How to Choose the Right Gaming Keyboard?

Once you have bought a PC, a keyboard will also come with it. now, it may be enough for normal stuff including but not limited to writing essays or even emails. However, if you are planning on playing some professional gaming then, you will need a proper gaming keyboard, which means that you will need better equipment which can long last.

So, what distinguishes a gaming keyboard from others? Is it the hyper-futuristic designs and flashing lights? These characteristics may distinguish a keyboard, but they offer little to improve your experience. Instead, let us concentrate on the elements that will have an immediate influence on your gaming experience. Furthermore, there are a lot of different websites including but not limited to What in PC, from where you can get the best gaming keyboards. Nevertheless, here are some of the best as well as important tips on how to choose the right gaming keyboard.


Price is the last, and arguably most crucial, consideration. Prices for keyboards can range from $30 to $200. While “you get what you pay for” is generally accurate, do not be fooled by flashy marketing. A keyboard that costs $100 can function just as well as one that costs twice as much. While $100 may seem steep for a gaming keyboard, keep in mind that you are getting high-quality, high-performance gear that will last for years.


Almost all gaming keyboards have backlighting, ranging from single colour to full RGB. The brightness of single colour illuminated keyboards may be adjusted, but there is not much else. There is no doubting that a comprehensive setup with coordinated lighting across all devices looks far more stunning. If you have a blue PC case and mouse, as well as a blue desktop wallpaper, you will require a blue keyboard. An RGB keyboard is the way to go if you prefer to change things up. While a full set of illuminating accessories will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your setup, illumination can also improve your in-game experience. In games including but not limited to DotA 2 as well as CS:GO can allow dynamic lighting. Set your keyboard to change colours when your respawn timer rings if you are the kind that loves to tab out between deaths. Are you terrible at keeping track of cooldowns? Yes, you can use timed illumination alerts to keep track of those.

Customization of macros and software

Any key on a gaming keyboard may be reprogrammed to perform a different purpose. You may record a full series of keystrokes and mouse actions with the bundled software. This comes in handy when you want to activate many talents or abilities with a single tap. Some gaming keyboards even include dedicated macro keys that are not allocated to anything else. A macro key may be assigned to start Steam or Discord, execute an absurdly complicated combination on cooldown, or load a game-specific profile with all of your favourite presets, for example.

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