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We are officially in the middle of the 2020 season, so the power values of the NFL will be reassessed. In addition to our weekly ranking, we asked all NFL reporters to reconsider their expectations of the team they cover. Some are sublime (we’ll see you, K.C.), some are modest (sorry, the jets), and some are a bit unusual. But it’s always important to have goals.

How we are in our energy list: Our group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV presenters evaluate how the teams develop during the season.

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Week 9 stand: 1

Recalibrated Maintenance : The place for the AFC Championships.

The Stalers are an unbeaten team in the NFL for eight games, and not only do they have the play-offs for the first time since 2017, but they are also preparing for an in-depth game. But the road to the Super Bowl always runs through Kansas City, and with Patrick Mahomez, the Chiefs are still the AFC favourites. The Steelers haven’t played their best football yet and it’s a tough fight for the off-season, which won’t last long. Nevertheless, the start of the AFC championship match is a realistic expectation for this team and everything else will be disappointing after that start. — Brooke Pryor

Week 9 stand: 2

Recalibrated Maintenance : Repeat as Super Bowl champion.

Nothing that happened in the first nine games of the season changed that. The Chiefs lead the NFL with a point spread, a sign of their strength. Quarterback Patrick Mahomez also plays, if not better than ever, with 25 touchdowns and an interception. The Chiefs found ways to win without Mahomez making even one big entrance. From this point of view, the Chiefs look like they have a hard head in the playoffs. – Adam Thacher

Evaluation of the 9. Woche: 5

Recalibrated Maintenance : A bunk bed with signs of replacement.

The Ravens began the season with a desire to repeat their success as the top team in the AFC, but failed to prove their place among the elite after falling home to the Super Bowl Chiefs on defense and the undefeated Steelers. Baltimore will make the playoffs, but this time we’ll probably have to go the other way. The Ravens, who left the Steelmakers behind in two games of the AFC North, will probably have to move in the off-season after winning the championship in the previous two years. — Jamison Hensley.

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According to Rob Ninkovic, in order to make the Super Bowl a success, the team must overcome the difficulties involved in defending the Packers.

Week 9 stand: 6

Recalibrated Maintenance : The Super Bowl

Is Aaron Rogers unlucky? The release of Jordan Love could have meant that, but at least Rogers has another legal race up his sleeve this season. There are no big favorites in the NFC, and the release of COVID-19 may change the status of any team at any time, but the packers are well placed. They still tend to lose like Tampa Bay in Week 7, which will remember many of the 49-player NFC Championship defeats of last season, but if coach Matt LaFleur can stay as he did in the first half of the season, the Packers could find with them. — Rob Demovsky

Week 9 stand: 8

Recalibrated Maintenance : Compete with NFC #1 seeds.

The best start and the third consecutive season with 13:3 are currently realistic goals. The saints were far from perfect for the first seven weeks, so we shouldn’t exaggerate our expectations after their dominant victory in Tampa Bay on Sunday night. But New Orleans’ attack and defense showed a gradual improvement after a 1-2 missed start, and now receiver Michael Thomas is healthy again. In addition, seven of the eight Saints’ rivals lose in the final. — Mike Triplet

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Tim Hasselbeck destroys the way the defenders of the saints used their game makers to defeat the Buccaneers.

Week 9 stand: 7

Recalibrated Maintenance : Winning a play-off match

The 7-2 victory and on the AFC East indoor track for the first time since 1995, but the victory in the division became an expectation of the previous season. Right now, Buffalo not only has to expect to play in the play-offs, he really has to win the game in the play-offs – and the bookkeepers are talented enough to do so. Josh Allen plays the best football of his career and the Beals defense dominated the 9 week offensive of the Seachokes. If both trends continue in low season, Buffalo will play well in January. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

Week 9 stand: 3

Recalibrated Maintenance : Winning NFC West

It’s hard to expect much more when we know how bad their defense is, especially on the Sunday when they lost on Bill 44-34. But the western NFC title remains a realistic expectation, with Sihouki having an advantage in one game, not to mention the best quarterback in the league and an NFL offensive with the highest score. It’s also useful that their schedule for the second half includes matches with the Eagles, Giants, Jets and the Washington football team, which together make up a 7-26-1. The 12-4 record is within reach, and there is a good chance that NFC West will win. — Brady Henderson

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Dan Orlovsky announces the Buccaneers’ game plan for the defeat of the Saints and describes it as the worst he’s seen this season in the NFL.

