Anne Hathaway apologises over The Witches depiction of limb disability

Anne Hathaway apologises for the witches.

Anne Hathaway apologized for her character in the film The Witch, which upset people with different limbs (Photo: Getty/Warner Brothers).

Anne Hathaway apologized to the witch public, who were upset by her limited limbs.

The 37-year-old actress plays the role of Roald Dahl the Supreme Witch in the adaptation of the 1983 children’s classics and can be seen with the missing fingers of her hands.

The public was annoyed by the fact that the missing fingers resembled ectrodactyly, a congenital disease associated with a deficiency or absence of one or more central fingers of the hand or foot.

They also noted that the original illustrations in the book showed five-finger witches with claws that they hid in gloves.

Anna shared the video with Happy Fin on his Instagram page, Anna writes: Thanks to @Lucky_Fin_Project for permission to use this video.

I recently learned that many people with intellectual disabilities, especially children, suffer from the image of the Great Witch in witches.

Let me begin by saying that I do my best to be sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others, not out of fear of the computer, because not hurting others seems to be a basic level of decency that we should all strive for.

As someone who really believes in integration and really, really hates violence, I have to apologize for the pain. I’m really sorry.

I didn’t associate the difference in membership with the GHW when I got the look of a silhouette; if I had, I assure you it would never have happened.

Anne went on: I particularly want to say I’m sorry for the children with limb differences: Now that I know more, I promise I’ll make it better.

And I owe a special apology to anyone who loves you as passionately as I love my children: I’m sorry I let your family down.

Anne Hathaway in a witch movie.

The Great Witch is visible with the missing fingers on her hands (Photo: BACKGRID)

If you don’t know each other yet, see @Lucky_Fin_Project(video above) and #NotAWitchhashtag for a more complete and necessary overview of the difference between members.

Warner Brothers, the studio behind the film, also apologized in these terms: We filmmakers and Warner Bros. images are deeply saddened that our portrayal of fictional characters as witches can upset people with disabilities and deplore any crime.

We adapted the original story and worked with designers and artists on a new interpretation of the cat’s claws described in the book.

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It never occurred to the public that fantastic and inhuman creatures should represent them.

This film is about the power of good and friendship. We hope that families and children will enjoy the film and embrace this inspiring and loving theme.

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