DWTS Pro & Significant Other are Headed for Couple’s Therapy

Dancing with the stars

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This season of Dancing with the Stars was full of drama and ended only halfway. A professional dancer announced that at the end of the season he will immediately start family therapy.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Artem Chigvintsev’s fiancée, Nikki Bell, talked about their relationship and said they were planning family therapy.

I’d be lying if I said Oh, that’s great, she says. It really was a fight for us. It’s hard. We have so many ups and downs. It was so difficult for our relationship because I needed him so much, but he was a little torn between his work, which requires so much from him, and our home.

Bella says she and Chygwintzew need to work on their relationship

Bella also said she suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her son Matteo, who was born in July 2020. This led his twin sister to go to Chygvintsev and tell him that his fiancé needed more than what he had given her at the time.

I just told him: I need more attention from you, and that’s what we’ve been working on, and it’s getting better, the Total Beauties star told the weekly. Artem and I had excellent communication, but it was missing, but that’s what made us so strong in our relationship [in the past].

She said that she and her fiancé made a pact that they would go to family therapy after the Dancing with the Stars season.

It’s with our life coach, she says. After the dance the two of us start because we realized that we both feel like we’re not listening to each other.

Both agreed that Bella said they needed outside help.

Bella and Chygvintsev are getting married in 2021

Bella and Chygwinzev are engaged. They had previously planned to get married in Los Angeles, but have since moved the wedding venue to another one, Bella Hollywood said. She also stated that she thought they would get married later in 2021 than they originally wanted.

Actually, we’re moving the wedding from Los Angeles to another location, she said on the way out. I’m not sure I can tell you where, but I definitely have plans. The only thing we want to be sure of is that we don’t have to wear masks at the wedding.

She shared the view that the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic was one of the reasons why her plans were still in an uncertain state.

It’s so hard not to feel depressed sometimes because you know, for example, how long we’ve been stuck. who shared it. I want to make sure the world is so clean. On my wedding day, I just want to have a big party. I want to throw a party. I want everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

They plan to celebrate their marriage after it is safe, preferably without masks and without any restrictions. Bella told the base that she understood she could move her date to 2022.

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