College softball – Vote for the best Women’s College World Series team of all time

The best college softball teams in the world have been selected and the best teams will play in the most anticipated college softball tournament of all time. Vote for your favorite team in our contest to win a CBS Sports prize pack.

The season is finally here, and the NCAA softball tournament is in full swing. This year’s College World Series (CWS) features the best of the best. At stake is the honor of being crowned the greatest softball team of all time.

It’s no secret that softball has been a women’s game for a very long time. However, in recent years, the softball game has exploded onto the collegiate scene, with teams now competing in the NCAA and professional leagues such as the Women’s Professional Softball League. This has been great for the game, but it has also affected softball’s presence in the Women’s College World Series.. Read more about college softball world series and let us know what you think.3 June 2021 word-image-7289 ESPN Staff The Women’s College World Series returns for the first time since 2019, as last season’s tournament was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But which is the best team that won it all? We’ve picked the eight best championship teams of all time, and we want you to vote for the best team of all time. Voting in the first round will continue until Friday. word-image-2608 1994 Arizona Wildcats Arizona’s dynasty of five women’s soccer titles in seven years may have peaked at the No. 3 championship. The Wildcats recorded 64 wins and three losses (the second-highest winning percentage in Division I history), had a winning streak of 31 games, a plus-427 winning percentage on the season and outscored opponents 38-2 in the postseason. The Pac-10 Player of the Year, Susie Parra, had 33 wins and 1 loss with a 1.04 ERA and 244 strikeouts. Arizona’s team was also heterogeneous from top to bottom. Shortstop Laura Espinoza hit 30 home runs, which was a Division I record at the time, and led the Wildcats with 95 RBIs and an .887 slugging percentage. Her batting average of .392 ranks fifth behind catcher and Pac-10 Rookie of the Year Leah Braatz (.397 AVG, 18 HR, 75 RBI), outfielder Leah O’Brien-Amico (.416 BA, .542 SLG), second baseman Jenny Dalton-Hill (.434 AVG, 16 HR, 91 RBI) and first baseman Amy Chelevold (.504 AVG, 32 SB, 88 R). word-image-2609 2015 Florida Gators In 2015, the Gators lost Hannah Rogers, who helped lead Florida to the WCWS title in 2014, and were still without three-time NFCA All-American and career strikeout-leader Kelly Barnhill. It doesn’t matter. Lauren Hager, Aleshia Ocasio and Delanie Gourley have dominated their opponents all season, especially when it counts. The Gators went 10-1 in the NCAA Tournament with a 60-7 record, outscoring their opponents 43-8 and notching six shutouts. Ocasio helped fill Rogers’ void in his first season, with an 18-3 record, 2.58 ERA and 155 strikeouts. In year two, Gourley brought his ERA down from 3.43 to 2.73 and improved his strikeout rate from 8.3K/7 to 9.3K/7. Hager went 32-2 with a 1.58 ERA at the circle and batted .348 with 19 home runs and 71 RBI before being named National College Player of the Year. word-image-2610 2013 Oklahoma Sooners Oklahoma ended a 13-year drought and began a three-game title streak in five years thanks to two-time USA Softball Player of the Year Kaylani Ricketts and sophomore Lauren Chamberlain. The Suners averaged 1.16 and 7.8 points per game this year, which was the best in Division I, and they won the first game of the championship series against Tennessee, which coach Patty Gasso called the best game I’ve ever been to. Ricketts, who has a 35-1 record with a 1.23 earned run average and 16 shutouts this season, has struck out 13 batters and allowed three runs in 12 innings. Oklahoma tied the score in the bottom of the 11th inning. He evened it with a two-run home run and won the game with Chamberlain’s home run, which matched the program’s record set last year. The next night, Ricketts hit a three-run home run and Michelle Gascoyne struck out three, striking out 12. word-image-2611 1999 UCLA Bruins En route to the championship, the Bruins set records for home runs (95), total runs scored (429) and wins (63). They have four NFCA All-Americans on the first team, including Courtney Dale, who set Lisa Fernandez’s season record with a 33-1 record and 0.98 ERA and was named Pac-10 Pitcher of the Year, while Amanda Freed was 27-4 with a 0.96 ERA and also hit .357 with 21 RBI. Outfielder Kristi Ambrosi hit 103 home runs with a Division I record of 429, and legendary catcher Stacey Nouwman hit 31 home runs, the second most in Division I history at the time. But it was Julie Adams who was voted best player of the tournament. The third baseman hit 565 runs with four home runs and 15 RBI in eight games, in which UCLA outscored its opponents 47-10. word-image-2612 2001 Arizona Wildcats Of course, the long ball was crucial to Arizona’s success. In that time, the Wildcats hit 126 home runs – NFCA First Teamers Toni Mascarenhas and Lenea Manuma combined to hit 44. Lauren Bauer also led the team in batting average (.426), hits (104), runs scored (81) and stolen bases (38). But it was Jenny Finch who had the absolute upper hand. It wasn’t just the fact that she went 32-0, breaking not only Lisa Fernandez’s previous record for most undefeated wins in a season in Division I history, but also the 60 consecutive wins from April 2000 to April 2002. Added to his 0.54 ERA and 279 strikeouts. She was named National Player of the Year and Most Outstanding Player after striking out four in the WCWS championship game, confirming her status as a college softball and Arizona legend. word-image-2613 1992 UCLA Bruins This is the third time Lisa Fernandez’s name has been mentioned, but it’s only the first time she’s been on the team here. It just goes to show how many talented teams there are since the Bruins became 54-2 in 1992 and won their seventh WCWS title, their fourth in five seasons. UCLA has won all seven games in the NCAA Tournament, outscoring opponents 39-3, and Fernandez is the main reason. She allowed just four earned runs in 196 1/3 innings and posted an ERA of 0.14, the sixth-best ERA in Division I history and a mark unmatched by anyone in nearly three decades. At the time, their 29-0 record was the highest number of wins without a loss in a season. While Fernandez hit .401, Yvonne Gutierrez also shined. She led Division I with 11 home runs and a .406 batting average. word-image-2614 2005 Michigan Wolverines The WCWS trophy was never farther east than College Station, Texas, and never farther north than Berkeley, California, until Michigan won the WCWS in 2005. Even legendary UCLA coach Sue Enquist, whose Bruins lost to the Wolverines in the championship game, said: I know it’s good for softball when a team other than UCLA wins. It was not an easy road for the Wolverines, who lost the first game of the championship match before winning the second game 5-2 and the third game 4-1 in a 10-minute thriller. Jenny Ritter, who won 38-4 with a 0.92 ERA and 417 strikeouts in 288 2/3 innings, carried them. She allowed only two runs (one earned) in a 5-2 win in game two and in the third, she got out of trouble in the ninth inning with a basesloaded walk and two strikeouts. For example, Samantha Findlay, the WCWS’ Most Outstanding Player and Big Ten Rookie of the Year, hit a three-run home run with two outs, one of the most iconic in WCWS history. word-image-2615 2008 Arizona State Sun Devils The Sun Devils’ offense was so potent in 2008 that most of the records set by the program – 480 runs, 611 hits, 99 home runs, a .439 on-base percentage – still stand. They have shot 356 more pucks than their opponents this season, and their 11-0 win over Texas A&M in the championship game is the most wins in a championship game. From the first through the ninth inning, they are a threat, said ace Katie Burkhart, who has won 41 games, has a 0.75 ERA and has struck out 513 batters. Whether it’s Caitlin Cochran, whose .439 batting average is the third-best in program history, Mindy Cowles, who hit 18 home runs, freshman Krista Donnenwirth, who ranks second in the NCAA with 74 RBIs, or Jackie Vasquez, whose 87 hits are the second-best in program history for this season. The Sun Devils were strong.VOTE FOR THE BEST WOMEN’S COLLEGE WORLD SERIES TEAM OF ALL TIME! The Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City will be a five-day extravaganza of collegiate softball. It’s March Madness for our girl-ballers. This is the place where dreams are made and broken. This is where the best of the best will battle for national supremacy. The WCWS has long been the pinnacle of the collegiate softball season, but this year’s field of talent is unrivaled.. Read more about alabama softball and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best women’s softball player of all time?

