Japan would be flying Pokémon-themed airplanes in 2021


Variety is the spice of life, and Japan has introduced Pokémon-themed aircraft to promote tourism. Pokémon developed the idea after consulting with various regions in Japan. This company owns and licenses the figures and wants to promote tourism, which has been severely affected by the coronavirus. He expects the excitement of the flight to return and that the balloon will take off in 2021. The 19th. For example, Solaseed Airlines made its first flight in a Pokémon-painted airplane on 12 December. The flight was made from the city of Miyazaki on Kyushu Island to the capital Tokyo. Looks like there could be a lot more thefts of this type.

The bright colors of his body seem to be a master in the art of attracting the eye.

CNN says such colorful planes are a step towards reviving the travel and tourism industry after the coronavirus destroyed it. They are the ones who make money, because a number of companies, such as hotels, restaurants and tour operators, depend on the influx of tourists. However, the travel restrictions imposed by several countries have led to a drastic drop in passenger traffic. Japan is counting on Pokémon to change the scenario. It would be a new concept and could appeal to people’s emotions. In March, Japan cancelled its main cherry blossom festival because of the corona virus.

Japan wants to promote the idea of Pokémon.

Pokémon has already selected eight prefectures to join the partnership.

Miyazaki is the eighth member. CNN claims that each of these prefectures has its own unique Pokémon. Selected for Miyazaki – Run. It is very similar to the phoenix palm which is popular in the region. Hokkaido, on the other hand, has Alolan Vulpix, which is suitable for cold weather, which is normal in the northern snow region. Another prefecture is Fukushima, whose symbol is the pink changsei.

His power is the power to heal.

Pokémon may be a useful tool for Japan

The Pokémon theme will be on the outside as well as on the inside – carpets, hats, etc. – will be present. Passengers can receive special gifts from the Exeggutor, such as pens and stickers. In addition, the city of Miyazaki is planning to introduce Exeggutor theme buses.

CNN assures that these Pokémon aircraft and buses will be deployed later in 2021. Thailand did something similar by painting her liver with characters from popular TV series. The Japanese ANA has used Star Wars droids on some of their planes. In May 2019, foreign tourists applied graffiti on the sand at Tottori Beach in Japan.

Thinking outside the box can help Japan

The tourism industry has been severely affected by the coronavirus and in order to maintain morale, many countries have experimented with new concepts. One of these is the roadbell, which guarantees travel without quarantine between two countries that have been successfully tested for the spread of the virus. New Zealand and Australia have predicted such a travel bubble in 2021.

Singapore Airlines has developed a different strategy, converting two of its A380 super jumbo jets into restaurants to make the pilots feel like they are flying again. So they must remain visible. According to Japan Today, Pokemon has a global identity and a fan base around the world. He is originally from Japan and is very well known in his homeland. There are Pokemon toys and video games, and now there will be planes with the same theme. The first Solaseed Air flight from Miyazaki to Tokyo took place on the 19th. The month of December takes place. On this occasion, special commemorative certificates and mementoes were presented to the travellers. On the same day, three Pokemon buses set off, ushering in a new era of travel in Japan.

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