PSG’s Mbappe debuts new blue hairdo, Barcelona’s Griezmann rocks braids

Before the club tournament in the middle of the week Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann made their debut with spectacular new hairstyles before taking the field against Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona respectively.

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Mbappe came out of the tunnel for the PSG game against Lorient with a bright color, which he unexpectedly shared on Instagram just before kick-off.

Was the fact that the 21-year-old sat on the edge of the pool table a reference to his new hair color? It is therefore not surprising that the label on the paint bottle was blue.

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But Mbappe’s new look turned out to be an instant success, as the 21-year-old striker scored a penalty in the 2-0 victory over the Ligue 1 champions, which meant a new celebration of the goals.

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Mbappe Griezmann, World Cup winner 2018 and international, followed Barca’s example by taking on Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou. He has tamed his increasingly neglected curls into a pair of elegant braids, channelling his inner alpine snail on the road.

Antoine Griezmann wears a braid today.


– CFSP (@CFNSP) 16 December 2020

Griezmann’s great performance was a little less memorable. He lasted 66 minutes and was eventually replaced by the young Portuguese winger Francisco Trincao in the final moments of Barca’s 2-1 victory – but not before he made an incredible miss.

Griezmann missed this picture

– CFSP (@CFNSP) 16 December 2020

Mbappe and Griezmann are not the first stars to surprise us with new hairstyles:

Neymar in pink

(via NeymarJr/Instagram)

– CFSP (@CFNSP) 1 February 2020

The PSG has a long and proud tradition of seeing its strikers suddenly appear with neon hair. In fact, who can forget that Neymar turned bright pink earlier this year?

From the highest grades to Alice’s groups, Ronaldo cycled more than one would wish, but perhaps the strongest was the tribute he paid to his Juventus teammate Juan Cuadrado.

There was a time when one could count on Messi for a sensible, if not inconspicuous, haircut. He then went on to whitewash it in 2016, and Barcelona hasn’t won the Champions League since then. Coincidence? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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The Manchester United midfielder has so many different haircuts that more than 20 of them ended up in our Paul Pogba Power Rankings, but his tribute to Batman of the Juventus era (Pogba, not the Caped Crusader) makes a wink at this.


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Perhaps the most memorable example of the hairstyle of a footballer during the victorious World Cup campaign in Brazil in 2002 is the bizarre hairstyle of the striker that made headlines worldwide and is still being discussed by academics today.

David Beckham

Braided like Beckham:

– Vogue Runway (@Vogue Runway) 30 March 2014

Before Cristiano Ronaldo, the king of football hairstyles, it is widely admitted that he is a painfully stylish man, but even he has never been immune to mistakes.

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