The 2020-21 Projected Starting Lineup For The Charlotte Hornets

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It is the beginning of a new era for Michael Jordan and the new Charlotte Horns. They added some interesting young pieces with the new LaMelo Ball franchise player and also signed a contract with Gordon Hayward to provide a long-awaited veteran.

Given the development of the Eastern Conference over the past decade, the Hornet has a chance to reach the play-offs, even if it ends with the result of the first round. They have a fascinating young core that can be very good and prove their skeptics wrong.

Again, there will always be doubts whether Charlotte Horntes, who plays in the play-offs, will not get over the hump after yet another endless development. Today we present the starting grid for the 2020-21 season.

The bank: Grant Riller, Terry Rosier, Malik Monk, Xavier Sneed, Cody Martin, Caleb Martin, Kaylee Whitney, Miles Bridges, Jaylen McDaniels, Vernon Carey Jr., Bismac Biombo, Nick Richards, Gavin DeLorey.

Protectors: Ball Lamelo (via Forbes)

In the coming season, all eyes will be on LaMelo’s 3rd total ball pick. Again, he is used to being in the spotlight all his life and knows how to deal with the pressure. He’ll be on a mission to prove he had to be picked first.

It seems the sky is the limit with La Melo Ball. He has incredible potential and he could be the best player in his category. However, this will depend on the evolution of his basketball IQ, the selection of shots and his overall performance.

Gunner: Devonte’ Graham Credit : USATSI

It wouldn’t be fair for Terry Rosier to play against Devonte Graham after the latter had such an interesting season last year. Graham was one of the top shooters in the league and had to become a favorite to win the prize for best player.

Graham has greatly improved his playing skills and his presence will give Charlotte Horts a dynamic and explosive backyard. He and LaMelo can both play with the ball or lead an offense, and although the defense is scary, they can outperform many teams.

Middle front: Gordon Hayward (via International Business Times)

In one of the most shocking actions we have seen in recent years, Gordon Hayward gave up $34 million and a year to the Boston Celtics to sign a multi-year contract with Charlotte Horns. Now he’s betting on himself, although most people think he’s overpaid.

But if the Hornets can get two thirds of the Hayward player to play when he was at Utah Jazz, they certainly have something to do. After this terrible injury he was no longer the same, but he will now have the time and environment to slowly get back on his feet.

Propulsive power: P.J. Washington

PJ Washington is one of the most underestimated young players in the league, but he will start the game with Miles Bridges for a reason. While the bridges are more athletic and explosive, the PJ Washington is much more versatile and dynamic.

Washington’s ability to shoot behind an arch is very useful to this team. It also has the size, length and ability to play on the two front points or even in the middle if needed, which few players can offer.

Centre: Body cellar (via the beehive)

Even though he doesn’t impress with athletics or fancy games, Cody Zeller is one of the hardest working guys you can find on the basketball court. He’s not very good at anything, but he can do a little bit of everything and avoid mistakes.

Zeller is a solid, successful offensive renegade under his thumb. He is stronger than he looks and has improved considerably over the years as a caterpillar runner. He may not be such a good defender at the edge of the field, but his length may change some of the shots and he will put his body on the line every time he has ball possession.



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