Donald Trump’s ‘dictator moves’ spark growing alarm as he denies election defeat

We don’t see anything slowing us down, honestly, Biden said.

According to forecasts by CNN and other major news agencies, the President-elect has already passed the necessary 270-vote threshold and has a chance to reach the total trump vote in the 2016 elections – 306, given his leadership position in Georgia and Arizona.

And other false accusations and conspiracy theories put forward by Trump supporters, alleging that the election fraud the day after Attorney General William Barr conducted a political battle to advise prosecutors to investigate major fraud cases.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has denied the rumors that the ballots were thrown for the dead.

But Trump’s team has plunged into a strange parallel universe – a universe in which the president has already been given a second term – in keeping with the embrace of disinformation and alternative facts that has shaped the past four years.

Pompeo uses a platform to make election fraud claims

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The government’s contempt for the government took an even more ridiculous turn on Tuesday when State Secretary Mike Pompeo showed his loyalty to a leader who shows no sign of working on important issues – including the pandemic, which has now landed more Americans in hospitals than ever before.

There will be a smooth transition to the second trump policy, Pompeo said. To the question whether Trump’s refusal to undermine the traditional American criticism of corrupt elections abroad was a concession, Pompeo answered the journalist: This is ridiculous. And you know it’s ridiculous, and you asked because it’s ridiculous. It was not until Monday that Pompeo issued a statement warning about the electoral problems in Myanmar, which for a long time was ruled by the army and underwent a difficult transition to semi-democracy, where dissidents once regarded the United States as a tenant.

In Wilmington, Delaware, the elected president categorically refused to pour oil on the fire, rejected the idea that he should take legal action to release transitional funds, and made it clear that he was convinced that the takeover process would eventually work by itself.

He described Mr Trump’s behaviour since election day as shameful, and after saying he wanted to be tactful, he added that this will not help the President’s legacy. When asked whether the Republicans would ever accept his victory, he replied: They will agree, they will agree, and with half a smile they suggested that the senators of the SOE were slightly surprised by the president.

Biden, once known as a windy crowd, shows the American people a new face. He chose his words with clear care on Tuesday and showed serenity in experiencing the change that often occurs in winning candidates when they begin to carry the weight of the presidency after winning the election.

Cleaning of the Pentagon

The trump card, on the other hand, obscures the instruments of American democracy by refusing to give in and making the country more vulnerable to reprisals that threaten to weaken essential national security institutions.

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Following the resignation of Defence Minister Mark Esper, who had put constitutional loyalty to the president above his hat, three other senior Pentagon officials were sacked or resigned. Among them is department head James Anderson, who has resigned and will be replaced by retired brigadier general Anthony Tata, who was nominated earlier this summer after CNN had made numerous Islamophobic and insulting statements in the past.

Sources told Barbara Starr and the CNN Pentagon team that the dismissals could be motivated by the exclusion of Esper and his team from Afghanistan, which must take place before the conditions on the ground are met, as well as other unresolved security issues.

It’s frightening, it’s very disturbing, one of the defense representatives told CNN. These are dictatorial movements.

A controversial transfer of power could pave the way for American opponents, especially if there is a perception abroad that the national security infrastructure is confused. Trump then could his anger against CIA director Gina Haspel and FBI director Christopher Uray, CNN’s Jake Tapper said. Connecticut-based Democratic Senator Chris Murphy told CNN International on Tuesday that he fears the United States is entering a dangerous phase.

I think (Trump) will mainly be derived from world events and national security, Murphy said. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Pompeo’s comments on the Trump’s transition were crazy.

I think it has undermined its credibility internationally because I think even in the US administration there are very few people who believe that, Bolton said.

Trump’s trial has great potential.

Despite Mr Trump’s allegations that his second term has been stolen, the presidential process has not yet made progress in its efforts to uncover massive fraud. This trick increasingly resembles a political event, as Trump tries to accept his defeat, while Republican senators, afraid of the president’s political basis, refuse to go ahead, especially in the context of the two second early elections in Georgia scheduled for January, which will address the issue of control over their chamber.

The already insignificant possibility of changing the course of the elections is getting smaller by the day. Biden now has 46,000 votes in Pennsylvania, 12,000 in Georgia and 14,000 in Arizona. It is unclear whether the state of the Grand Canyon has enough votes to overtake the newly elected president.

When Trump’s campaign filed a new and lengthy lawsuit in Michigan that won Biden with nearly 150,000 votes, his communications director Tim Murtaugh said: We truly believe that President Trump will ultimately be declared the winner of this election.

But Republican election veteran Benjamin Ginsberg said the Trump campaign, in his attempt to refute the election results, didn’t come out of nowhere.

To win trials, they must submit enough results to change the election results in each state, and in none of the trials they have nationally submitted are they close to doing that in each state, Ginsberg said on CNN’s war room.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dug in on Tuesday and insisted that Mr. McConnell. Trump had the right to file his complaints.

I think we should stop shaking hands and not pretend it’s unusual, said the recently elected Kentucky Republican.

We go through this period, and on the 20th of the month we get the chance to swear the winner in January 2021, as we have done every four years since 1793.

While many observers believe that McConnell is playing a long political game – with Georgia’s outflow and the half-yearly congressional elections in 2022 – the silence of Republican senators encourages the intransigence of the trump card.

The world has already moved to.

But while the GOP legislators are unwilling to break with the president, many world leaders are moving toward Biden – including those who saw themselves as ideological colleagues of the president.

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The Biden campaign has issued statements calling on the President-elect to address the leaders of France, Germany and Ireland. Biden also met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose populist tendencies fit Trump well. Johnson promised to work with Biden after the 19th century November.

Even Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who had a relationship with Trump in connection with the general trends of the security forces, sent a public message congratulating Biden on his electoral success. And King Salman of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has a close and contradictory relationship with Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kouchner, sent a telegram to Biden to congratulate him on His Excellency’s victory in the presidential elections.

Biden said he had a simple message for all world leaders: I’ll let him know America’s back.

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