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In the wake of this year’s draft, Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, was asked if being selected by the organization would change his mind about wanting to be traded. “That’s a great question, and I don’t know the answer to that,” Rodgers said. “I think it would be naive to … I’m not going to say it would have no impact or no effect on me.”

GM Ted Thompson didn’t plan for the Packers to pick up a quarterback in the draft. However, with Aaron Rodgers still insisting on a trade, the Packers’ brass may have to consider every option. (…)

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin. — If Aaron Rodgers is as hardened as he seems and determined to never play for the Green Bay Packers again, nothing the team did last weekend during the NFL Draft will change that.

But if Rodgers is willing to consider that option, the lineup has at least taken a step toward giving Rodgers another chance at a Super Bowl with this team – if he’s willing to take it.

A team that already boasts the core of a group that has had two consecutive 13-3 seasons, both of which ended in the NFC Championship Game, has made some additions in the draft that could have an immediate impact. Of course, the draft is supposed to pay off over several years and not necessarily help immediately – especially if he’s picked 29th. The first choice – but think of how he can help Green Bay right away.

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No, the Packers didn’t solve Rodgers’ problem by picking their best player, but anyone who watched the NFC Championship Game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers knows that the three biggest problems in that game were the cornerbacks, the offensive line, and the play-calling decisions.

First round pick Eric Stokes, a speedy cornerback from Georgia.

How will this help Rogers?

How does one more potentially excellent cornerback not help get the ball into Rodgers’ hands? The Jaire Alexander-Stokes combination might not immediately stand out, given that the Packers brought back Kevin King for one year and $5 million, but King’s injury history suggests he won’t play every game. Additionally, new defensive coordinator Joe Barry’s defense is built around the star or penny defender position, which could be an option for Alexander, freeing up a spot for Stokes.

Second round Josh Myers, a center from Ohio State, and two other third round linemen (guard/catcher Royce Newman of Mississippi in the fourth round and guard/catcher Cole Van Lanen of Wisconsin in the sixth round).

How will this help Rogers?

The last center the Packers pulled from Ohio State, Corey Linsley (fifth round, 2014), was an immediate starter and didn’t give up the job until he went to the Chargers in free agency this offseason. Linsley was the only offensive starter the Packers lost to last year’s team.

Every quarterback needs stability on the offensive line. Left back David Bakhtiari is out with an injury he suffered on the 31st. December suffered a torn ACL and may not be ready to return to action, the more options the better.

It is not yet known if Aaron Rodgers will play with any of the rookies drafted by the Packers. Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI/Icon Sports Media via Getty Images

We like the options, co-director of human resources John-Eric Sullivan said of the addition to the offensive line. Big guys are hard to find. Everyone knows that. You don’t have to be a scout to realize that it’s very hard to find big guys who are worth their money and can play winning football. It’s hard to do. We felt we needed more depth, more competition. We’re very happy with the guys we have.

We are excited about the guys we already have on our team and the competition it represents. We think we have a good group. We think we have a solid foundation. Whatever the situation is with the five starters and the guys that can play behind them if needed, we feel good about that.

Amari Rogers, a receiver from Clemson, was selected in the third round.

The Packers haven’t had a true slot receiver since Randall Cobb was released two years ago. Aaron Rodgers handed off just 31 percent of his passes to slot receivers last season, while Amari Rodgers caught 86 percent of his targets from the slot at Clemson in 2020, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He also seems like the perfect player for coach Matt Lafleur, who will use him in his pre-snap move packages.

We tried again with some of the other guys, LaFleur said.

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His versatility… is very important in this attack. Ability to go out on the first and second line. It’s well built. We expect him to be able to move forward, whether it’s defenders or cornerbacks, and be the primary blocker on run plays, and when he has the ball in his hands, he’s very dynamic. I think it can be used in different ways, whether it’s reactive or passive. I think he’s a very good distance runner. He’s just a complete footballer. He has a great knack for the game and has proven that throughout his career at Clemson.

Day 3 also brought three defensive players (Florida guard T.J. Slayton in the fifth round, Appalachian State cornerback Shemar Jean-Charles in the fifth round and Boston College inside linebacker Isaiah McDuffie in the sixth round) and a running back (Mississippi State’s Kailyn Hill).

It’s interesting, every year you get a group of guys and you never know how it’s going to turn out, but usually you get a sense of how quickly these guys can adapt, general manager Brian Gutekunst said. And I have a very good feeling about this group. I think there are guys who are going to help us right away, and I think they are all made for long-term success in the NFL. I know it’s rare and it doesn’t always happen, but I love the chances of all these guys.

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