With less than a week of the best Women’s College World Series starting, it is time to pick a team to represent the USA this summer. The USA Softball team has been around since 1972, so I would assume that they have seen at least one great pitcher come through the ranks. But who has been the best pitcher over the years? It seems like there has been many great pitchers over the years, so I cannot just pick one. Softball is a sport that has always been low-scoring and close. In fact, since the beginning of the College Softball World Series, the average margin of victory is just over 3.5 runs. That means for every 10 runs scored, 9 will end in a tie. But that’s not to say it’s been a lackluster women’s sport. In fact, the best teams are still the best teams. So, who is the best of all-time?

Who won the Women’s College Softball World Series?

The 2017 Women’s College Softball World Series (WCWS) was held from June 15 to 21 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is the 30th edition of the WCWS and only the third since 2005, when the tournament was revived. The Women’s College World Series is a softball tournament contested between eight of the top NCAA Division I softball teams. The teams are determined by a process of elimination that begins with a regional tournament. The NCAA allows only a maximum of 16 teams to enter the NCAA Women’s College World Series.

Who is the Number 1 college softball team?

The number one college softball team of all time probably wasn’t the same as the number one college softball team of any year. Questions like which college softball team was the best ever are hard to answer, since factors like the level of competition, the level of talent, recruiting, and so on can affect the results. The NCAA women’s softball championship is set to begin this week with eight teams currently in the running to be crowned the best team of all time. It is not surprising that the teams all come from the east coast, as the competition is tended to be fierce in the east, and often there is not as much parity among teams in the west.

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