Fantasy baseball rankings, projections, strategy and cheat sheets

Fantasy baseball rankings, projections, strategy and cheat sheets
Fantasy baseball rankings, projections, strategy and cheat sheets

All your fantasy baseball preparations in one place! Find rankings, predictions, cheat sheets, analysis and strategies. Come back regularly to discover new content until opening day of the 2021 season. If you are playing fantasy baseball for the first time, we can recommend that you start with the basics: Playbook: How to play fantasy baseball.

Don’t have a team yet? Create or join a competition, then dive into the latest drawing materials for your chosen format.

Assessment, projections, depth charts and cheat sheet

Access hundreds of picks and player profiles by rank, position or MLB team.
Player forecasts and predictions >>

– Mass: League standings

– Cockroft: Personal category classification

– Carabell: Photo competition standings

– McDaniel: Top 50 fantasy drafts in 2021

– 2021 projections and player projections

– Project Live Results

– Hitlist Central

– Cheat Sheet: Sleepers, busts, rookies, lockers.

– The depth chart is closer

– MLB Depth Charts

– Customized money value generator

of our award-winning fantasy baseball analysts

Layout of drawings

– 10. March: H2H points

– 3. March: H2H All categories

Round tables

– Which spring training should I buy?

– What is the best approach to writing in 2021?

– Current ADP Best Values (March 9)

– Which recruit will have the biggest impact?

– 2021 Sleepers and losers

– Who should be the #6 now that Betts, Acuna, Trout, Soto, Tatis are gone?

– Prominent players who should not be drafted

– Evaluation of the most controversial projects

– What to remember about the shortened 2020 season?

– There are warriors taking four of our candidates.

by Eric Karabel

– Bold predictions for every AL team.

– Do not sign list

– List of cases

– update for a closer mid-spring rivalry

– Clever Keeper: Long-term value of league goalkeepers out of prospects

– Favorite, least favorite recruits for 2021.

– 10 things to look forward to in 2021

– Bullpen battles follow

– Spring clock : Don’t forget the Orioles.

– pitchers, hitters and Othanis at spring training.

by Tristan H. Cockcroft

– Tristan’s 20 players in the drafts…

– … and 10 for transfer to their current EPA.

– Share Watch : Mid-spring rating updates

– Kings of Command: The selection of this season

– Statscast: the statistics of spring training that matter.

– Impact of the Statscast speedometer on SB and BABIP.

– To use the custom dollar generator

by Todd Zola

– How to use ADP to know when to select players with high variability.

– What weight should be given to humidors and ball park size?

– How the sausage is projected


– Passan 2021 prediction dig gems 10 gems on Chernobyl day

– McDaniel: The next player on the list of players for each team.

-The Pitcher Performance Index: an assessment of risk factors for a pitcher’s workload.

Spring training of the clock

– 22. March: Cost of traps

– Spring clock : Houston has some issues (March 8).

– Spring clock : Don’t overlook the Orioles (March 1).

– Bullpen battles follow

– pitchers, hitters and Othanis at spring training.

– Bell out of action with injury in spring: Who is willing to contribute?

Competitions for experts

– Cockroft : Project AL LABR

– Carabell: Project NL LABR

League Corner Brill

– League standings

– Draft strategy for H2H competition points

– Pitchers are more valued in scoring leagues

– Batters to avoid in scoring leagues

Playbook : Become an expert in 9 rounds

Baseball is back, and so is fantasy! Convene a group or create a new tradition.
Become a member for free or start a competition >>
Preparation with rankings and analysis >>.

-Inning 1 : How to play fantasy baseball

-Inning 2 : League formats: What works for you?

-Inning 3 : Everything you need to know about auction drawings.

-Inning 4 : How to make the ultimate cheat sheet

-Inning 5 : Optimize your list

-Inning 6 : Nine tips

-Inning 7 : Always one step ahead of the competition trends

-Inning 8 : Use advanced statistics to get ahead

-Inning 9 : Control of the 2021 player group

for Dynasty Leaguer

– Dynasty Top 300

– Cockroft : Dynasty watches in stock

– Carabell : I just won in a fantasy baseball dynasty league.

– McDaniel: Top 50 fantasy drafts in 2021

– Sneaky Carabela Guards: An outside look at the long-term value of the league’s goalies.

Fantasy Focus Baseball Latest Podcasts

HEARZU… : 22. March: The trappers, the warriors of Toot.

Eric Carabell doesn’t understand why fantasy managers want to invest in traps (2:25) … Not at all. He and Tristan Cockcroft discuss the pitcher they both drafted in ALL this weekend (10:15), Dodger pitchers (15:05), the value of a demoted prospect (16:40), and their interest in pitchers who have been hit by a pitch (17:15). For Hashbrowns/Trivia, they also identify an underrated player on a playoff team (19:25).

LISTEN: 12. March: The process behind the ESPN projection

Todd Zola joins the show to discuss his projection process (1:42) before explaining the difference between rating and projection (8:42). He also talks about the impact of spring training on his final projection for the season (13:12) and the top three lessons he learned from his process (15:12). Eric and Tristan discuss recent injuries to pitchers (28:20) and answer your preseason questions (29:55)!

HEARING: 1. March: Which newcomers are ready for production?

Eric talks to MLB expert Kiley McDaniel about when we’ll get to see Vander Franco this season (1:00), whether Randy Arozarena is a star in the making (2:10), and what other prospects we should keep an eye on in 2021. AJ Mass joins Eric to talk about the importance of spring training (16:30), what the league standings make of them (19:00), the value of worrying about the catcher position early (27:21), and whether Jacob DeGrom should be left behind in dynasty leagues (35:25).

In case you missed it: Baseball podcasts in the Fantasy Focus archive

of the archives:

Starting in 2020: The Dynasty League Strategy: How do you build a sustainable challenger?

– of 2020 Dos and Don’ts Carabella.

– From 2020 How to intimidate an employee like a pro.

– Off 2020 The lost art of shadow spotting

– From 2020 How to optimize your list of stolen bases

-The enduring legacy of 2020 Fantasy Baseball.

-From 2020, Matthew Berry’s untold stories of 40 years of fantasy baseball…..

-From 2020, GOAT will celebrate 40 years of fantasy baseball.

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