UFC Fight Night Uriah Hall vs. Anderson Silva — Live results and analysis

LAS VEGAS — One of the most iconic chapters in the history of mixed martial arts is likely to come to an end when Anderson Silva makes his final journey to the CFU Octagon.

Silva (34-10), facing the Uriah Hall (15-9) head to head at UFC Struggle Night, could not answer the question of whether he would officially retire from Apex on Saturday night, but admitted that it would probably be his last fight at the UFC. UFC President Dana White promoted the 185-pound game as Silva’s swan song.

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– Uriya Hall v. Anderson Silva- Andre Fili c. Bryce Mitchell- Kevin Holland v. Mahmoud Muradov- Maurice Green v. Greg Hardy-bobby Green c. Thiago Moses- Chris Gruetzmaher v. Tiago Moses-Cris Gruetzmaher v. Mahmoud Muradov-Maurice Green v. Greg Hardy-Bobby Green v. Tiago Moses-Cris Gruetzmaher v. Mohamed Gruecher. Alexander Hernand- Adrian Janez versus Victor Rodriguez- Sean Strickland versus Jack Marshman- Cole Williams versus Jason Witt- Dustin Jacoby versus Justin Ledeta- Miles Jones versus

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The 45-year-old Brazilian can look back on a legendary career, especially in the UFC. He signed a contract with the company in 2006 and won his first 16 battles. From 2006 to 2013 he held the middleweight title and was, admittedly, the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world for most of that period.

Emotions should be high because the UFC could close the door on the Silva era. Silva aims for his first victory from February 2017.

Since his last fight in September last year, several fights in the hall have been cancelled. He left on the 10th. In April in the Fortis MMA gymnastics and takes place on April 18. April fight, but the fight was cancelled when Jacare Souza was tested on KOVID-19 with a positive result. Hall has won three of his last four battles.

The map also contains correspondence for all actions between Bryce Mitchell and Andre Fili. Mitchell’s victory makes him the sixth fighter to start his career in the UFC with a 5-0 victory in the light and medium division.

Brett Okamoto, Mark Raymondy and Jeff Wagenheim give an overview and analysis of the entire Las Vegas event.

The fight goes on:

Average weight : Sean Strickland (20-3, 7-3 PDU, -350) versus Jack Marshman (23-9, 3-4 PDU, +285).


Average weight : Jason Whitt (18:6, 1:1 UFC) defeated Cole Williams in the second round (11:3, 0:2 UFC).

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Both fighters participated in the second duel of the UFC. They all lost in the first round. What they shared was that Witt didn’t waste time showing determination – and a plan – to change his fate in the Octagon.

Witt, a 33-year-old resident of Kansas City, first came out of the corner and immediately led Williams to the screen, where he beat him in the first round and in the beginning of the second round before ending the fight at 2:09 with a triangle on his arm.

It was a mutilation! #Vegas12

– Aljamin Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) 31. October 2020

For Witt, who made his UFC debut at TKO Takashi Sato in June, it was his eight career appearances – but his first wasn’t a bottomless suffocation session.

Williams, 36, from Madison, Wisconsin, just didn’t have an answer. He was shot at the beginning of both rounds and didn’t escape. In the first round he recorded a series of elbows, one of which opened a large gap above his left eye. And when Witt started suffocating in the second round, Williams had no counterattack.

The game took place in the welterweight category after Williams significantly missed the welterweight limit on Friday and exceeded the 175.5 pounds limit by 4.5 pounds. This was his second mistake on two UFC missions. On his debut in August 2019 he was in a difficult position before losing to Claudio Silva in the first round.

— Wagenheim

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Light and heavy: Dustin Jacoby (13:5, 1:0 UFC) defeated Justin Ledeta (9:4, 3:4 UFC) against TKO in the first round.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Dustin Jacoby had a difficult road to his first UFC victory and the emotions he finally brought came after his victory in the first knockout round. Jeff Bottari/fafa LLS

Almost ten years later Jacoby returned to the PDU on a large scale.

Jacoby crashed on the ice in the first round of the light heavyweight duel at 2:38 over the TKO. Jacoby first hit Ice with a sharp blow to his left leg. Ice managed to get him back on his feet, but then Ice put him back on his feet with the shock suit. Judge Chris Tonjoni came in, that’s all.

The guy that guys are cheeky

– Belal Muhammad (@bullyb170) 31. October 2020.

I knew I could catch him in one fell swoop, Jacoby. I was about to set up the controls – kicking in the legs and the middle part. … I believe in my position, I’m one of the best strikers in the world.

Jacoby, 32, left the UFC 2011 and 2012 with a 2-0 victory. Then they let him go. Since then, a native of Colorado has further developed his game, gaining fame in kickboxing and perfecting his MMA stand-up skills. In 2016 he won a one-day Glory Tournament. Jacoby took a four-year break from MMA, but won two in a row to return to the UFC. On the fourth. August Dana White Jacoby has won Shai Flores unanimously.

I’m emotional, but I like it. Dude, Jacoby said. … I’m officially a UFC fighter. That’s very good.

The 32-year-old Texan lost four times, shortly after the start of the UFC-race (3-0).

— Raymondy

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The everyday weight of men: Miles Jones (11-1, 2-1 UFC) defeated Kevin Natividad (9-2, 0-1 UFC) in the third round of the KO.

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Miles Jones makes a big right hand gesture that Kevin Natividad puts on the mat in the third round.

It was one shot, one shot, one shot… and then a riot to get the job done.

After Jones checked the distance for two laps with a left punch that his opponent just couldn’t get, he escaped with a right uppercut that sent Natividad on his back, unconscious before his clumsy tip hit the canvas.

Ow! What’s that?

– Malloryy Martin (@MalloryyMartin) 31. October 2020.

The single kick came at 2:51 for Jones, a 26-year-old former LFA champion who fought in Dallas of Fortis MMA. Mario Bautista only lost his career in the first round in February. This time he was on the right side of the finish line – his first KO since 2016.

Natividad, who was 27 years old and originally from Tempe, Arizona, was constantly looking for John, but was shot because of his difficulties. He managed to repel all attempts at imprisonment, but the last time he let himself go with a big riot.

He makes his debut for the Octagon and wins five times in a row.

— Wagenheim

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For you:

Average weight : Uriya Hall (16-9, 8-7 PDU, -230) versus Anderson Silva (34-10 1 NC, 17-6 1 PDU, +190)).
Male infantry weight: Andre Fili (21-7, 9-6 PDU, +125) versus Bryce Mitchell (13-1, 4-0 PDU, -145) at an average weight of : Kevin Holland (19-5, 6-2 CEU) versus Charlie Ontivoros (11-6, 0-0 CEU) Heavyweight : Maurice Green (9-5, 4-2 PDU, +260) versus Greg Hardy (6-2 1 NC, 3-2 1 NC PDU, -320)
Long : Bobby Green (27-10-1, 8-5-1 CFU, -320) versus Thiago Moise (13-4, 2-2 CFU, +260)
Long : Chris Grucemaher (14-3, 1-2 PDU, +340) versus Alexander Hernandez (11-3, 3-2 PDU, -420)
in welterweight : Adrian Janez (11-3, 0-0 CFU, -440) versus Victor Rodriguez (7-2, 0-0 CFU, +350)

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