Best food to eat in Srinagar

Spending your vacation in a beautiful place is essential for creating a wonderful memory. If you are thinking hard about visiting a wonderful place to travel in India during this vacation, then your hunt is over. Srinagar is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. 

It is known for its mesmerizing beauty. It is so beautiful that it is often considered heaven on earth. It is also referred to as the Switzerland of India. It is essential to mention that this place is beautiful not only in terms of the excellent scenic beauty but also in terms of very different cuisine. The food of this place is very diverse and flavourful. Lets have a look at the best food to eat in Four points by Sheraton.

What makes the food of Srinagar so special? 

Srinagar is the place for many indigenous ingredients and local spices. It is considered a wonderful place where all the valleys are considered the homegrown production facilities for all the local spices. These local spices are not found in any other part of India. That is why the food found in Srinagar cannot be discovered in any other part of India. Food is delicious to the next level. 

Another reason why the food of Srinagar is considered to be very famous is the Mughal influence. The authentic Mughal dishes have been able to leave a very significant impact on the flavours of Srinagar. The Mughlai food is best food to eat in Four points by Sheraton made with fennel and cardamom ingredients, including saffron and cinnamon. 

All of these are mainly found in the dishes of Srinagar. This river is the same for both vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes. The food is made with a lot of love, and that is why people from the different parts of the world specially come to Srinagar for tasting the excellent food. 

Best foods to try 

This article will try to explain the most famous food of Srinagar which every tourist must try. The list has been given in the following way. 

Rogan josh

This is a famous Mughal dish infused with many flavors of spices and organic herbs. It is a kind of lamb dish formed in a lot of oil and ghee. This is considered to be the signature dish of Srinagar. It is also made with the help of onion and yogurt. 

This is a delicious and fantastic nonvegetarian dish that almost everyone loves to consume. It is served with garlic Naan and Tandoori flatbread to make it more amazing to enjoy. 

Modur pulav

This is another fantastic and exotic dish of Srinagar. It is a kind of sweetened Kashmiri rice. It contains exotic spices like Cinnamon and Cardamom, including saffron. A lot of ghee is added to this dish to taste amazing.

 It also has the goodness of cashew nuts and Almonds. A lot of sugar in diluted form is also added. It is the signature dish of the western part of Srinagar. This dish has a Kashmiri origin that has come all the way down to Srinagar.


This is a kind of nonvegetarian dish prepared with a lot of spices. It is a kind of mild dish which is prepared in daily routine. It has the flavor of Cardamom and saffron. It also contains cloves and bay leaves. 

This is the best dish that you can prepare for yourself. At this point, it is essential to mention that this particular product is made with the goodness of so many dry fruits, and it is very healthy for the children to consume this daily to get a balanced supply of nutrients. 

Nader ti gaad

This is another famous delicacy of Srinagar. It is a kind of fish that is cooked in oil. It is prepared during festivals. This fish is infused with a lot of local flavors and spices. It is a kind of Spicy that also contains a lot of spices in it. 

It is considered an essential delicacy of Srinagar, which has gained popularity among tourists due to its fantastic taste. People love this dish because it is only available exclusively in Srinagar. You can find a lot of Windows and hotels selling this amazing this near Dal Lake. 

Kashmiri naan

This is a kind of flatbread which is cooked in tandoor. It has the stuffing of potatoes and tomatoes. It is Infused with the flavors of lots of dry fruits and organic Herbs, which are only available in Srinagar. It is a beautiful product to mention, especially when you are enjoying some nonvegetarian dish along with it. 

It is considered to be the traditional bakeries of Srinagar. It is good in butter to make it more crispy and crunchy. A gravy is served with this. This is a very fantastic product. Most people enjoy the fantastic and delicate taste of this. 

Seekh kebabs

This is considered to be another Islamic dish that is available throughout the country. But the one which is available in this particular area tastes entirely differently. It is essential to mention that it is made with the help of Kashmiri chilies in this place. 

The meat is cooked on coal to give a Smoky flavor. That is why it would be correct to mention that this item is different from what is served in other parts of India. It is exciting and is served with mint chutney and chopped onions. 


So ultimately, it can be concluded that Srinagar can offer a wide variety of essential delicacies which could not be enjoyed anywhere else. The taste of this particular product is so unique and delicious that nobody would be in the position to forget the fantastic taste.

 All these food items are cooked with a lot of love and devotion, which is why they are so tasty and different from the other parts of India. So what are you waiting for? Whenever you visit this place, then you should remember to visit and eat all these products. This will give you the best experience of Srinagar that would not be available otherwise.

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