A John Wall return makes sense for both sides

The Washington Wizards are reportedly close to signing a contract with John Wall with the hope of getting him back on their roster this season. The four-time All-Star will be missed by many fans, but his return should help bring life back into a struggling team that is going through one of its darkest times in recent memory.

John Wall is a free agent this offseason, and many people believe that he will be returning to the Washington Wizards. A return makes sense for both sides. Read more in detail here: john wall contract.

A John Wall return makes sense for both sides


Houston Rockets guard John Wall has indicated interest in returning to the franchise, which does not seem to be a terrible idea given the team’s current situation.

The Rockets and Wall had agreed before the season that Wall would not participate in regular-season games while the franchise sought for a new home for him. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, both parties will meet on Sunday to discuss re-integrating him into the lineup.

The five-time All-Star guard talked to Houston general manager Rafael Stone on Friday about restarting a dialogue on a return to the active roster, according to sources. Wall and the Rockets had agreed on him sitting out until a trade could be found, but the five-time All-Star guard talked to Houston general manager Rafael Stone on Friday about restarting a dialogue on a return to the active roster. Both parties want to meet again on Sunday. https://t.co/OY9pZS7XFS

November 27, 2021 — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn)

Wall’s deal has two years and $91 million left on it, so it’s logical that the market is cold on him right now. It’s not that he isn’t a quality NBA starting point guard, but a contract like that necessitates matching a substantial salary and giving up future financial flexibility. Normally, a player in Wall’s circumstance would choose to finish his contract or negotiate a buyout with the franchise. On Media Day, though, Rockets GM Rafael Stone rejected the concept of a contract buyout, and reports indicate that nothing has changed. This isn’t surprising, given a buyout would necessitate Houston paying the majority of the contract money up front and Wall taking a salary cut to ensure his release.

Returning to the team to re-establish trade value isn’t the worst option for Wall’s camp, given that neither of those things seems to be a reality. If he were to return to the organization, it would have to be in a supportive capacity for the rebuilding efforts in Houston. Guards Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green have started every game for the Rockets this season when they’ve been healthy, so coach Stephen Silas would have to find a way to reintegrate Wall with that in mind.

It’s also understandable that Houston would welcome Wall back with open arms.

The Rockets are now the worst offensive club in the NBA, and they have failed to establish any form of organization on that end of the court. Wall is your archetypal floor general, even if he isn’t as skilled as Chris Paul. He understands how to run an offense and put his guys in the best possible position to succeed. Despite the organization’s enthusiasm for Porter Jr.’s future, he isn’t ready to be a conductor at this time. The Rockets have been without a strong point guard all season, and it’s become clear that backup big man Alperen Sengun is the team’s greatest passer.

Of course, Wall will have to put forth a lot of effort. He can’t just walk in and do a million pull-ups to show he’s still an All-Star. All the Rockets want is that he bring his off-court leadership on the court. This would not only benefit Houston in terms of basketball, but it would also demonstrate to the other 29 clubs that Wall is still a valuable player. If he succeeds in doing so, his return may be a win-win scenario for all sides.



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