Week 9 leaderboard: 4

Recalibrated Maintenance : A bunk bed with signs of replacement.

The Beeches are still doing well at 6-3, but after being pushed aside by the Saints – the Saints were eliminated at 38-3 on Sunday night – plus tight calls against the Raiders (until the fourth quarter) and Giants and empty calls against the Bears, the Beeches don’t look ready for the next move. And it’s not because Tom Brady in the 9th round it’s not because the Bucs’ coaching staff suffered the biggest loss of his career in the first round, but because the Bucs’ coaching staff had been superior in the last three weeks. It is still possible that they win the score, but a defeat on Sunday night on the national stage is not enough to inspire faith. — Jenna Lane

Week 9 booth: 9

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Recalibrated Maintenance : The post-season race

The hope of seeing the Titans continue in qualifying remains the same. Tennessee has some defensive problems, but they’re still one of the best teams in the AFC. The Titans are ready to live another of their end of season episodes with Derrick Henry. It starts with the victory in the AFC South, so they can play the play-offs in the Nissan Stadium. When the Titans have to roll on the road, Tennessee’s pack and play approach is maintained in most games as it involves jogging, fighting for sales and successive touchdowns in the red zone. — Thurron Davenport

Week 9 stand: 10

Recalibrated maintenance: making playoffs

The Cardinals are currently the sixth team in the NFC, which means that they are not only in the playoffs, but also lead the playoffs with an extra seat this season. We just have to make sure they stay there. A victory against the dolphins on Sunday would have put the cardinals in a more comfortable position, but now Arizona has to win the matches they need and steal one or two matches they can’t win. Then the Cardinals play at least two games in January instead of one in week 17. — Josh Weinfuss.

Week 9 stand: 12

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Recalibrated Maintenance : Back to the playoffs

The Rams remain fourth in the league in terms of difficulty and have to play in ninth place. Get ready to play their best football to earn a place in the play-offs. They are in good health, their defense is considered one of the best in the NFL with an average of 19 points per game, and their offense has sometimes played a great game. The opening of the season was uncertain and uncertain about how the Rams would react in the off-season when older players left the team than they arrived, but they have become more playmaker and the defense has improved significantly under freshman coordinator Brandon Staley. — …Lindsay Tiri.

Week 9 booth: 11

Recalibrated Maintenance : Go back to low season.

The AFC class is still in Kansas City, Baltimore and Pittsburgh, but the Colts are good enough to be a play-off team, especially with a seventh place finish this year. In the hierarchy of the AFC Colts, there is currently only speculation, especially regarding the irregular play of the quarterback and the runner. With the Colts taking on the Titans, who lead the AFC in the south, in two of the next three games, the state of play should be clearer. — Mike Wells

Week 9 stand: 14

Recalibrated maintenance: making playoffs

Raiders is number six on the AFC. And since only one team defeated the Super Bowl Chiefs champion last year (see notes), confidence is high. Especially as Las Vegas continues to win games with patchwork offensive lines filling the second and daring Derek Carr in the quarterback. Playoffs? Why wouldn’t I? — Paul Gutierrez.

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Stephen A. Smith says that Tua Tagovayloa and the Dolphins don’t have to go to the playoffs to be successful.

Week 9 stand: 17

Recalibrated maintenance: making playoffs

The dolphins are currently in 7th place in the AFC play-offs, 5-3, and the post-season should now be the goal, not just the best-case scenario. The Dolphins could be the favourites in the next four games (against the Chargers in the Broncos, the Jets against Bengal). With the first five goals on defense, a promising young QB in Tua Tagovayloa and an impressive software coach in Brian Flores, they enter the playoffs a year earlier. You can do it. — Cameron Wolf

Week 9 booth: 13

Recalibrated Maintenance : To go to the play-offs

Bears in freefall after three straight losses. An attack is an unlawful disaster. Chicago is based in the main offensive categories and help is nowhere to be found. However, the Bears still have five games with teams under 500: Minnesota (twice), Detroit, Houston and Jacksonville. The bears risked getting in the way of their defense and sneaked into the off-season with a 9-7 victory. That would be the best scenario for a team going the wrong way. — Jeff Dickerson.

