Why Naruto’s Creator Should Stay Away from Boruto

Although Masashi Kishimoto created the original Boruto series Naruto Next Generations, isn’t it perhaps the best idea that the original creator of Naruto now takes over the manga? Recently it was announced that Kishimoto will take over the role of writer and storyteller from Ukyo Kodachi, who was the author of the series until chapter 52. For such a monumental change, there was a strange split of fans when they discussed the merits of such a change for the future of the series.

Because although it seems to be a fantastic change of pace to bring the original creator back into the franchise to tell the story of the sequel more directly, the manga is generally considered to be the best aspect of the franchise work at the moment. In fact, we have come to the point that many people prefer a manga release to the current anime. Will these creative changes have a visible and perhaps even negative impact on the series?

Kishimoto’s first role in the production of the sequel was to expose the ideas presented in the Ark, and just as Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama edited the Dragon Ball Super manga, Boruto was directly directed by another creative team, a duo of writer Ukyo Kodachi and illustrator Mikio Ikemoto. Thanks to these extra talents there was a series with the publisher who didn’t have that many Kishimoto fan traits that appeared during Naruto.

One of the biggest fears that many fans seemed to have was how the female characters in the series, such as Sarada Uchikha, would be treated in the future. Kishimoto’s original series surpassed the female characters by far, and although this criticism is well-founded, Boruto isn’t much better in this respect either, as it often seems that Sarada is the only female character in the sequel.

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So what’s the most important question? Such an important change in the creative voice behind the series (especially with the introduction of the sequel) will undoubtedly have a negative influence on the current flow of the series. Although this may have major consequences in the long run, such as (hopefully) a narrower view of history as a whole, there will be many significant differences of less importance that may be postponed.

Although he is the creative spirit behind Naruto, Kishimoto is not the only voice behind Boruto. Whatever the intention, the rest of the series no longer belongs exclusively to Kishimoto. It is no longer a single vision, which will inevitably lead to obstacles on the road to the future, as one of these critical voices will be lost. It’s one less person letting go of ideas and one less person checking whether an idea really works or not.

You may not notice any change at first, but you will notice that the characters behave differently than you expected, that they sound different (at least to the extent that it is translated by the English version of Viz Media) and that some of the panels change. Whether the situation gets better or worse depends on you, but that’s why Kishimoto has to stay out of the way first.

Why do we have to make big changes to Kars’ ark? Why would you take that risk? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments, or you can even contact me directly about all the animated and other cool stuff @ Valdezology on Twitter!

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