Ranking Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry’s 10 most viral moments


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Nashville, Tenn. — Tennessee Titans’ defenseman Derrick Henry has been named the NFL’s offensive MVP for 2020. Given the number of viral moments Henry has provided over the years, he might as well be the MVP of NFL memes.

Henry became the eighth player in NFL history to run for more than 2,000 yards in a single season. The bright yellow suit he wore for the NFL Honors Show was one of the most memorable outfits of the show. And he’s had more than his share of viral moments, both on and off the field.

Here’s his top 10:

10. Reported

Derrick Henry presented a suit with the names of victims of racial injustice.

(via @Titans) pic.twitter.com/N4sqYBi7G2

– ESPN (@espn) September 14, 2020

Date: September 13, 2020

Why it went viral: Henry works hard to develop the best outfits for the away games. For one of his most unique looks, Henry wore a suit with names engraved in the fabric to honor victims of racial injustice.

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9. A remake of the movie Gemini?

Date: July 29, 2018

Why it went viral: The Titans’ social media team took a photo of Henry running with teammate Dion Lewis before the 2018 training camp and rightfully used the twins’ legend. Henry’s tall stature overshadowed Lewis, who showed up at registration at 6-foot-4 and 90 pounds. The reference to Gemini is the 1988 film in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito play the roles of two unlikely twin brothers separated at birth.

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8. Warrior training



Derrick Henry won’t rest after leading the NFL to a rush in 2019 as he trains on the mound in preparation for the upcoming season.

Date: June 2020

Why it went viral: There aren’t many players who carry the ball nearly 400 times for a season and show no signs of wear and tear. But Henry is no ordinary runaway. His training videos show why he can keep going when others slow down.

7. King Henry himself, oops! Up!.

Taja Sharp plays the role of the hype before Derrick Henry comes on stage. Henry also gives his opinion on Earl Thomas, who was heard the week before the game #Titans pic.twitter.com/HDor1fd7va

– TURRONE DAVENPORT (@TDavenport_NFL) January 12, 2020.

Date: 11. January 2020

Why it went viral: Henry 195 in the rush helped the Titans to a 28-12 victory over the Ravens and qualification for the AFC championship game. Taj Sharp, the Titans’ receiver, liked to imitate the Baltimore Ravens running back expression that Mark Ingram likes to use: …. We talked about it, oh, oh, …. before Henry took the stage for his post-game press conference.

What he said was: It’s something people need to understand – they see it as disrespect, intimidation or trolling, Sharp said. We don’t like it. We have fun and we win, that’s all. It’s fun when you win. When Mark Ingram did it, it was a great introduction and we all loved it. So we did it again and paid tribute to him. It’s all fun and games.

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6. Celebration of LeBronsilencer


Watch #TENvsJAX on CBS pic.twitter.com/VdUjs7uJye

– Tennessee Titans (@Titans) December 13, 2020

Date: December 13, 2020

Why it went viral: LeBron James praised Henry and called him the finisher on Twitter after Henry’s 29-yard overtime run gave the Titans a 30-24 victory over the Ravens in November.

FINISHER aka @KingHenry_2!!!! BALLGAMS. #BEAST

– LeBron James (@KingJames) November 22, 2020

Henry, for his part, paid tribute to James using the signature of hoop legend Silencer after a 36-yard touchdown pass against the Jaguars in Week 14. Mutual respect has passed from king to king.

What he said was: Yes, King! Yes King, exclaimed James in a video he posted on social media. Hit them with the Silencer! Let’s go!

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5. Be careful what you ask for, Earl Thomas.

Derrick Henry is playing with Earl Thomas.

(via @thecheckdown)pic.twitter.com/gXvgGCxyaw

– NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) on January 12, 2020.

Date: 11. January 2020

Why it went viral: The old adage Beware what you ask applies to everyone, including potential future members of the Winter Sports Hall of Fame like Count Thomas. The former Raven explained that previous defenses didn’t want to face Henry, and promised that things would be different if the Titans faced the Ravens in the divisional finals. The veteran cornerback had a chance to put Henry in a one-on-one, but it ended in disaster. Twice in the same game, Henry knocked Thomas down with a stiff arm, sending him almost all the way around the circle to stop a 27-yard run.