Week 9 stand: 16

Recalibrated Maintenance : Ending the drought in the 18-year-old play-offs.

Despite a new upheaval in the front office, a new change of coach and an unprecedented off-season, Brownes awaits the playoffs before the season begins. There was too much talent available. After half the time, these expectations have not changed. Cleveland is 5-3, with one of the easiest boards in the league. The injuries, including the pain caused by Odell Beckham Jr. But if Cleveland finally overcomes the longest drought in the NFL playoffs, this season will be a big disappointment. — Jake Trotter

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Stephen A. Smith does not expect 49 players to return to the Super Bowl with Jimmy Garoppolo as quarterback.

Week 9 stand: 15

Recalibrated Maintenance : Play the December games that make sense

Once the favorites to return to the Super Bowl, no team in the championship today was as different as at the beginning of the season. The 49 traumatised people simply don’t have the healthy, available talent to return to the off-season, and the schedule won’t allow them to complete the journey easily. This means that they want to try to set the 8-8 record and stay on the periphery for the last joker point. — Nick Wagoner

Week 9 stand: 18

Recalibrated Maintenance : Avoid CNS from the south basement

Four straight defeats and a 3-1 record in the south for a team that failed to finish the game, predicts a sick one for everyone except last place, especially since Atlanta plays better and Saints and Baxes are fighting for play-off spots. Hey, the expectations that this team would end up somewhere, but not for the last time, were almost nil at the beginning of the season, and only the opening 3-2, when Atlanta opened 5-0, gave reason to believe that that could change. Now it looks like everything’s going according to plan. — David Newton

Week 9 stand: 21

Recalibrated Maintenance : Take an NFC seed with number seven.

An extensive field could help Minnesota keep hope alive for the off-season after the 5-1 start. If the last two victories are a sign of the second half, the Vikings are getting closer to the last place in the play-offs. They need the 49ers and Rams to stumble, and hope Chicago will continue to stumble to jump in the standings, but a favorable schedule for the rest of the trip could help their cause. — Courtney Cronin

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Keyshawn Johnson is critical of Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and says Wentz won’t end his career in Philadelphia.

Week 9 booth: 19

Recalibrated Maintenance : Winning the division

It’s the best team in the worst football league. Apart from the implosion, Philadelphia has to make the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. The benchmark for a successful season in 2020 was the first victory of Carson Wienz in the playoffs. Despite the fact that this is still possible, injuries, errors in the list and an unexpected fight by Wentz make this moment longer. — Tim McManus.

Week 9 leaderboard: 20

Recalibrated Maintenance : Finish .500

The margin of error is already low, and with home games against the Ravens, Cardinals and Accounts and street games against the Chargers, Rams and Dolphins it won’t be easy. The Patriots dug a hole for themselves early on, a hole they haven’t been in since 2000 – the first year of Bill Belichik’s work as coach of the team. — Mike Travel

Week 9 stand: 22 Everything you need this week
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Recalibrated Maintenance : Find the way to .500

A year later, just when they thought they could get back into the playoffs, the Broncos were injured instead, as von Miller made the embarrassing decision to train for the season and injure himself at the end. Since then they have had to use three different starting rooms in five of the first eight games and have scored at least 10 points at halftime. They have played and trained hard for this, but they need all the characters they can gather in a segment with a program that always includes leaders, marauders, saints, dolphins and beaks. — Jeff Legold.

Week 9 stand: 23

Recalibrated Maintenance : Learn how to win tight games

The chargers are close by, but that really only counts as a horseshoe shape. Expectations were high, and Justin Herbert made a few more, but he needs help to reach their potential. In addition, Anthony Lynn must keep his job and regain a few victories. He is the coach of the players, and this is especially true for a team that is exhausted from injuries and a beginner in the design office. — Shelly Smith

Week 9 stand: 27

Recalibrated Maintenance : Approaching .500.

