Ruby Rose Reveals Real Reason She Left Batwoman, Slams Working Conditions

Ruby Rose, the actress who played Batwoman in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has revealed that she left because working conditions were too harsh.

The “dougray scott” is a news article about the actress Ruby Rose revealing the real reason why she left Batwoman. In her interview, she slams working conditions and says that this was not an easy decision to make.



Ruby Rose, who played Batwoman on The CW and Warner Bros. Television, came to social media this morning to make a series of startling accusations about the circumstances that led to her departure. Rose, who was hurt during shooting the series, claims she worked in dangerous and hostile circumstances, identifying Batwoman producers, Warner Bros. officials, and co-stars Dougray Scott and Camrus Johnson in her account. Rose’s departure, which happened at the conclusion of the first season, has sparked a lot of discussion, with Rose’s injury generally at the heart of it. She’s subsequently shared videos and tales from her surgery and recuperation, but today’s message is the most detailed account she’s given thus far.

Rose opens her narrative by declaring, “Enough is enough.” It’s unclear what prompted her to tell her experience today. In her Instagram post, she tagged not just the network, but also Batwoman creator Caroline Dries and producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schecter.

Rose wrote, “I’m going to tell the entire world what truly happened on that set.” “I’ll come after you so that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anybody else. As a result, I’ll be able to reclaim my life and the truth. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Rose said that longtime Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth, who retired at the end of 2020, hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on her, then dismissed the investigator “as soon as the evidence didn’t suit your story.” He was also accused of having improper interactions with young ladies, according to her. After receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to commemorate his retirement, Roth received a lovely write-up in industry trade magazine Variety this week.

Rose re-shared video from her operation, which she had previously put online, as well as audio from a chat between her and her doctor about her spinal damage incurred on the set of Batwoman.

Rose captioned the chat, “Cut to 3 weeks after this video, it’s worse than weird.” “This was discovered on set years ago, but if I could get an X-ray, ‘we’d make our day.’ This is something I’ve been documenting for years. Furthermore, I have sufficient evidence to produce a one-hour documentary. What more do you want me to tell you about the shattered neck, the fractured rib split in two, and the tumor?”

According to Rose, Roth informed her that if she did not return to work soon away, she would cost the studio millions of dollars and put the cast and crew’s employment in jeopardy. She responded to critics who thought she seemed “too stiff,” stating the series should have been reworked to suit her injuries and rehabilitation period rather than expecting her to return to the cape and cowl immediately away.

Rose was forced to cancel Comic Con International in San Diego due to her injuries, since she was unable to travel for the event. She stated today that the studio compelled her to shoot a video announcing her absence and instructed her to try her best to conceal the scar on her neck in the video. If she did not accept the requirements, Warner Bros. threatened to keep quiet throughout her absence, allowing fans to attend Comic Con and be disappointed.

Rose mentioned the Covid-19 epidemic and production stoppage as factors in her choice after her departure (now, she claims she was irritated by the company’s purposefully sluggish reaction to the pandemic). She remained openly supportive of the program for a long time, implying that she would return in the future and complimenting her successor, Javicia Leslie (who plays a different character wearing the Batwoman costume).

Rose wasn’t the only one who was hurt on set; in 2020, production assistant Amanda Smith was paralyzed from the waist down after an accident while filming Batwoman. During her season on the program, Rose and members of the crew were also involved in a number of other dangerous or near-fatal incidents.

“So, in closing, to my dear, dear followers, please stop asking whether I will return to that dreadful program,” Rose said, concluding her message and videos with a long statement. “I would not return for any amount of money, nor would I quit if a pistol was pointed at my head.” They damaged Kate Kane and Batwoman, not me, therefore I’m not quitting. I obeyed instructions, and if I wanted to remain, I’d have to sign away my rights. Threats, intimidation, or blackmail will not make me back down. After watching his skin slip from his face, a crew member had third-degree burns over his whole body, and we were given no counseling, but I was the only one who sent him flowers and cards, and then we were informed we had to execute a sex scene without a minute to digest. We lost two stunt doubles, and I was almost blinded in a stunt when I was slashed in the face so close to my eye. 

“A lady was left quadriplegic, and they attempted to blame it on her being on her phone, to the point that CW wouldn’t even aid her at first because they wanted to “examine,” forcing her to create a GoFundMe. She’s a PA, and they communicate via the phone. Because our program refused to shut down when everyone else did due to Covid, she was involved in an accident. Caroline Dries, who has no heart, insisted on finishing the season during the epidemic, which I warned her was a poor idea. I told her that everyone was too preoccupied with Covid updates and checking on pals, and that I was afraid something horrible would happen since Riverdale, The Flash, and Supergirl had already been canceled. Caroline Dries came to the set four times in a year, which is unheard of, but within those 4-5 occasions she decided she could tell me she knew my injury occured on set so I could cooperate with the PI, but afterwards denied it altogether and said it happened during yoga — which I don’t practice. Someone will never be able to walk again. We were forced to close the following day…not because she had nearly murdered someone, but because the authorities had intervened. 

“Also, I fought people on set because I needed to be safe, not because I wanted to. If you ask anybody in the hair and cosmetics industry what I did for them after two of them were hospitalized, Dougray was the only one that came out and spoke…talk about unprofessional. When I called my agent after my departure to find a way out, she said, “I think break your neck,” but then trashed me in the press. I’ve never, ever raised my voice. Dougray harmed a female stunt double, shouted at ladies like a little bitch, and was a pain to work with. He came and went as he pleased, mistreated women, and when I put an email out as the host of a program requesting a no-yelling policy, they rejected. One time, I was late because I was in the hospital. I’ll find out who’s behind these idiotic leaks, but it’s Camrus, who stated when I got out of the hospital, ‘Yeah, well, maybe if people weren’t late, we could make our days.’ The boldness of a child, an egomaniac child who worked one day a week. Or the stunt department, who was enraged despite the fact that I never blamed them. However, I went on Fallon and spoke about my injury, and I didn’t participate in the game. Apart from them, I was adored by my team. Oh, and they wouldn’t take me to work since they knew I wouldn’t be able to legally drive after the operation, so they told me to “go a taxi.””

Following Rose’s departure, the role of Kate Kane was recast, with Krypton actress Wallis Day filling in for a few episodes to bring the character’s arc to a close. Much of the speculation surrounding Rose’s departure assumed that, following her injury, she struggled to keep up with the demanding schedule of a TV lead, where long days are common and being #1 on the call sheet often means appearing in almost every scene and being on call for the duration of the shoot.

At the conclusion of the second season, Dougray Scott, who portrayed Kate’s father Jacob, departed the show.

The CW has been contacted for comment. If more information becomes available, it will be added to this article.

The “cw batwoman” is a headline that reveals the real reason why Ruby Rose left Batwoman. She slams working conditions and says it was not worth it.

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