Can the Alabama offense thrive long-term without Jaylen Waddle?

Jaylen Waddle has breathed so much into Alabama over the past three seasons that he has changed the way you see him play. Whether he was returning shots or taking passes, it was better to take a big breath when the ball was running in his direction and not breathe out until after kick-off, if you knew the game was over.

What he did in between was almost always special.

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Although Watschel is not very tall – he came in with a short stature of 5 feet 10, 180 pounds – his athletics have distinguished him in a way few others can. There wasn’t a 50-50 shot he couldn’t sink. There was no defensive back he couldn’t get off. Former Alabama offensive coordinator Mike Locksley always said that: twitch.

Jerry Jeudy was agile. Henry Ruggs III was an arsonist. But Weddle was more explosive – more nervous – than all those stellar receptors.

He’s fast on the side, forward, backward, in and out, Locksley said. It can go from zero to 60 pretty fast.

Fault! The file name is not specified. DeVonte Smith (6) and John Metchie III (8) will have to help in the absence of Jaylen Weddle. Kent Gidley by USA TODAY Sports

Back in the residence of the waddle, Houston, they had another way to describe the waddle, less technical and more sublime. They just called him Magic. What for? Because, as Bishop’s head coach Steve Lace said, now you see it and now you don’t.

About one in six steps Waddle caught in Alabama resulted in a touchdown. On average it sank for the first time after the catch (10.1 meters).

There is another euphemism for this kind of playability: electric.

That’s why it was so difficult to follow Weddle’s match against Tennessee last Saturday. Seeing him chased out of Neeland’s stadium in an ambulance with a broken ankle is the first time in Waddle’s career that people want to keep their eyes off him.

Then Alabama coach Nick Saban admitted he suffered heavy losses. He said he was sad that Wadl and his family would miss the rest of the season because of the operation.

It was also sad for the whole sport. Waddle is a potential first round contender and this may be the last time we see him in the Alabama uniform.

I hate that people in college football can’t see him playing, Saban said.

But because the world doesn’t stop spinning every time a star falls, Saban’s words don’t stop.

We’re going to train the players we have and do everything we can to improve, he added.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Alabama Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian will develop an attack plan without one of his most dynamic talents Kent Gidley/College Images/Getty Pictures.

It may seem cruel to make such rapid progress, but it’s exactly what the sport needs. Undefeated and second in the country, Alabama cannot delay their advance to university qualifications. And his crime can’t afford to slow down.

And the amazing thing is, maybe that doesn’t happen.

It is of course true that there is no substitute for a talented player like Jailen Waddle. You don’t lose American talent [in two positions] and you don’t get better. Saban compared it to the fact that someone like Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame was taken from him. He’s such a drummer, Saban said.

But Alabama has options to try and fill in the gaps. What Saban and Steve Sarkisian, the offensive coordinator, have amassed should be enough not to deviate from the right path.

Remember, DeVonte Smith never went anywhere. This season he’s scored 556 yards and four touchdowns. Five more laps in the end zone, and he will pass Amarie Cooper for the biggest TD reception in the history of the school.

John Metchie III still has a long, long way to go before he starts this interview, but his appearance this season is a good reason to make sure the host body makes progress. As a newcomer, a native of Ontario played sparingly and learned the tune 21 traps for 499 yards and three touchdowns.

Saban said Metchi was a strong receiver, with good speed and really strong hands. In addition, Saban says he is smart, has attention to detail and quickly finds good routes in and out of the break.

I think he’s played a lot this year, said Alabama quarterback McJones. He’s got a chance. He’s always been a great long-distance runner, a great player and a great person. He will appear on the field on Saturday and his role will become even more important now that the trolley has fallen. But, like I said, all our boys have to be ready to perform, and all our boys are doing great.

And who are these guys?

He only replaced Waddl against Tennessee, Slade Bolden, who came in Saturday with a draw and walked away with six shots at 94 yards. Saban said he thought Bolden played well, apart from a possible touchdown.

Fault! The file name is not specified. DeVonte Smith recorded seven catches at 73 yards in the absence of Weddle vs. Tennessee on Saturday. Katie McMackin-US Network ACTIONS

The fast and durable Bolden reader has all the features of the prototype slot reader. But the former quarterback of the school has many facets. Last season, Sarkisian did everything he could to get him on the field as a rookie, as a receiver or as a quarterback for the Wildcat. Tennessee was ready for the last Saturday: Bolden made a touchdown against Walls last year.

He can also take Waddl’s place in the second phase.

He played a lot of different positions, Jones was talking about daring. Shit, he even played defense in spring practice. This guy knows a lot about football. When you look at her best moments at school, I always like to look at her best moments because it really excites me. He’s playing. So if you have someone who can make these games and use them anywhere on the field, it’s super versatile. … He’s just getting started.

Patrick Surtain II mentioned a few other newcomers who could hit the receiver: Javon Baker, Trashon Holden and Tyu Jones-Bell – all three former four-star performers, ESPN 300 prospects.

Don’t sleep on Xavier Williams, the former number two in the 2018 class. And don’t forget that Sarkisian can use the backs of Naji Harris, Brian Robinson and Trey Sanders in a passing game.

The two men, Miller Forristall and Major Tennyson, saw the tension increase, as did Carl Tucker, who scored four touchdowns at 36 in North Carolina before coming to Alabama as part of an alumni transfer.

Long story short: Jones won’t be missed.

The young redhead quarterback announces all the numbers for the Heisman Trophy and misses 1,905 yards and 12 touchdowns. He added an urgent touchdown on Saturday.

Not that Tennessee is a boy, the final, but Weddle went in the first game, and Alabama still scored 587 yards and 48 points. That should tell you something.

Fault! The file name is not specified. John Metchie III (right) is one of the lesser-known talents Mac Jones is expected to rely on in the future. Gary Cosby Jr/Taskalusa Sports News USA TODAY

A year ago we talked about the quartet Jeudy, Ruggs, Smith and Waddle with their nickname Ryde Outs. But as Matchesy said earlier this month, it was more of a mantra than a nickname.

After all, it’s about playing by our standards, and that’s what Ryde Out is – a standard game that the guys who came earlier installed, he says.

So, yeah, Jody and Ruggs and now we’re waddling. But like Metchie said after he beat up Tennessee, crime is a crime. That doesn’t change.

Because everyone was trapped by the loss of Weddle – and rightly so, after his wonderful career so far – Metchie was eager to say that everyone can somehow eat at different times.

The magic may be gone, but Alabama still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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