rapidly, Jody enjoys her role as a mother and homemaker. She participated in her children’s activities, including the Bluebirds, campfire girls, Indian guides, cub scouts, Sunday school and the school’s parent association.

In 1958, no doubt inspired by Jody’s village upbringing, the couple purchased a small cabin in the mountain community of Fraser Park, California. Together with Jack, Jody immediately began transforming the dilapidated building into a cozy retreat – a project that seemed to bring him endless joy. Encouraged by her humble childhood, Jody never made a single new purchase for the living room; every piece of furniture, decoration or appliance was either homemade or bought second-hand. When it came to buying second hand, Jodi was a pro. You could say that Jodi’s greatest passion (besides her family) was visiting flea markets and flea markets (which she called junk shops). To be fair, the trip to the Fraser Park junkyard was seen as a chance to trade up.

In 1963, the birth of their fifth child, Peter, prompted them to move to a larger home in Glendale. The move only seemed to strengthen Jody’s homemaker instincts. He and Jack continued their relentless crusade instead of buying. The projects eventually included a puppet theater, a playhouse, a two-story spaceship, a tree house, and children’s furniture, among many other projects.

When their children went off to college, Jody began to discover her love of sports when she and Jack began working as track and field officials at games throughout Southern California on the weekends. In 1990, after the five children left home and Jack retired, the couple moved to Ojai, California. There, in her new community, Jody began volunteering as a saleswoman at a local thrift store (of course). A call that brought him much joy. Jody also kept busy with her artistic interests by taking art classes and creating her own illustrations and cards.

In recent years, Jodi has moved to Paso Robles, CA to be closer to her older daughter, Jessica. Jody passed away with her children, leaving behind many wonderful creations and fond memories. Jody leaves behind five children: Jessica de Paso Robles, CA, Susan de Phoenix, AZ, John de San Gregorio, CA, Ridgely de Cambria, CA, and Peter de Reseda, CA, and grandson Will. She was preceded in death by her brother Jack, sister Pat and her loving and devoted husband Jack in 2013. A memorial service is planned for October 2021, if the pandemic permits.


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