3 bold predictions for Chris Paul in his first season with Devin Booker, Suns


Phoenix Suns was the first blockbuster of the 2020 NBA off-season.

The Phoenix has reached an agreement in principle with the Thunder of Oklahoma whereby Ricky Rubio, Kelly Oubre Jr., Thai Jerome, Jalene Lecq are sent to the first round in exchange for Chris Paul and Abdel Nader (with protection).

Paul’s movement from the CDC to the Phoenix could mean a seismic shift at the Western Conference, especially as the missiles in Houston have experienced internal unrest.

The Suns currently reunites Paul with two of the top young stars of the NBA, Devin Booker and Deandra Ayton. The Phoenix also has a legal 3-wing and D-wing at Michael Bridges, 10th place. Place in the NBA project on Wednesday and nearly $20 million in the projected border area.

It goes without saying that the sun is ready to make a big leap forward next year.

Sens, Chris Paul, commerce.

Paul had a strong influence on the young OCC last season. Phoenix hopes this will have a similar effect on their list.

Here are three predictions for CP3 in its first year of sunshine

1. 17 points, 10 assists per match.

There’s reason to believe Paul will be a legitimate double candidate in Phoenix.

In the past it was not surprising that Paul counted two numbers on both points and was helpful. However, since the 2015-16 season, when he was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, he has not doubled his average.

But the sun has the perfect list to complement Paul’s assessment skills and his vision of judgment. Booker won’t have to get as close to the dealer as in recent years, and the defense will have to respect Paul’s ability to shoot around the fence and make shots that are both better than the shots Rubio delivered last year.

This should allow Booker to maximize its potential as an unbalanced threat that can score points by dribbling the screens and making multiple pullup jumps in a single dribble. Booker’s ability to score makes it easy enough for Paul to become a soldier in the army.

Sense, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton.

The duo Paul-Ayton Pick ‘n’ Roll will also count the points. Paul’s ability to hit the goal by a contact on the edge will force defenders to make difficult decisions on the screens, while Ayton will be able to dive or jump on the edge to perform jumps or mid-distance jumps.

In addition, the Suns can easily add a few options for ground clearance, whether it’s building a wing with a general choice of 10 or using the space in the hat when trying to contract someone like Danilo Gallinari or Davis Bertans among others large straps.

The Phoenix must have a varied group of players on the pitch at all times. This is the first time in five years that Paul is a legitimate double candidate.

2. Top 10 Defensive Rating

Perhaps one of the most underestimated aspects of the 2019-20 season in Phoenix is the fact that they almost reached midfield in the defensive standings.

During the 2018-19 campaign. The sun took 29th place in this category. But last season it climbed to 17th place.

Expect another big jump on this side of the track with Paul in the defensive backyard.

Paul is a brave and competitive defender. He plays a physical game with his opponent, and he has fast hands that can tear players trying to fit into the suit.

Competitiveness is particularly striking. Probably the genre inspires the youth of the Phoenix at the defensive end of the genre, which is a harbinger especially for a man like Booker.

Sunbathe, Mikala Bridges.

The fact is that the decks can occupy different high-level positions and the Suns can add another wing to the depth, and you have a very capable defense team.

Further defensive improvements will give Phoenix its full potential. Given that they will have their personal details next year, we can assume that the Suns will be in the top ten of the defensive rankings.

3. 50+ wins

So the sun will have a lot of possibilities to count the points. From year to year they see further improvements in the defensive part of the field.

What result can the fans expect?

It might not be an exaggeration to assume that this Phoenix team can win more than 50 games, even in a very competitive Western conference.

Remember that in Orlando, The Sun remained undefeated and almost missed out on the play-off tournament for eighth and final place in the West.

The Phoenix won 15 more games last year than in the 2018-19 campaign, although the Sun played 9 less regular season games and lost to Eaton earlier this year due to the game stoppage.

The sky seems to be the boundary for this solar team that Paul is playing for.

Chris Paul, Smell.

Paul makes everyone around him better. Booker is already a star, but with Paul at the helm he can reach new heights. Last year, Ayton quietly averaged 18 points and 11 plates, but now he can discover his full potential.

Of course, the sunshine must explain the loss of Oubre, who was a starting winger last year and a viable option to score points. However, they must have their share of project options, whether it’s someone like Devin Vassell, Saddik Bey or Aaron Nesmit. Maybe even a defensive back like Isaac Okoro will support this goal.

But Phoenix has the composition and future resources to become one of the best teams in the West. The result should be the first season with 50 victories for the team since 2009-10, when the sun reached the conference final.

This may seem like a very high bar for a team that hasn’t played in the play-offs for more than ten years. But Paul is a proven winner and Sunshine is as talented as any other group in the NBA.

Dear DeRosan, Spurs...

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