Places to See While Visiting Milan: Four Awesome Spots

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When taking a trip to Italy, there is so much to see. Milan is full of places to see and a rich history that is worth taking some time to get to know. Some of the most widely known brands come from Milan such as Prada and Versace. Rome and Venice may be some of the first places on people’s list of cities to travel in Italy, but Milan doesn’t fall far behind these two hubs with being one of the top places to visit while in Italy. Whether you are just stopping through or you have many days in Milan, there are some places you don’t want to miss out on while visiting this city.

Where Do I Store Luggage in Milan?

Regardless of how much time you spend in Milan, you most likely have luggage with you. It’s possible that you have just arrived in the city and you are looking for luggage storage in Milano Centrale. Or you may have checked out of your hotel or airbnb and still have the day to sightsee but don’t have a place for your luggage. The last thing you want to do is drag your luggage around with you as you sightsee in the city. Lots of museums, stores, and restaurants prefer it if you don’t bring your large bags with you to those places. That is where luggage storage near Milano Centrale comes in handy. Luggage storage near Milano Centrale is easy to find and drop off your bags while you explore all there is to offer in Milan. There are just four simple steps:

Search online for the most convenient location
Book a reservation online for that location
Drop of your luggage at the location
Enjoy the city!

With companies like Bounce, you can easily store your luggage for just five euros per bag for a 24-hour period. There are also no size limits and your reservation comes with insurance to cover your valuables. Using luggage storage near Milano Centrale makes traveling a breeze and gives you the freedom to adventure all over the city. Some of the top locations for luggage storage in Milano Centrale that might spark your interest are:

24/7 Milano Centrale Storage Spot
Centrale FS Storage Spot
Central Station Storage Spot

Quadrilatero d’Oro

Now that your luggage is taken care of, you can finally explore the city of Milan. Since Milan is Italy’s fashion capital, you don’t want to miss out on shopping at Quadrilatero d’Oro. This shopping district spans across many city blocks encompassing the most high end stores and top fashion. You can enjoy the famous architecture during the day, and the glow of the city at night, as it is one of the most visited places for tourists at night.

Milan Cathedral

Il Duomo, or Milan Cathedral, is something you can’t miss. This massive cathedral is among the world’s largest churches, placing fifth overall. It began being built in the 14th century, but it wasn’t until the early 1800s when Napoleon had it completed. The roof is made of 135 carved stone pinnacles and the perimeter holds over 2,00 statues. Inside, you are presented with 53 enormous pillars that hold this structure in place. The Milan Cathedral also holds the world’s largest stained-glass windows designed in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco housed the Visconti family from 1277 to 1477 and the Sforza family from 1450 to 1535 during their time ruling Milan. Here, you can find museums and art that hold artifacts from history. Michelangelo’s last masterpiece, the Pietà Rondanini, was brought to Castello Sforzesco in 1953 and can be seen here today. There is also prehistoric Egyptian antiquities, musical history, and armor and weapons from medieval times. Other famous paintings by Bellini, Correggio, Lotto, and Foppa dwell here.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

This is one of the oldest enclosed shopping malls in the world. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was built in the late 1800s, and is still one of the top tourist attractions today. It has a blue glass vaulted ceiling, mosaic flooring, and a tall central dome, not to mention all of the top fashion pieces like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Borsalino. Who knows, you might get some good luck by turning your heel over the mosaic bull under the central dome. At least, that’s how the story goes.

Get The Most Out of Milan

When you use luggage storage in Milano Centrale, you can make the most of your time in Milan. You can visit Quadrilatero d’Oro, Milan Cathedral, Castello Sforzesco, and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II all while your luggage is safely stored away. Don’t let your luggage slow you down as you explore the city of Milan and all that it has to offer.

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