Liver Health 101: Avoid These Foods for a Healthy Liver

If we focus on all the organs of the body, it can be noted that the liver is one organ that is working tirelessly day and night 24/7. It is that’s why very important to take good care of your liver. As it is also one of the most delicate organs of the body. If not taken care of properly, the liver can get swollen and damaged quite quickly. The major function of the liver is to filter out all the toxins that are present in the body and to digest the food properly.

According to the best liver specialist in Karachi, the human body is made up of the food that it consumes that’s why it is very important to keep a check on the options of food that you are giving your body to consume. Likewise, it is equally important to consume the options that are not very good for your liver and can cause you multiple issues. The good foods are the ones that everybody knows like greens, fruits, eggs, nuts, and dried grapes. These help the liver to nourish immensely.

Let’s just now look at the options that you should not be consuming. These include:


The first and the most impactful thing that you need to avoid for a healthy liver is the consumption of alcohol. The sensitivity of the liver to alcohol is a lot more than one can imagine. On the west side of the world the liver still endures a certain amount of alcohol but this if consumed for longer periods of time can be very damaging and should be eradicated from the daily intake of food options.

What happens actually is that when the liver tries to break down the alcohol for digestion it can damage the cells of the body, can cause inflammation in the process, and also cause fibrosis. The absorption of the nutrients is also hindered by chronic consumption of alcohol. So keep in mind that the first thing you need to quit if you want a healthy liver is alcohol.

Red Meat

It is very taxing for the liver when it comes to digesting red meat. Although it is a great source of protein breaking it down can be tough for the liver and it can cause several liver issues. If excess protein gets built up in the liver then it can result in the liver getting fatty which is a big red flag for the deterioration of health.

Just like red meat comes the egg whites, these are also very high in protein and give a tough time to the liver. If the liver is unable to break down the constant protein being fed to it, it can be a sign of a number of diseases approaching your way. These include hepatitis A, liver inflammation, and Hepatitis C.

Fast Food

Fast food including pizzas and burgers that you eat to have a good time and kill your appetite easily are very dangerous to the liver, these are highly rich in saturated fat content which can be very difficult to digest. The trans-fat content present in fast-food or fried food items can be a challenge for your body to digest. The inflammation caused by the fast food if lingers on can convert into several issues including cirrhosis.

Saturated fats if taken daily or regularly can increase the bad cholesterol in the body and don’t let the good ones stay in the body for too long.

Salted Items

Salt can be very damaging to the liver if taken again and again. It is very important to keep a check on the consumption of the amount. You need to cut down the consumption of canned food or items that are very high in sodium nutrients as this can damage the liver in mysterious ways. The processed cheese that we all love is full of salt and should be avoided at all costs. The savory snacks and the biscuits that we all consume are full of saturated fats which are very difficult to be broken down by the liver.


Liver health is very important to be taken care of as it is the guard that stands and protects the other organs from getting damaged.

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