New York Giants bench WR Golden Tate over outburst on usage

The New York Giants Golden Tate broadband receiver did not travel with the team on Saturday and will be inactive in Sunday’s game against Washington due to actions during and after last week’s loss to the Tampa Bay Pirates.

Tate was instructed to stay home on Wednesday while the Giants trained and worked with the scouting team for most of the rest of the week. On Friday, Coach Joe Referee did not rule out the possibility that the veteran receiver is not active in a league game.

I will discuss a lot of possibilities on Friday after the training, according to the judge.

Tate was caught by the camera shouting Throw me the ball after he caught the ball in a skipped touchdown late Monday night in the fourth quarter and put the Giants in a position to tie the score. His wife, Eliza, told Instagram that night that he hadn’t had a chance to do so, and Tate liked the tweet then, where he offered to cut it off and have it signed elsewhere.


The giants have no intention of cutting the Tate despite the bank, a source told ESPN.

Earlier in the week, the judge said he’d had a long talk with Tate and that they were going to handle the case internally. It was clear that the coach was unhappy with Tate’s actions.

First of all, it has to be a team for everyone in the building, the judge said Wednesday. Every coach and every player. He should be first on the team. There are no exceptions. I will not tolerate any selfish behavior from anyone, neither from the coach, nor from the player. That’s not gonna happen.

Tate started 112 games in his career, but in recent weeks he was the third recipient of the Giants behind Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard and played just over 50% of the snaps.

It was strange to see him posing as a Walington receiver, Terry McLauren.

It’s a little different, said Ecke James Bradberry on Friday with a smile.

Fault! The file name is not specified. After this touchdown against the Buccaneers, the Giants Golden Tate broadband receiver, captured on video camera, throws the ball out of the game and will be inactive against Washington. Sarah Senior/Getty pictures

It’s been a pretty busy season for the Tate. And we’re only halfway there.

He missed the opener due to an ankle injury, fought in midfield with Jaylen Ramsey, the father of his niece, in week four and is now involved in a controversy after comments from him and his wife.

According to some sources, the giants are ready to bring forward Tuesday’s trading date. But his salary (nearly $4.5 million this season), age (32) and declining production (22 strikes for 226 yards and two touchdowns in seven games) make it unlikely that he will play.

The Tate has rarely been consulted in recent weeks. He managed touchdowns of 19 and 39 yards, although only five goals were combined against the Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles.

His role is the same as that of every player on our team. Come and work, work hard, put the team first, and if the ball gets in your way playing it, the referee said Tuesday. If you have nothing to do with blocking the ball directly onto you, help the quarterback For defensive players who play under pressure, catch the team and take them off the field. Look, put the team in everything they ask you to do first. If you can catch 10 bullets, fine. If you can catch a ball, that’s good too. For the rest of the game you have to do your best to help the team.

On Monday, you could see Tate’s disappointment as the game progressed and the ball didn’t go through. His wife seems to have noticed.

IT’S WIDE OPEN, WIDE OPEN. I know Eliza Tate wrote about her history with Instagram before admitting to her husband, will probably be upset by her comments and force her to remove the post.

Он @шоушоушоушоушоушо! IF UNDERUTILIZED. As your wife, I can’t have you, you can’t have this one in your sights !!!!. Just like the last game. A first-quarter target… Of course, of course… Epic TD. HE HAS TO FEED THE BALL. Period. Look at the movie.

There were rumors of Tate’s declining abilities and a lack of separation. But Monday’s game film showed that Tate was open on many points, with a clear separation of the defender in 13 games played. At least some of them were shamelessly missed by quarterback Daniel Jones.

To be honest, the Giants had open receivers on the field on Monday night. Jones had a lot of options, and he missed some big ones. Looks like Tate isn’t a crime priority right now.

I have to do a good job to make sure everyone has the ball and to give the boys a chance to play, Jones said after Monday’s game. He’s a great player for us and a valuable part of our attack, so we keep trying to get the ball to him. At the end of the game he went on stage and had a great race. We keep working to get the ball to him.

Not this week.

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