Atlanta set a 3-1 record in four games against Rahim Morris as alternative coach. The defense reduced its average allowed points per game from 32 in the first five games to 23 in the last four. With five straight defeats, the team has made a big hole and the remaining program will be tough, but the Falcons lack talent. If they manage to put together a few laps of victories, they may end up with a record 500. That should be Atlanta’s goal, and that would allow Morris to argue for a permanent coaching position. — Thurron Davenport

Week 9 booth: 24

Tell us about the biggest games of the NFL, original series and much more. Clock on ESPN+

Recalibrated Maintenance : Up to .500

This seems to be the best scenario for Detroit after the start of the 3-5 season, in which the Lions often participated. With Matt Patricia in the hot seat and his boss, Bob Queen, perhaps also sitting there, the Lions must have shown a significant improvement since the first half of the year, when Detroit continued to make mistakes like in Patricia’s first two seasons. Patricia hasn’t won more than two races in a row as head coach, so the whole cycle seems to be a challenge. — Michael Rothstein

Week 9 booth: 25

Recalibrated Maintenance : Up to six victories

The six winning series have always been a respectable result, given the state of Bengal in 2020. Cincinnati is still in the middle of a recovery process and it seems unlikely that the season will be extended with this list and the coaching staff. However, the Bengalis have to be competitive and do better than the 2019 campaign, which had two winners. The Bengal have three games against NFC East and the games against Houston and Miami are still on the schedule. It’s not much to ask for four victories from the rest of the board. — …Ben baby.

Week 9 booth: 26

Recalibrated Maintenance : Assessing young talent for the future.

Without any reason for the tanks (they had already swapped their first and second peak), the Texan focused on the end of the season with a record number of victories, led by temporary head coach Romeo Crnell (since he took his place, the score is 2-2). Houston’s main goal is to assess the talent on the roster, as there are several key players in this off-season – including the receiver will be more complete and defensive back J. J. Houston. The Texans don’t believe they have to rebuild despite their history, but they have to find out which players they can rebuild in the future. — Sarah Barshop

Week 9 stand: 31

Recalibrated Maintenance : Show new improvements

There is no doubt that the Giants were better nine weeks later than at the beginning of the season. The giants must keep going that way. This would be a good sign for the program and the culture that Joe Judge is trying to build. That’s the goal, because the Giants don’t have enough talent to win the game regularly. At least for now. — Jordan Ranan

Week 9 booth: 28

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Recalibrated Maintenance : Breakdown of the last eight matches

It’s unlikely, but with Detroit, Cincinnati, Dallas and Carolina on the agenda, it’s at least achievable – or dreamlike. A total of five victories should be more realistic. But if Washington were among the top eight finalists 4-4, it wouldn’t be the most unlikely event in 2020. The problem is how long Alex Smith will stay as quarterback or how long he’ll play – or Dwayne Haskins will be very helpful if he ever comes back. And defense, despite its high performance, has not yielded stable results. If Washington wins six times this season, it will be considered a great success. — John Kame

Evaluation of the 9. Woche: 29

Recalibrated Maintenance : Win three more games.

It depends if you think the cowboys have turned a corner in their almost total resentment against steel producers. The defense was better in the last two games, but against Pittsburgh she scored three touchdowns and for the first time since the 15th minute of the game, she had a good chance to score. Smoke 2018 without ball. And another game was against Philadelphia. Garrett Gilbert brought stability to the attack, but Andy Dalton should be back after a week. If Dalton can get more smileys in the game, the cowboys can win three more games. For the rest of the season, they will play against only one team that currently has a record of victories, but it is a team that has lost four games in a row and has scored two touchdowns in those games. — Todd Archer

Week 9 booth: 30

Recalibrated Maintenance : Continue from 0 to the end of the track

It’s best for the Jaguars to go 0-8 and finish 1-15, giving them a chance to face Trevor Lawrence of Justin Fields in the depths of 2021. Each of these players will make the franchise immediately relevant on a national level and will make Jacksonville competitive on a consistent basis. — Mike DiRocco

Week 9 booth: 32

– From the Lambo jumped to the
disaster – Huge targets for the SoFi GenZ
cameras – Fighters prepare the Death Star.

Recalibrated Maintenance : A stinking victory

In 2020 the jets were seen as a team with six victories, more or less, but they found a way to not meet the low expectations. It takes a special kind of evil. It’s pretty easy, they don’t have an NFL offense, which makes it pretty hard for them to, you know, score and win. Almost every week they are not competitive because they only manage 4 levels once in the second semester. Winning a contest may set a very high bar, but you have to have big dreams, right? — Rich Chimini

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