Will Marilyn Manson Face Human Trafficking Charges? Esme Bianco And Ashley Lindsay Morgan Come Forward!

Will Marilyn Manson be charged with human trafficking? If you read the testimonies of victims Esme Bianco and Ashley Lindsay Morgan, in which they claim that Marilyn Manson abused them, you will notice a common thread. The two women were in other countries when they said Marilyn Manson had courted them and invited them to the United States. Esme Bianco is an actress who left her native Britain in 2009 to act in a video and film for Manson. According to his statement, Marilyn Manson told him he was going to shoot the video with a flip camera. So far, she has not seen the footage of the horrific event in which Manson allegedly tied her up half-naked and then brutally beat her while filming the incident on his Flip Cam.

Esme shared a photo of her backstabbing on her Instagram account, where she spoke about the abuse. At the time of her first assignment, she did not characterize Marilyn Manson as an abuser. After testifying before the California Senate, she shared this view with Evan Rachel Wood, where they asked for an extension of the statute of limitations on the Phoenix domestic violence law. A social media campaign called #IAmNotOk followed, but the public could only guess who her alleged rapist was. Now Evan Rachel Wood and Esme Bianco are no longer holding back. They publicly called Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, the man who abused them. Esme also claims that he betrayed her. Esme spoke to Good Morning America and explained that the photo below refers to her trip to the United States where she was with Marilyn Manson when he filmed himself hitting her.

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Source : Esme Bianco/Instagram

Since Marilyn Manson allegedly did not keep any promises or contracts, Esme maintains that Manson lured her to America as an unwitting slave, after which he sexually abused her. She told The Cut that she had been lured to the United States under false pretenses and that Manson wanted her to star in Fantasmagoria in the movie he was working on and that she was playing along in his music video for the song I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies. Cath reported the following.

Her momentum changed in 2009 after Manson sent Bianco a plane ticket from her home in London to Los Angeles so she could star in the video for her song I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies. He explained that he would be filmed with a flip camera for home movies and that Manson would kidnap Bianco from his home. I need a victim/lover, he wrote in an email. Bianco thought the work would be strictly professional. You have to behave the way you want to be treated. Sorry, Manson wrote it a few days before the shooting. Once there, she says, the line between art and reality immediately blurred. Bianco, who was 26 at the time, says she spent the next three days in her underwear, barely sleeping and barely eating, while Manson served her cocaine instead of food. She remembers him losing his temper and throwing the camera at the smoke wall. Soon, she says, he became violent, tying her to her prayer knee with wires, flogging her with a whip and using an electric sex toy called the Purple Stick on her wounds – the same torture device Wood says was used on her. Bianco is scared, but he tries to calm down, thinking Manson is just acting. We’re going to make great art.

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You can read Esme Bianco’s full interview for The Cut below.

Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco says her relationship with Marilyn Manson left her with physical scars and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) https://t.co/ryJR4QgbLw

– New York Magazine (@NYMag) February 13, 2021

To date, Marilyn Manson has no official music video for her song I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies. There is only one official video of the lyrics. The question now is why Manson decided not to release the footage or make an official video.

Was it Manson’s intention to make an amateur video of him torturing Esme to the song’s soundtrack for his own personal enjoyment?

Given Esme’s story, the text has a chilling effect. The song begins with these words.

(travel advice)

I want you to like the foreign film
. And there are no subtitles to get you through
. And I am a country that you will never, ever want to visit again.

Esme described the images as a blur between reality and art. She thinks Manson flew it from the UK to the US, and that the song has lyrics: I’m a country you never, ever want to visit again, it’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. It also shows the surreal atmosphere Esme must have experienced while filming the scene in this video, which still hasn’t seen the light of day twelve years later.

The texts still bear a strange resemblance to the demands of women.

Edit, camera down, you pretend, I pretend
and cut, cut, cut, cut, cut
Edit, camera down, you pretend, I pretend
and cut, cut, cut….

I want to kill you like in the movie
Don’t worry, there’s another one like you in line
I want to kill you like in the movie
Don’t worry, there’s another one like you in line.

