Pokemon Unite Players Aren’t Happy With the Game’s Microtransactions

Pokemon Unite Players Aren’t Happy With the Game’s Microtransactions
Pokemon Unite Players Aren’t Happy With the Game’s Microtransactions

The Pokemon series is one of the most beloved video games in the world, even though it’s been in a series of missteps since the game’s launch in 1999. That said, Pokemon fans have been eagerly awaiting a new title, and by all accounts, the upcoming game, Pokemon Unite, seems to be their answer. But some fans aren’t happy with the game’s microtransactions.

This week, the Pokemon Go craze came to an end in Japan when the three-month long summer holiday officially ended. This means two things: the players can play the game during the holidays, but also when they return to work, they will notice that the game is devoid of any new features. Personally, I believe that this is all part of the game creators’ plan, because with the summer months almost over, the game creators will have no reason to keep the game active and will most likely end it.

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When it comes to free-to-play games, microtransactions are the most dreaded feature. While Pokemon Unite has gained a large following on Nintendo Switch in the past 24 hours, many gamers are dissatisfied with the game’s handling of in-game purchases. It’s been a bit of a headache for people wanting to play the game without paying a lot of money. It’s unclear if The Pokemon Company and Tencent will make changes over time, but for the time being, fans aren’t pleased with the game’s penny-pinching, and many have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction.

Have you had a chance to play Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo Switch yet? What are your thoughts on the in-game purchases thus far? Let us know what you think in the comments, or tweet us at @Marcdachamp to discuss all things gaming!

Continue reading to learn what fans have to say about Pokemon Unite!

Microtransactions seem to be overused.

Although Pokemon Unite is entertaining, there are MICROTRANSACTIONS EVERYWHERE.

— Michael (@N7 Michaelx) prevnext July 22, 2021

They’ve even been dubbed “predatory!” by some.

I love Pokémon Unite, but I don’t blame folks for not playing game since its microtransactions are insanely predatory.

— Lucy (she/her) (@Garmfeeld) prevnext July 22, 2021

It’s a bit overwhelming at times.

That Pokemon Unite game is a lot of fun until you realize there are over 300 microtransactions, a loot box system, and a BATTLE PASS.

— Wojik (@WojikCantRest) prevnext July 22, 2021

How can non-professionals compete?

According to what I’ve heard, #PokemonUNITE is a pay-to-win game with many costly microtransactions. If this is the case, then being a casual player is useless. I don’t know anything about Tencent, but I’m assuming this is what they specialize in?

Even Unite was something I was looking forward to.

— PHANTOMCUBE (@PhantomCube08) prevnext July 22, 2021

Other than that, it seems like everyone is having fun with the game.

Pokemon Unite has a lot of microtransactions, which makes me want to puke, but it’s a fun game.

July 21, 2021 prevnext QP (@Kyuupea)

Many people are worried that it will be a “pay to win” situation.

Pokemon Unite is a fun game; having a fast-paced MOBA is a nice change of pace.

However, monetization is abysmal, particularly for a kid’s game. There are a lot of microtransactions, and paying to improve things seems a lot like pay-to-win. It’ll be entertaining until you have to pay to stay up.

— Matthew (@mattsaxolotl) prevnext July 21, 2021

It’s time to strike a better balance.

LRT on Pokémon Unite is a huge deal, but it’s also a wait-and-see situation since, like, EVERY game with microtransactions has it. If you spend money, you should expect to receive something in return. The balance, on the other hand, is something to be worried about.

— Ell | BLM (@EllLinoone) prevnext July 22, 2021

However, not everyone is bothered!

Pokemon Unite microtransactions here I come! Yoooo ya boi forgot he had a day and a half on this salary.

— @AspiringWarlock (@xXAlexanderAtrociousXx) July 22, 2021 previous

Pokemon fans are unhappy with the game’s microtransactions, which include currency items that can be used in the game’s online store to purchase “Cards” which can then be used in-game to obtain different evolutions and power-ups for the adorable pocket monsters.. Read more about is pokémon unite pay to win and let us know what you think.

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