Shang-Chi Actor Simu Liu Received Great Advice From Surprising Marvel Star

Simu Liu, who plays the role of Shang-Chi in the movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, recently revealed that he received some great advice from Chris Evans, the star of the recently-released superhero blockbuster “Captain America”. Liu said, “I talked with Evans about his role as Captain America. He told me, ‘It’s your role to play, not mine.’ He said, ‘You are the one who is playing the role of a martial arts master. You can be as cool and stylish as you want and not worry about how cool and stylish I am.’”

You may not know it, but Simu Liu is a big deal. The actor, who plays the role of Shang-Chi, a genius martial arts master, in the Netflix series Iron Fist, is a burgeoning star in his own right. And it turns out, one of his biggest fans may be a superhero. Liu recently took time out of his busy schedule during the filming of the second season of Iron Fist to catch up with fellow Marvel superhero Black Panther.

Sometimes, you need to get a little help from your friends—either you’re just not sure of where to go to get a job, or you’ve got some advice to ask, or you’re just a little stuck in life. And then there’s the people who are on TV, in movies, or performing on stage and need to be recognized.



One surprising Marvel star has some advice for Simu Liu ahead of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The MCU actor talked to Variety on the red carpet premiere of Jungle Cruise. Now, a lot of superheroes could have given the Kim’s Convenience star some pointers, but none other than Loki himself stepped up to the plate. That’s right, Tom Hiddleston had some words of wisdom for the newest member of Marvel’s wild world. In some ways, the Thor series stand out is the perfect welcome wagon for the MCU experience. He’s been here from the early days of this franchise and knows how much of a spotlight you carry playing these characters on a screen. For Liu, he felt the same way about Hiddleston’s advice and was trying to soak it all in and enjoy the moment. His movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will be out before this year comes to a close. Once that film releases, that will be the end of life as he once knew it. But, there are benefits to being one of the most visible actors in Hollywood.

Simu Liu discusses his preparations for Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,’ as well as the guidance Tom Hiddleston offered him at Comic-Con.

July 25, 2021 — Variety (@Variety)

“Yeah, a smidgeononononononononononononononononon “The day I was revealed at Comic-Con, I had a great discussion with Tom Hiddleston,” he said. “And he was incredible. He was a wonderful human being. The kind of person that tells you to “just get your mind straight.” ‘You have to enjoy it,’ he said. You simply have to accept the good along with the else. Accept that if you go on vacation to some strange island, people will know where you’re from. Because Marvel movies are so far-reaching and all-encompassing.’ There’s something very lovely about it, but it comes with a new way of life that you’ll have to get used to. But I’m ecstatic that everyone has been so kind. So far, it’s been a warm welcome. It’s like though I’m joining a lovely family.”

“I believe I’m as ready as one can be,” Liu remarked when asked whether he was ready for the job of being in the MCU. The past several years have been very lucky for me. I’ve been a guest on Kim’s Convenience, which is a fantastic program. We’ve been around for a while. I’ve walked on a few rugs and such. Of course, everything pales in comparison to what is ahead.”

Earlier this year, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige discussed the studio’s attempts to really embrace diversity.

“Every time we create a film, we hope it will be successful so that we can make another. That’s always the plan, isn’t it? “Feige grew in size. “And with those two films in particular, Black Panther and Captain Marvel, we wanted to continue presenting comic-book characters that reflect the globe that comes to watch our films. As a result, it was always our goal to do so. What’s wonderful is that both of those films were such box office successes that they answered any remaining questions, and I hope — and believe — that they encouraged other businesses across the globe to do the same and create those various kinds of tales.”

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