Ex-teammate Blount claims Tom Brady more responsible for Patriots’ dynasty than Belichick'-dynasty.jpg

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently winning two games thanks to the excellent play of veteran quarterback Tom Brady. Brady, 43, scored seven touchdowns – six assists and a quick one – in his impressive victories over the Green Bay Packers and Las Vegas Raiders. The Buccaneers now lead NFC South 5-2, while Brady scored 18 touchdowns with only four shots, the equivalent of seven misses.

Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots, cannot account as the AFC center in force as they currently win 2-4 and only qualify for third place in the AFC East.

The Patriots suffered three straight defeats, including 33-6 shameful losses for the 49-year-old American from San Francisco, where they attacked only 241 yards. The starting quarterback of the Patriots, via Cam Newton, has not lived up to expectations because he has not yet shown the form with which he will earn the MVP-Cup in 2015. Newton scored 88 of 131 passes for 969 yards and two touchdowns with seven stones. Newton ranks 28th in terms of passing yards and 31st in terms of points scored.

Blount discusses the debate on Brady Beliki

With the ongoing struggle of the Patriots and the success of the Pirates with Brady as a signal force, the debate about who is responsible for the six Patriot Super Bowl titles has resumed.

As a former patriot fleeing backwards, LeGarrett Blount gave his opinion on the issue during the Tailgate episode, according to SNY’s Alex Smith report, published by Yahoo! Sports. When asked who was responsible for the patriotic dynasty, Blount sided with Brady and even apologized to Belishik for his choice, saying it was an insult.

Brady is one of those who threw the ball, Blount said, adding that coaches can call the game perfect, but the quarterback ensures that it is carried out correctly, with the defense going in his direction. I’ll stay with Brady, Blount’s tense. Brady had previously expressed the confidence that the patriots would solve all the team’s problems and get back on their feet.

Blount says Brady BRICK is.

Blount, who won two Super Bowl rings against the Patriots, also talked about Brady’s big game, calling him GOAT (the best of all) and adding that in my opinion no one is better than him. Blunt says Brady has the talent to do any litter, while his charisma and leadership skills inspire his teammates to join him. Brady’s revival in the last two games has made him one of the favourites for this season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) title, according to several sports books observed by OddsShark.com.

After the Chicago Bears’ defeat at 8:19 p.m., Brady’s chance to win the MVP trophy dropped to +3100. But his performance in the last two victories made him the fourth favorite to win the plum.

According to OddsShark.com, Brady is now favorite at +1200 and loses to Russell Wilson of Seattle Sychaux (-110), Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City (+450) and Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers (+450). Previously, several analysts had declared Brady a favorite, winning his fourth MVP trophy in a 20-year career in the NFL.

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