Ole Miss Rebels coach Lane Kiffin preaching accountability to team after losing 30 pounds in offseason

Lane Kiffin is the coach of the Ole Miss Rebels football team and is known to be a man who tries to act tough and play tough. This is the guy you want to be in a tough situation. But there are some people who are more delicate, and Kiffin is one of them.

Ole Miss Rebels coach Lane Kiffin isn’t the type to hide his body goals. Kiffin showed off his trim physique last week at his first spring camp, which again seemed to contradict the notion that NFL vets tend to gain a few pounds during the offseason.

We’ve all seen the high school kids who eat nothing but Twinkies and chips during the summer and then gain all their weight back during the school year. What if the same thing happened on the college level? That was the question that Ole Miss head coach, Lane Kiffin, posed to his Rebels teammates during spring practice. The result was a team-wide weight loss of 30 pounds, with nearly a dozen Rebel players dropping significantly more than others. Kiffin has his players on a mission to stay in shape heading into the fall, and recently held a team meeting to discuss what accountability means to them.

Lane Kiffin had a confession to make when coach spoke with his players Saturday night before Ole Miss’ first preseason session on Sunday.

Kiffin, who has lost more than 30 pounds since the conclusion of last season, said it was hypocritical to expect his players to be more dedicated to taking care of their health when he himself was overweight.

“I saw a photo of myself in a bowl game last year and told the players I looked like an anaconda that had eaten a deer and the buck got caught in its neck,” Kiffin joked to ESPN.

The players laughed at Kiffin’s analogy, but he wanted them to know that coach was serious about the discipline that the Rebels would need to make a move this season after finishing 5-5 in Kiffin’s first season in Oxford.

“That applies to all of us, beginning with myself,” Kiffin added. “I was telling my offensive linemen and other players in postseason meetings back in January that they needed to eat better, reduce weight, and be in better condition, and I looked like a whale.”

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Kiffin’s weight reduction has motivated the whole squad, according to Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral, who threw for 3,337 yards and 29 touchdowns last season.

“We saw a significant difference in his weight,” Corral added. “He’s lost a lot of weight since January, and watching him go through that process makes us more disciplined and helps us buy into the organization’s ideals and ideas.”

Kiffin recalls seeing a photo of himself, quarterback John Rhys Plumlee, and Kiffin’s father, Monte, from last season’s Outback Bowl in Tampa.

“My father is 81 years old and still looks fantastic, and then there was me,” Kiffin joked.

So, due to a rigorous diet and fitness regimen that included Pilates and yoga, Kiffin, 46, returned to work and began jogging again. Kiffin, who stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 245 pounds, claimed he formerly weighed 245 pounds but is now closer to 210.

He claimed the teammates joked that he nearly looked ripped during the squad meeting on Saturday.

Kiffin has no intention of letting his assistant coaches off the hook either. He claimed to have taken many of them to a medical institution to have their BMIs measured. Jeff Lebby, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, was advised by the doctor that he needed to drop 88 pounds to achieve an optimum BMI.

“Come on, give him something reasonable,” Kiffin allegedly replied, to which Lebby deadpanned, “Eighty-eight pounds? That’s a 12-year-old.”

Between now and the Rebels’ Sept. 6 opening against Louisville, Kiffin said the whole staff is participating in a weight-loss challenge, with each coach putting $200 into a pool. The winner gets everything.

At least one of the heavier versions of Kiffin’s images has been taken down from the Ole Miss football complex’s walls.

“I’ve got to keep it up because when I look at myself from last season, it’s terrible,” Kiffin said. Kiffin was an enthusiastic runner when he earned his first collegiate head-coaching position at Tennessee in 2009.

One of the overarching themes for Ole Miss heading into the 2021 season, according to Kiffin, is accountability. Earlier in the day, he announced that Ole Miss’ football team had achieved a 100% immunization rate against COVID-19 among current players, coaches, and staff personnel.

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