Xbox Game Pass will not come to Nintendo Switch or PS5 says Microsoft

While Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is an interesting concept it seems that Microsoft is not quite ready for the next step. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for indie games, which are typically not available on other platforms. The service also gives subscribers access to the first 30 days of purchases of new games. However, according to Microsoft the service is not designed for Nintendo Switch or Playstation 5.

Microsoft is looking to expand Xbox Game Pass to more platforms: not just Xbox, but eventually Amazon and Google’s streaming platforms as well. But in a recent interview with VentureBeat , Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that he does not see Xbox Game Pass coming to Nintendo’s current or rumored next-generation hardware (Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5).

Microsoft’s next generation console, the Xbox One X, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.. Read more about xbox pc game pass and let us know what you think.

Nintendo Switch with Xbox Game Pass

This will not take place. (Photo credit: Metro)

Despite continuing rumors regarding Nintendo, Phil Spencer has said that he does not anticipate Xbox Game Pass to be available on any “closed system.”

For the past several years, the relationship between Microsoft and Sony’s gaming divisions has been reasonably amicable, but the notion that Xbox Game Pass might ever come on a PlayStation system has always sounded ridiculous – even if some have hinted at it.

Microsoft, on the other hand, gets along much better with Nintendo (definitely better than Sony), and there have long been rumors that they are working on a deal to get Game Pass on Switch, particularly if their streaming service becomes popular.

Recent reports even indicate that Microsoft has had covert discussions with Nintendo — about unknown topics – but Xbox chief Phil Spencer has confirmed that Game Pass will never be available on a competitor system in a recent interview.

‘Right now, we have no intentions to extend it [Game Pass] to any other type of closed platforms, mostly because those closed platforms don’t want anything like Game Pass,’ Spencer told GamesRadar.

‘There are a lot of open platforms for us to expand on, including the web, PC, and mobile. So, to be honest, our whole emphasis is on those platforms.’

Microsoft has been pushing to get Game Pass operating on smart TVs and essentially any internet device that isn’t a games console, but he didn’t mention it in this case.

‘This isn’t meant to be a criticism on anybody else who has a method that works for them. I can understand why Game Pass interruption isn’t something they want right now,’ he said.

‘At the end of the day, when we say we want everyone to be able to play on Xbox, we truly mean that if we can deliver that entire experience to a device that people desire, we are completely open to those conversations.’

News about games:

Given the way Microsoft and Nintendo have collaborated on Super Smash Bros. and first-party games like Minecraft and Ori, as well as the fact that their exclusive lineups are so different, Nintendo seems to be a more probable partner than Sony.

Spencer commented on Game Pass on the Switch, saying, “You know, evolution usually takes time.”

‘Various businesses have different capabilities that they have developed through hard effort, and some of these developments may be detrimental to them. And they’ll have their own business rhythm and speed when it comes to making those adjustments.’


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