Joker Just Helped Batman Out in a Profound Way

The rivalry between Batman and the Joker has been defined, explored, redefined and reconsidered in decades of DC Comics stories, TV series, movies and more. Sometimes the Joker lets Batman go through a complicated puzzle or a maze of death and madness for fun; sometimes the Joker tries to penetrate deep into Batman’s heart and/or psyche by doing something personal and angry to push the Dark Knight on the edge. However, we’ll never really see the Joker unleashing its characteristic chaos in Batman’s favour – but at the end of Batman: Three jokers, come on!

Careful, Batman: Follow Three Joker Major Spoilers!

In Batman: The three jokers 3, the two other jokers – Criminals and Comedian – first execute a brilliant plan: Take Batman back to the cinema where his parents were killed by thief Joe Chill to face the army of zombie jokers. Batman goes with reinforcements – Little Red Riding Hood and Batman Girl – and takes charge of the two Jokers and their accomplices with the Batman family.

In the special film the Jokers made for Batman, the bad guys are shown together with Joe Chill as hostages. As Batman makes his way to the culprit, a crazy organizer reveals the purpose of his plan: To make Joe Chill a new Joker. For the perpetrator, the idea that Batman must confront the Joker who killed his parents (because he knows Bruce Wayne’s identity) is crucial. The jokers force Batman to save Joe Chill – which, of course, is a serious conclusion for the hero.

After rescuing Chill, comes a time when Batman faces his own demons and the temptation to take revenge and finds himself facing a crook. But Joe Chill had nothing to do with the gangster who killed Wayne: He dies of cancer, repents, and Batman discovers that for years he wrote unsent letters to Bruce Wayne and asked for redemption. Chill, standing in front of the Dark Knight, confesses to killing Wayne and is ready for his karma. But when the collapsed wall almost fell on Chill, Batman finally saved him and even reacted. Thanks Chill for nothing.

In the end the Joker is loyal and is killed by the comedian who turns out to be the real Joker. By talking to Batman, the comedian shows that he has always known Bruce’s identity and that the goal of Three Jokers and the final, Joe Chill, was to give Batman a dose of twisted Joker brand therapy. When Batman asks what it’s about, the comedian answers:

This isn’t a joke, Batman. There is no definitive reversal. Not until I decide to put my hand on the knife in your heart… It’s not the Joker that’s broken. It was Batman. A broken frying pan more than anything I could do to you… You saved the man who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. Who sent Gotham – and you – into the gutter of despair? You’ve seen the sad old bag of Chill’s. You felt his pain, and it relieved you. Heh. I healed your biggest wound.

Before you think the Joker’s getting too sensitive to Batman, let’s get this straight: This sociopathic version of The Joker (based on Alan Moore’s Killing Joke) was not interested in Batman: He was jealous. All the Joker really wants right now is for me to be your biggest pain. Я !… I’m gonna twist this knife until we both die together.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Batman: Three Jokers are sold at DC Comics.

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