Brady gives words of inspiration to WFT’s quarterbacks; TB12, Brees to make history anew

After the 31-23 win over Washington, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady spoke with rookie Chase Young, who called the veteran quarterback on Saturday before the Wild Card game in London. In a micro video Brady shared with, the veteran quarterback also chatted with his Washington football colleague, Alex Smith, after the game. Smith was supposed to play the Wild Card game, but his calf injury suffered on the 13th. December against the San Francisco 49ers did not heal in time, forcing the football team to call on Taylor Heinicke, who was signed as a free agent at the last minute.

Brady spoke with Smithafter the win.

Although Smith did not start the game against the Buccaneers, Brady sent a strong and encouraging message to his old teammate, the quarterback, after the game. I’m so proud of you, brother, that Brady was heard to tell Smith, according to Scott Davis of You’re great, you know that? You’re an inspiration to us all, Brady added, telling Smith he’s there for him if he needs anything. Although he missed the Buccaneers game, Smith is a serious contender for the Player of the Year award. In 2018, Smith suffered a horrific leg injury that required 17 surgeries. The injury nearly resulted in Smith’s death, as doctors considered amputating the quarterback’s leg. But Smith defied all odds when he won the position as Dwayne Haskins’ replacement.

While Haskins was on the bench, Smith returned to his former starting role and played eight games in the regular season, throwing for 1,582 yards, six touchdowns and eight steals.

Heinicke shares Brady’s advice

Heinicke, for his part, stepped in without Smith, throwing in a 306-yard touchdown with an interception and running the ball six times for 46 yards and a score as he nearly led the Washington football team to a surprise victory over the Buccaneers.

After the game, Heinicke said he had a chance to speak with Brady, who praised his performance and gave him some advice.

Probably the best quarterback in the game. It’s a great experience. He just told me I played a great game and showed a lot of bite, Heinicke said, according to Jordan Giorgio of NBC Sports. And to keep working.

Again, that’s pretty impressive of him. Few people get the chance to experience this, Mr. Heinicke added, noting that it is always nice to talk to a future member of the Chamber. Heinicke was lucky enough to be in the same room with Brady after being called up by the New England Patriots as part of their coaching staff in 2017.

Brady, Brees, key.

The Pirates and the New Orleans Saints are playing for the third time this season. In his first two games, Brady and Saints quarterback Drew Brees made history by becoming the oldest quarterback in NFL history with a combined age of 84. However, they will have a chance to rewrite history when they meet on Sunday, as Brees turns 42 on Friday. That means their combined age will be 85 on Sunday, a new record according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

On Monday, Brady made fun of her age and Bree’s on Twitter.

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