What he said was: It’s good to see you. I hope we can do it again, Henry told Thomas after the game.

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4. Alex Myers hits Henry’s stiff arm.

Derrick Henry with a stiff arm!

Watch #DETvsTEN on CBS pic.twitter.com/1jhPLFZncg

– Tennessee Titans (@Titans) December 20, 2020.

Date: 20. December 2020

Why it went viral: Hard hands become a problem, don’t you think? Unfortunately, Myres fell victim to Henry’s harsh hand in Week 15 of last season. A defensive unit of the Detroit Lions went to attack Henry, but a running back put him down.

What he said was: I told him yesterday on the bench when he came out that he deserved it, Lions defensive coordinator Corey Undlin said of the heavy hand the day after the game. I told him you went after this guy with bad leverage and the bullet went over the edge, you need to walk sideways with this guy, you’re going to have a stiff arm when you sleep. That’ll be it.

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3. Henry surpasses Mark Ingram II

Seriously, though… Derrick Henry is huge pic.twitter.com/JiLKXEqR6K

– SportsCenter (@SportCenter) January 12, 2016

Date: 11. January 2016

Why it went viral: Henry was joined by former Alabama fullback Mark Ingram II, who tossed a coin to win the 2016 National University Football Championship between Crimson Tide and Clemson. The camera saw Henry and Ingram standing together with a considerable difference in size. Henry caught up with Ingram, who came in at 6-foot-11. The fact that Henry had his equipment made the difference in size even greater. The expression on Ingraham’s face when he looked at Henry was priceless. It was a great day on the internet!

What he said was: Henry] is 6-4 with cleats and a helmet, and I’m 5-10, Ingram said via Super Bowl coverage on CBS Sports Network. You obviously put him close to the camera. They kept me out of the picture. The coin is tossed there, so I look there, it looks like I’m looking sideways. Dude, this whole thing was a setup. You set me up!

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2. Hard hands for everyone! Henry rushes 99 metres TD

The last time we had the Titans-Jaguars was Thursday night…. Derrick Henry’s coming over

(via @Titans) pic.twitter.com/ua76WZeIZg

– SportsCenter (@SportCenter) September 19, 2019

Date: December 6, 2018

Why it went viral: Henry’s real moment of progress came in Week 14 of the 2018 season against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He ran for 238 yards, including a 99-yard run for a touchdown that earned him along with Tony Dorsett the longest touchdown in NFL history. Henry threw four hard and near hard shots from teammate Corey Davis, who blocked the field for him. The game began with a sprint where Henry ran for 585 yards in his last four games, breaking the 1,000 yard barrier for the first time in his career.

What he said was: We talked about where we are on the ground and how far we have to go, Henry said. Everyone was talking: Let’s do it at 99 yards! Marcus [Mariota] came in and made the call, but he fumbled and called for the breakaway. It’s so crazy, because back in the day, when we were in the caucus, they always said You have to go 99 yards.

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1. Josh Norman Shipping horizontal

If you’re here to see Derrick Henry, you’ll get better.

(via @thecheckdown)pic.twitter.com/L2TvXwlUTM

– ESPN (@espn) October 14, 2020

Date: October 13, 2020

Why it went viral: The Titans like to put Henry in the corridor to take advantage of his substantial lead on defensive backs. That’s exactly what Henry did in Week 5 of this season against Buffalo Bills cornerback Josh Norman. Norman made the crucial mistake of trying to get Henry upstairs, preparing for a vicious stiff arm to send him flying. The game was cancelled by a compensatory penalty that resulted in a replay, but Norman’s stiff arm was immediately taken over by social media.

What he said was: They have gone too far in social distancing. Get out of here. They threw Josh Norman’s ass under that damn Gatorade, comedian Steve Harvey said on the NFL Honors Show.

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frequently asked questions

Is Derrick Henry the best RB in the NFL?

Derrick Henry is, in the eyes of many, the best fullback in the National Football League. The Tennessee star running back is as strong as she is. Henry, 26, has already run for 1,079 yards (first in the NFL) and nine touchdowns (fourth in the NFL) this season.

What is Derrick Henry’s top speed?

Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans (Week 6) – 21.62 MPH

How big is Derrick Henry’s RB?

Derrick Henry – Wikipedia


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