Spencer Dinwiddie Slams Report About His Knicks Interest

Spencer Dinwiddie Slams Report About His Knicks Interest
Spencer Dinwiddie Slams Report About His Knicks Interest

After the New York Knicks released a report on their interest in Spencer Dinwiddie, the guard took to social media to slam it. The report said that the Knicks were interested in signing him as a point guard of their rebuilding team.

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Getty On October 25, 2019, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, Dennis Smith Jr. of the New York Knicks defends Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets as he dribbles the ball during the first half of their game at Barclays Center.

Spencer Dinwiddie’s story was as long as it was fascinating, eventually coming to a close early this month after weeks — perhaps months — of speculation about where the former Nets star would end up.

Dinwiddie’s exit from Brooklyn was completed with the help of a five-team transaction that was among the most complicated in NBA history.

Even though the 28-year-old is officially a member of the Washington Wizards after signing a three-year, $62 million contract, the ramifications of the megadeal are still being revealed.

“According to a source, Spencer Dinwiddie did not believe the Knicks to be an attractive fit,” writes Marc Berman of the New York Post in a Tuesday article delving into how and why the Knicks signed Kemba Walker.

Dinwiddie caught wind of that notion and shot it down right away.

“Why are you continuing writing about me like this?” In response, Dinwddie replied, “I never stated anything.” “I’m simply grateful to be a part of the @WashWizards.”

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Dinwiddie Offers His Opinion on the Sign-and-Trade System

On Aug. 4, the five-team megatrade, the first in the NBA since 2005, was eventually completed. It was the culmination of a lengthy, laborious process that was already complicated — most talks are — but was made much more so by the many moving pieces and people involved.

When questioned about signing a deal on a Monday night and having to wait another 48 hours to see whether the five-team trade would work out, Dinwiddie told Fred Katz of The Athletic, “(the additional two days) were awful.” “They were awful, because this wasn’t simply a case of, ‘Oh, I’m going to the Wizards, and we’re just working out the money.’ Is it 58 (million) or 58 (million)? Is it 59 (million) or 59 (million)? Is it 60 (thousand)? That wasn’t the case. You needed to persuade all of these parties to agree, and if any of them said no, the transaction would be canceled.

“You can’t make the deal if the Wizards attempt to move someone for cap space but can’t. You can’t make the deal if Brooklyn refuses to consent to the sign-and-trade as part of their compensation package. You can’t make the trade if such-and-such club over here doesn’t receive the draft rights, selections, or whatever it is they want. So I wasn’t counting only on Brooklyn and the Wizards to reach an agreement. I had five or six teams working for me. So, dude, it’s tough.”

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In his Wizards contract, Spencer Dinwiddie has a ridiculous clause.

According to NBA writer Michael Scotto of Hoops Hype, Dinwiddie’s contract with the Wizards contains a slew of standard incentives.

Dinwiddie will be paid $1.5 million if he plays 50 games or more. If the Wizards advance to the second round, he will be paid $100,000. If they reach the Eastern Conference Finals, they will get an additional $571,000. If they reach the NBA Finals, they will get an additional $400,000. Then there’s the bonus that’s a little out of the ordinary: Dinwiddie will get $1 if the Wizards win the championship.

That’s correct. It costs one dollar.

According to @hoopshype, Spencer Dinwiddie’s three-year, $62 million deal with the Wizards includes numerous incentives each season.

$1.5 million if he plays 50 or more games $571,500 if the team reaches the ECF $400,000 if the team makes the NBA Finals $100,000 if the team makes the second round $1 if the team wins the championship

August 9, 2021 — Michael Scotto (@MikeAScotto)

What’s the actual kicker? According to Katz, Dinwiddie wants the $1 to be paid out in 100 cents rather than a dollar note.

In Brooklyn, the Nets will miss Dinwiddie’s unique demeanor, not to mention what he contributes to the court.

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