Clemson Tigers remain No. 1 in AP college football poll, but Alabama Crimson Tide closing gap

Clemson remained number one in the Associated Press College football poll on Sunday, but not by a long shot.

The absence of Trevor Lawrence as a result of COWID-19 and the narrow victory of the Tigers at Boston College created a gap between the 62 writers and the broadcasters who took part in the vote.

Clemson got 33 votes for first place, 19 less than last week and only two points ahead of second seeded Alabama, which started this week with the big CCA game in Notre Dame in fourth place.


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Alabama, who inflicted Mike Leach’s first loss as head coach with a 41-0 victory over Mississippi State, earned an extra 29 votes for first place.

The rest of the top five remained the same: Ohio is in third place, followed by Notre Dame and Georgia.

Undefeated freedom fire in the third year of the soccer competition, for the first time in the standings in 25th place. For the first time since 2016, Penn State is out of the game after consecutive defeats.

Voters don’t agree on how to deal with Clemson. Six voters whose ballots showed Alabama as number one, took third place behind the state of Ohio.

Lawrence was suspended from the game against Boston College after a positive COVID 19 test, and Dabo Piggy’s coach has announced that his big winner, the Heisman Trophy, will not play against Notre Dame either.

In the second half, Clemenson made up for the 18-point deficit and beat BC 34-28. Five star newcomer D.J. Uiagalelei made his debut and improved as the game progressed, while Clemson celebrated the biggest home victory in the history of the program.

Alabama have simplified the Mississippi state and now score 35 or more points in 19 consecutive games, the longest streak in FBS.

AP Survey Top 25

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. the State of Ohio
4. Our Lady
5. Georgia
6. Cincinnati
7. Texas A&M Company
8. Florida
9. BYU
10. Wisconsin
11. Miami
12. Oregon
13. Indiana
14. Oklahoma.
15. Coast Carolina
16. Marshall
17. The State of Iowa
18. CMU
19. Oklahoma
20. USC
21. Boise state
22. Texas
23. Michigan
24. Auburn
25. Freedom


Freedom, which was not active on Saturday, took 25th place in the northwest. Hugh Freeze Flame is 6-0 against mainly light competition. Your biggest test this week is at Virginia Tech.

The last time Penn State wasn’t awarded was on the 16th. October 2016. The following week the Nittany Lions took the state from Ohio to Happy Valley and then traveled to 63 direct-dial points where they could participate. (The Big Ten teams withdrew for two investigations this year because of the late coronavirus season).

Penn was the fourth largest state in the active band after Alabama (205), Ohio (138) and Clemson (94).

Cincinnati, who ranks 6th, has the best score since the end of the 2009 regular season #4.

For the first time since the 13th century. In September 2009 № 9 BYU entered the top 10 because it was № 7.

Indiana’s number 13 has his best score since he was 11 years old. Place in 1987.


Number 22, Texas, beats Oklahoma for the first time since 2010, wins away against the top ten and comes back after an absence of three weeks.

24 Auburn returned two weeks after leaving LSU.

Graph no. 25 Freedom hardened, with the phenomenon of Virginia Tech, NC State and Sun Belt Conference and nr. 15 Coastal Carolina still in the lead.


North Carolina lost two of their three games and gave up for the first time this season.

The absence of Penn State can be temporary and next time – win games with Maryland and Nebraska.

A two-week stay in the state of Kansas ends with a terrible loss of road to West Virginia.


The only conference not in the top 25 is the Central American conference, which starts Wednesday.

Securities and Exchange Commission — 5 (№ 2, 5, 7, 8, 24).

The Big Ten – four (numbers 3, 10, 13, 23).

Major 12 — 4 (nos. 14, 17, 19, 22).

ACC — 3 (NOS. 1, 4, 11).

Pak-12 — 2 (number 12, 20).

American… 2 (№ 6, 18).

C-USA – 1 (NO 16).

West Mountain… 1 (№ 21).

Sunbelt… 1 (№ 15).

Independent — 1 (nos. 9, 25).


Number 9 BYU in Boise, 21, Friday: The third string section, orchestrated last year by CB Baylor Romney, was angry at the Broncos. Zack Wilson will lead the Puma’s first attempt to win Boise.

Florida number eight against Georgia number five in Jacksonville, Florida: The Bulldogs are ready for their fourth straight victory in this series, but should be sharper than against Kentucky.

Number 1 Clemson, 4 Notre Dame: Another great game of the year – until next time. Uiagalelei takes his show on the road while Lawrence stays on COWID-19. The Irish defense was tough, but tigers are a different animal.

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