Warriors Could Land Paul George In A Blockbuster Three-Team Trade – (via )

Paul George has been doing himself no favors for the past two years. Although PG13 was called a multiple star by all stars, it was largely inconsistent, especially in the post-seasonal period.

His last job in Los Angeles ended heartbreakingly, and the NBA community blamed him.

When the Clippers enter the critical off-season, they’ll have to decide who to let go – and that could be George.

Fortunately, the market is still big enough for LA Swingman and Clippers should have no trouble finding a suitable company.

In one of the proposed scenarios for the exchange of three teams from the NBA Analytical Network, PG turns to the Warriors for Chris Paul’s package, General Choice Number 2 in the NBA 2020 project and the first step in 2022. Thunder will receive Andrew Wiggins and Kevon Lowney in the first round in 2021 and the second round in 2020.

After just one season with the Clippers, there’s resentment. George, hoping to continue the dynasty, will form another big three at Gold State.

Andrew Wiggins will be with us in low season. In addition to the general second choice, Warriors should be able to land a player with a big name or a large number of characters for the coming season.

While the Warriors will once again enjoy building a powerful super team, the Clippers will take a man in Chris Paul who could be the man they need to take them to the top.

The Clippers brought Paul George and Kavi Leonard to town hoping to win the championship. She failed her first year. In the years 2020-2021, if the Clippers keep the group together, they will be competitors again. They clearly needed a leadership position.

This deal brings Chris Paul to Los Angeles, and he’s extremely fascinating with Leonard. The Clippers would also choose number 2 to add an elite perspective, but Paul is the short term answer the team needs. Leonard is the cornerstone of this team, and Paul is the future Hall of Famer who knows how to be a Floor General.

At OKC they recruited a few young players and decided to continue their advance.

The return won’t be great because of the money Paul owes. Next season it will rise by $41 million, and in 2021-2022 – by $44 million. Oklahoma City would end up with Wiggins, who’s been looking for a stable home since he joined the league.

Lunie is a good young player with two concept possibilities. In the coming years, Thunder will be loaded with gross capital, and there will be much more. The restoration must be based on a drawing, and if Wiggins can do it in series.

Thus – Clippers, Warriors and Warriors – each of them receives assets and players who can help him in his current situation.

Chris Paul’s return to the Clippers would be welcome, and his personality as a general and playmaker might be more suitable for Kauha Leonard.

Andrew Wiggins still has excellent potential and this will only improve their future prospects. With Shai, Adams and a huge stock of traction stones, Thunder is undergoing a long and successful recovery operation.

Of course, Paul George would potentially add to an already deadly list in the Golden State. The combined forces of Steph Curry, Clay Thompson, Dramond Greene and Paul George would have been hard to stop.

But it remains to be seen whether this case with Cinderalla is closer to reality or fantasy. It’s going to be a quick out-of-season break, to say the least.

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