Many of the women who accuse Marilyn Manson of abusing, torturing and terrorizing them say he deliberately dismembered them. Artist Gabriella Accarino says Marilyn Manson cut off her hands and made a blood pact before he terrorized her, including repeated rapes.

Given these lyrics and Esme’s claims that she was sold to film her role in the video for this song, it’s easy to see why many people doubt Manson’s true motive for sending her to the United States to be tortured and abused for three nights under the guise of art.

Business is not funny, baby
Business is not funny, baby
Business is funny, baby
Business is not funny, baby

(travel advice)

Watch the official video of I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies by Marilyn Manson below.

You can watch Esme Bianco’s full interview with Good Morning America below, where she talks about her claims that Marilyn Manson betrayed her.

Many women have accused Marilyn Manson of abusing them, and many of them were artists, photographers, models and actresses who say Manson sucked them into her orbit under the guise of work.

Ashley Walters is the photographer Manson later hired as his personal assistant. Gabriella Accarino is the artist who met Manson backstage at the concert. Sarah McNeilly is a model who says Manson’s love overtook her at the time, when part of her control kept her away from other artists.

Evan Rachel Wood is a talented singer and actress, but during her time with Marilyn Manson, she never recorded a song with him. Evan Rachel Wood starred in Through the Universe and is the queen of Disney Iduna in Frozen 2.

Esme Bianco says she was physically and sexually abused by Manson under the pretext of filming a music video that he personally shot at home without a film crew and that was never aired.

Did Manson really offer women a place in his entourage to further their careers, or was it, as the women say, manipulation, control and intimidation?

Or was it more than that? Did Marilyn Manson repeatedly approach unsuspecting women and lure them under the guise of a professional opportunity, only to see the next woman in line to abuse for her own sexual needs and gratification?

Is Marilyn Manson a serial predator looking for women to hire for the sadistic movie script that is her life?

Marilyn Manson released a statement on his Instagram account addressing the numerous allegations against him. He described his life and his art as subjects of debate. Today, many people say that with Marilyn Manson, there is no difference between her art and her personal life.

Marilyn Manson made the following comments.

Obviously, my art and my life have long been magnets for controversy, but these recent claims about me are terrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been completely consensual with like-minded people. No matter how – and why – others misinterpret the past now, it is true.

Esme Bianco is not the only woman who claims Manson approached her and then flew abroad to work for him.

In Ashley Lindsay Morgan’s statement, the model said she was working in Thailand when one of her mutual friends and Manson approached her and told her she wanted to work with her. Like Esme, Ashley says he flew her to Los Angeles. She does not provide details about her experience working with Manson, but there is no film that attributes to Ashley Lindsay Morgan her appearance in a Manson-directed project.

Ashley also accused Manson of human trafficking.

You can see Ashley Lindsay Morgan’s full statement below.

Ashley shared a screenshot of an alleged email she received from Manson, in which he talked about making a blood pact with her.

Here is Ashley Lindsay Morgan’s claim that Marilyn Manson trafficked some of her victims.

Source : Ashley Lindsay Morgan/Instagram

We don’t yet know if Marilyn Manson will be charged with human trafficking, but Esme Bianco confirmed that she has spoken to the FBI. The call for a major investigation into Marilyn Manson includes multiple charges in many states, making it more likely that the case will become federal, especially in light of international travel.

If Marilyn Manson continues to use the same alleged tactics and behaviors described by Esme Bianco, Ashley Lindsay Morgan and other women, and the cases are subject to each state’s statute of limitations, charges can be filed on a state-by-state basis.

However, there is no statute of limitations in federal human trafficking cases, especially when minors are involved. If the FBI decides to prosecute Marilyn Manson, Esme Bianco and Ashley Lindsay Morgan (and any other woman with similar allegations) can testify against the shock rocker.

In addition to allegations of human trafficking, Gabriella Accarino’s testimony includes allegations of rape, which is subject to the 10-year statute of limitations.

The FBI is currently investigating the women’s allegations.

Stay tuned for more on this story.


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